Trevor Kloeden & Guy Kloeden retirement – The Beginning

December 30, 2009

Hi All

This is the story of the retirement of Trevor Kloeden and Guy Kloeden.

In January 2009 Guy and I started looking at what might be possible for us to retire / semi-retire round the end of 2009. We both worked in the corporate world (me software & Guy finance/accounting) for many many years and it was good to us both. We lived in a big house, had the cars, motorbike (Ducati), mountain bikes and all the other trimmings of life.

We were now at that stage in our lives where we were looking for a more simple, peaceful life.

With me turning 55 and Guy 52 it would indeed be a young retirement if we could pull this off. Ever since I was 19 years old I had a vision of being semi retied at 55. But never thought it would happen.

The criteria was that we would not be touching our superannuation till aged 60 and of course no pension till 65. We would have to survive on our life savings for now. What could we do?

One option was to become grey nomads and travel round Australia and surviving on part time work to pay the bills and feed us. We even hired a motor home for 2 weeks and travelled from Sydney to Brisbane via outback NSW to see how we liked it. And we loved it.

Another option was to settle in a small rural community / fishing village and once again survive on part time work.

Nothing really clicked and in November 2009 we were still no closer to finding a solution.

It was one Friday night in November that we were once again discussing this that I suggested, what about the Philippines (where Guy was born and lived till the last 20 years). Well some thing clicked.

We began with Guy talking to her old school and neighbourhood friends about the whole concept including the cost of living. Retirement was now starting to look like a reality for us in the Philippines.

The cost of living was a fifth of the cost in Australia and we had a choice of 7,100 islands to find a home. We would not have to work, we could live simply and to keep ourselves busy, volunteering in the local community.

From here things snowballed. We spoke to all our kids about the idea as they were all with us at Christmas. They were all for it (a new holiday destination for them). So decision made.

We decided to sell / give away 95% of all our possessions. The kids all got their family heirloom (mainly furniture and trinkets) early. The rest was sold to friends, family and good old eBay.

And so the adventure begins………

Trevor & Guy