Day 2 of retirement

February 14, 2010

Hi All

Well the big day is drawing to a close.

Everything went beautifully and to plan. Being a very simple wedding certainly helped. We agreed that this would be a re-cycled wedding. We used cloths we already had and for the rings we melted down some of Guy’s gold for the 2 wedding bands and had diamonds (that Guy already had) set into the bands. I have two green and one white diamonds and Guy has two white, one green & one yellow diamond. The diamonds are Argyle diamonds from many many years ago that Guy purchased.

Guy had Jo as her witness and I had Kim as mine. The wedding party consisted of Boots (Guys best friend), Jo & Dave (Guy’s daughter), Jordan (Guy’s son), Lisa (very good friend of mine), Ben & Kim (My best man…).

Following the wedding we went down the road to China town for the best Peking Duck meal in Australia.

It was a fantastic day, just how a wedding should be. We are relaxing at home now and I start my first day of retirement tomorrow. Guy has married an unemployed bum who won’t be looking for work and is going to while away the years to come doing as little as possible (and she loves it…).

We shall celebrate with you all in Adelaide at Easter.

And thanks for all your best wishes today.

Guy & Trevor Kloeden