Day 39 of retirement

March 23, 2010

Hi All

Well the first step of this great new adventure has been taken. On Friday 19th March Guy and I drove out of Sydney after disposing of 95% of all our worldly possessions. Everything was sold, given away, recycled or taken to the tip. A very very scary but uplifting / purging experience. OOohhh and bloody hard work toooo.

To give you a hint of what this would be like go to your kitchen and open every cupboard and then imagine disposing of everything you see. And for you blokes go into your garage and do the same…….. Scary…. The hardest possession to see go was my beloved Ducati S4RT…. Loved that bike 😦

Being anally retentive that I am…., we set up a document to track everything we had to do. This really highlighted how complex our lives have become. Our lives are sssooooooooo much simpler now. We now owe nobody anything and everything we have is ours……..  Niceeeee feeeeling…….

Friends got some good bargains. Family (as in kids) got their family heirlooms early (Rosewood furniture & stuff (my travel trinkets)). Vinnie’s got some very good corporate cloths. eBay / PayPal was our garage sale specialists and did very well out of us. And I got to know the Tip man very well.

We have a few things in storage back in Sydney (my climbing gear and my MTB gear (will send to us once we find our new home) and few things for Jordan (Guy’s son)) but that is it.

Guy and I are now living out of backpacks in Adelaide and about to go to the beach house at Port Willunga for a month or so to get used to this retirement thing. Timing to relax before we hit the Philippines in May and head off to the island of Palawan where we will explore and start the search for our Bungalow on the beach.

No blog setup yet but this is my task for next week once we get some “free time” at the beach. So sorry bulk email has to suffice for now.

I wish you all well and may your retirement be sooner rather than later.

Take care alllllll…… 🙂

Trevor Kloeden