Day 101 of retirement

Hi All

Quick update as we have free Wi-Fi access.

Sunday 23rd May:

Today we left Mengie’s paradise for Sabang Beach. A 45 minute Trik ride along the coast with a rider who didn’t think he was Casey Stoner was very pleasant.

Sabang Beach (More of a port as no real beach due to rocks) is a diving mecca. All the resorts along the beachfront cater for divers so lots of boats coming and going with all the divers and their gear. And then of course the 24 hours bars to entertain them at night.

We are staying at the Villa Sabang resort up on the side of the mountain (well it feels like one walking all the steps in the heat). It’s away from all the 24-hour bars but does have a great view of the bay from our enclosed balcony. And Guy did a great negotiation on the room. We managed to get a largish air-conditioned room with a fridge (that kind of works) and a TV so catching up on some world news.

Monday 24th May:

Quiet day. Slept in and had late breakie at Tina’s watching the dive boats come and go. Then a stroll round town. Escaped the midday heat with a siesta and then walked to Small and Big La  Laguna beaches (well not beaches as all rocky). These are the newer parts of town to the left of Sabang Beach. And the further you go the more expensive they get (a couple of 5 Star large resorts). All still diving orientated.

If you’re a diver Sabang is your kind of place. If you’re after a beach resort with swimming, give it a miss. Tomorrow we head down the coast to Calapan for a few days.

Tuesday 25th:

Off to Calapan we go (via Jeepney) once we finish breakie at Tina’s.

Other Stuff:

Further to booking rooms as we travel. You get to negotiate the price of the room on arrival and leaving.

And air-conditioning in your room here basically means that it is 5 degrees cooler than outside. So 40 degrees outside means 35 degrees inside and so forth.

Found some scales and looks like Guy and I have lost about 4-5kgs each since leaving Aus. And we feel bloody good for it. Another 4kgs each or so and we will slim, taught and terrific……….

Am also seeing more of the dark side of the Philippines. The western males with their young “escorts”. Quite obvious and quite sad.

Take care all.

Trev & Guy


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