Day 80 of retirement

Hi All

Well the first chapter in our new adventure is ending and chapter 2 is commencing tomorrow on the 4th May at 8:00am. Guy & I head for the Philippines arriving tomorrow night.

The first couple of weeks we are staying In Manila with Guy’s sister and Mum while we get ourselves organized with setting up bank accounts etc.

Also the Philippines Presidential elections are on Monday 10th May so not the best time to travel. We will watch the happenings with interest before we commit to traveling in the provinces. With over 600 candidates should be an interesting election.

Oooohhhhh if there are any riots in Manila on the news look for the tall Aussie giving you a wave……..

The islands we are then heading for are Mindoro, Marinduque, Boracay, Bohol and then Palawan. Google these places if you’re looking for further info. Marinduque looks very promising at the moment. Got beaches, caves, water falls, trekking, snorkeling and diving. And I can always add mountain biking…..

Check out this web site.

“Hospitality and friendliness are a common trait among Marinduquenos.”

After arriving in Adelaide on 23rd March we have enjoyed some quiet time along with catching up with family and friends at Port Willunga. Lots of walks on the beach (a few swims) and sleep ins. And I’m re-exploring my long time love of photography. Lots of time to snap away round the beach and play with the pics.

And at long last the closing off our Australian life is completed. This involved closing off some 14 financial commitments (Gas, Power, Phone, Broadband, Credit Cards, etc.). And changing my contact details on some 31 websites (Banks, email, Qantas, Super Funds, Investments, Forums, etc.). Very liberating process and for the first time in my life in the month of June I will have zero bills to pay with none coming in after that. Awesome feeling……

Is kind of nice to now have zero commitments, and everything we have is ours (all be it one backpack full). It has been a bit of a journey though. We went from a house full of stuff to a van full to a station wagon full and now two back packs full. Has taken me 3 packs to finally get down to one back pack full. Only took Guy two packs. Have had to leave a box full of “spares” at Sandy’s (sisters) place.

So my next communication will be from a land far away and our new home. Excited and a little nervous all at the same time but all good.

Take care all.

Trevor & Guy.

PS: And a couple of final pics of “our” beach at Port Willunga.


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