Day 83 of retirement

Hi All

Well Guy and I have made it safe and sound to Manila with all our luggage.

We left Adelaide on Tuesday morning and had a bad flight to Sydney flying through thunder storms. I was a little seedy but the time we hit Sydney so the 2.5 hour stop over was very welcome.

We also meet up with Jordan & Jo (Guy’s kids) for an hour at the International terminal so that was good.

The flight to Manila was 8 hours of un-eventful nothing. Usual crap movies and food. At least it was smooth so no more motion sickness…

Arrived in Manila just after 7:00pm local time (9:00pm EST) and were greeted by two Airport Police officials. Guy happens to know one the Police heads at the airport and as he was unable to meet us he sent two of his offsiders to look after us.

We were given a VIP escort through Philippines immigration (got our passports stamped with no questions asked) and customs (no bag inspections at all). It was 15 minutes from off the plane to getting out the terminal. Quickest ever exit out of any foreign airport for me and loved it.

We were then meet by a school friend (and her hubby) of Guy’s who took us out for a quick bite to eat before heading to Quezon (the old Manila) to stay with Guy’s sister and Mum who live next to each other.

I started eating and drinking the local food and water immediately. So now it is a waiting game for the gastro. Day 2 and still okay (Touch wood….). Hopefully all those nasty bugs I pickup from my other trips might have build up some anti-bodies. I guess time will tell. OOohhh and I have lost my appetite since we have arrived. Still not all bad as I can certainly afford to loose a few kilo’s…

Wednesday was spent getting mobile phones (Note my new number below), mobile broadband and a bank account sorted. Turns out I am now officially an “Alien” in the Philippines, according to the bank. Never been an Alien before……. But I am a good Alien…

Today we went into Manila to an international food fare at the world trade centre. Lots of Asian food displays and some very weird tastings. There was an Australia stand and they were serving oatmeal porridge and apple juice. And served by locals. Weird…….

We are now into the hottest months of the year here and it is hot and humid. Bit of a wake up call for us both. We have definitely slowed down a bit. We have aircon in our room so sleeping at night is fine. But that 1:00pm to 4:00pm period is dam hot. Beaches here we come….

There is a HUGE mall not far from where we are that is nicely air-conditioned so might have to be a few trips there if it gets tooooo hot.

Have also been sampling the local transport which includes Triks (Motor bike with side car), Jeepney (stretched jeep) and the Light rail. All very interesting, each in their own right. We have access to a car but there ain’t no way I am driving in this traffic.

The Jeepneys are an interesting concept. They drive a fixed route and have no designated stops. You just hail them from the roadside and they will drop you off where ever you want. Works well. Cost Guy and I a grand total of 50 cents to get into the city today (30km trip).

We will be here in Manila till Saturday 15th May now. Get the elections out of the way on Monday, let the dust settle and then we hit the road. Must say I’m definitely looking forward to the beaches. I’m not a city bloke I’m afraid.

Going out to get some pics tomorrow morning of the neighborhood with Jerry (Guy’s brother). He is going to provide me with an escort so I don’t get lost or mugged. I am the only “white man” in the neighbourhood so tend to stand out a bit. But all very friendly people.

He has been great escorting us round and ensuring we pay “local” prices.

Will send some pics after my little outing tomorrow.

OOohhhhh and the Gastro has finally hit me. Not to bad actually just feeling crap (pardon the pun), running tummy. So watching what I eat and drinking lots of water (Sorren all those tips from previous climbs are coming in handy).

Drugs next if it persists.

Well elections tomorrow so we shall see what it brings……

Take care all and some of your cooler weather would be most welcomed right now.

Trevor & Guy.

Note my new number: +63 999 412 1981


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