Day 86 of retirement

Hi All

Well have had gastro for the last 3 days. Not real bad but enough to give me the shits (pun intended…). Feeling a bit crap, runny tummy have to watch what I eat.

Drugs come out of the medical kit tonight. I’ve had enough.

Well election day and it is organized ciaos. Went for a walk to the polling booth this morning for a look see. See the attached pics.

Okay here is some of the local food I have been eating.

Pork with blood jelly. Pork cooked with Pork blood with some herbs, spices and vinegar. Eaten with rice. Actually very nice.

Also eating lots of fish (Milk fish (Bangus local name), Galunggong (poor man’s fish) with rice (well some anyway as the appetite is still missing in action). The fish is fresh and then pan fried. Bangus was marinated overnight first and then dipped in Soya sauce with kalamansi (local lime). All very tasty.

Tonight it is Tilapia (another local fish) which is fried and served with rice and the Soya / kalamansi dip. And all the fish are freshwater fish.

Went out for dinner with Guy’s school friends the other night and had a full suckling pig carved and served with herbs and spices. Was very nice as well.

My walk round the neighborhood was interesting as each section has everything, Church, Police, school, polling booth, medical centre, mechanics (car, jeepney, bikes (motor and ride)), hardware, food vendors, bakery, basketball court, etc.

Was great to have Jerry as the tour guide. He pointed out all the local “attractions” and had me in a sweat as we dodged all the traffic. Standing in the middle of four lanes of traffic trying to cross the road was interesting.

Ooohh and watch where you walk. Excavation holes in the footpath are un-marked. No OH&S here.

As for my tea drinking. I was drinking 12-15 cups of tea a day back in AUS. Tea is just not drank here. All coffee (The American influence) So I have gone from my 12-15 cups to none or one a day (we found a box of tea bags). Struggled the first few days with a caffeine headache but pretty much recovered now. It is just to hot to drink hot drinks anyway.

But at the Mall the other day we found a café that sold “Chai Tea” (hot or cold). So we had to try one. MMMmmmmm the idea was there but I guess it was better that nothing.

And my diet is basically now also dairy free. There is no fresh milk here. All coffee creamer (powdered). No cheese or yogurt. Diet really is rice with fish, pork and chicken. Ooohh and sweet bread rolls baked by the corner bakery each night.

We are sleeping lots at the moment 8-11hours a day. With the heat and just getting used to a whole new environment (huge culture change for me) is exhausting. But I must say that with all this sleep, eating healthy food and no more tea caffeine I am actually feeling “healthier” when I am awake (gastro excluded…). Oooohhh and not working might help a bit tooooo. And even loosing a few kilos too.

Hope all is well with you all.

Great to get your emails from home and lands far away. Keep them coming….


Joe (What I am called on the streets… Hey Tim…)


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