Day 92 of retirement

Hi All

Well tomorrow (Monday) is the day we head bush for the white sandy beaches experience. We delayed our departure a few days to enable us both to recover from our ailments. My gastro which still isn’t 100% but manageable and Guy’s cough and she also had a touch of the gastro.

We are heading by bus to the port of Batangas where we will catch the ferry to the island of Mindoro. We arrive in Puerto Galera which is known as one of the diving Mecca’s of the Philippines. Turn left and you head to all the diving resorts. Turn right and you hit the beaches for “the beach bums” according to the Lonely Planet. So right it will be for us.

Accommodation will be at cheaper hotels and home stay (bit like a B&B) and either on or close to the beach. Transport round the islands will be a combination of Bus, Jeepney and Trik. So should be a bit of an experience for us both.

From here will explore Mindoro for a week or two and then catch another ferry across to Marinduque for another week or two. Then onto Boracay, Bohol and Palawan as the fair winds take us. If we like a place we will stay a while and if not we can just move on. No set time table at all.

The heat here is pretty dam hot and humid at the moment. Guy and I are “coping” just (thank god for Malls). The days are extremely hot especially from 1:00pm to 4:00pm (high 30s to low 40sC everyday). Have been talking to the locals and even they are finding it a struggle. Apparently this is the hottest it has been for many many years and all due to the El Nino effect. Trust us to land in a heat wave but if we can survive this we can survive anything.

Once the sun goes down at 6:00pm (same every night year round due to close to the equator) it isn’t too bad as you tend to get a bit of a breeze. We tend to go for walks round the neighborhood at night. It is very pleasant as everybody comes outdoors into the streets to enjoy the cool. To sleep we have the air-con just to cool the room and then sleep with just a fan on.

Everybody is waiting for the wet to start in a few weeks (June). Will be wet and sticky but at least will cool things down a bit. And then of course we will be waiting for our first Typhoon experience (well me anyway).

Remember the pics I sent with all the election banners, well 99% of them are now all gone. You wouldn’t know there had been an election. I’m impressed actually with how they cleaned everything up.

Ooohh and speaking of interesting election happenings. In our neighborhood the Mayoral candidate (who lost) handed out 1500PP ($37 AUS) to all the Trik operators to buy their votes. And in the province where the existing president Arroyo was running for congress, she paid each family in the slums 3,000PP ($75 AUS). Rumor has it that she must win the seat so she is immune to corruption charges. While you are still holding a public office here you are immune to corruption charges.

Maybe Aussie politicians’ could learn a thing or two……….

Well at our favorite mall café at the moment escaping the midday heat and purchasing our last few supplies for the great adventure that awaits us.

We are really looking forward to our first white sandy beach and a swim to escape the heat. And a sea breeze at night to cool things off as well.

Not sure when will next be online as communications could be sketchy on the islands.

So till next we meet take care all and enjoy your winter…..

Trev & Guy

PS: Sorry no new photos this time.


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