Day 99 of retirement

Hi all

Wednesday 19th:

Well just enjoyed another glorious sunset as we devour a very very tasty Pork chop with gravy and veggies dinner from Mengie’s. The go now is that we see what Mengie is cooking for the family each day and we join in. Works for her and us.

It’s 8:00pm ish (Wednesday) at the moment as we watch the squid boys out on the bay squiding. The way you squid here is to firstly let off skyrockets which attract the squid to your area and then get them to the boat with LED flashing coloured lights. Interesting fun process and great for the spectators. Though I suspect that the skyrocket thing is just so the boys can have some fun.

Mengie informs us it is fresh squid for dinner tomorrow night, provided the boys catch some.

Thursday 20th:

And fresh squid it has been. We had grilled bay squid stuffed with tomato and then adobo squid (squid cooked in its ink with coconut vinegar) served with rice for dinner tonight (Thursday). And it was delicious. Even my doggie tummy liked it.

Did our walk down the beach tonight (Thursday) and ventured to the other side (White Beach) where all the popular tourist resorts are. See the attached pic. We are so glad we didn’t finished up there.

Our days at the moment pretty much consist of getting up between 9 – 10am and having brekkie. Our favorite is Mengie’s fresh mango pancakes with local wild honey. Then a swim and our morning nap under the palm trees and my run to the loo. Lunch is a few snacks that we have with us before a swim or two and then the afternoon siesta between 1-3:00pm back under the Palm trees. This is the hottest part of the day and things pretty much grind to a halt in the quieter parts of town.

Round 4 ish it starts to cool down a bit ready for our afternoon walk with dinner at 7ish. Update our travel diary after dinner and in bed round 10ish.

And no air-conditioning all week so starting to acclimatize but it is a struggle with the heat. We have a ceiling fan in the room that works great at night though.

Now I have been known to not be able to sit still for too long but you will all be very impressed, I am actually able to now while away my days without any strenuous activity. Being bloody hot and a bit crook does help to curb my desire to do too much.

And another brownout (blackout as known back in AUS) tonight (Thursday) for several hours. Thank god for Petzel Head torches. We finished up eating our squid dinner by candlelight. Very romantic…

Friday 21st:

Well miracles do happen. Day two and the gastro bug has disappeared. Knew sending the email for help would scare the bug off. If I get through tomorrow (Saturday) with all things normal Guy & Trev are going to celebrate.

Saturday 22nd:

Today has been the coolest day we have had since arrival. Was very pleasant under the palms with odd swim to keep cool but not stifling heat. Also noticed that the nights are starting to get muggier as well so looks like the build up to the wet maybe happening. Supposed to start in June.

Tomorrow we hit the road again after 6 days R&R and all the bugs now sorted. Three days clean for me and Guy’s gastro and cough all good too.

Leave Mengie’s and head for Sabang Beach on the northeastern side of Mindoro. A couple nights here and then we head south to hit Pinamalayan by Thursday to catch the Bangka to Marinduque Island.

Looking to stay at Calapan on the way down and explore the local tribe who live in the area called the Mangyan. They are mountain people and still live in their traditional ways.

We will be arriving at the port of Gasan south of the capital Boac on Marinduque. Then head for Boac where we are meeting up with friends of Guy’s from Manila who are visiting for the weekend. The week after will be exploring the island and see what we can find as this is one of our possible final resting places

Other Stuff:

Booking our accommodation is pretty simple here in the provinces. You find out the mobile number of the place you want to stay and text them with the dates and type of room you want (Basically air conditioned or not). After a few texts it is all booked. No phone calls, no credit card deposit. Works a treat.

One thing we have to get used to is we are now living in a “cash” society. Out here in the provinces it is all cash, no credit cards (apart from the major resorts). So we have to make sure that we have ample cash with us between ATMs. These are usually located in the capital of the island but not all islands.

So as we have to carry a reasonable amount of cash with us we have our little system of breaking down the cash to 4 stashes. One goes in each backpack and we each carry a stash on us. My credit card is feeling very unloved and I’m loving it.

Till we next find some free Wi-Fi.

Trev & Guy


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