Day 163 of retirement

Hi All

Monday 19th July:

Quiet day as we are just waiting till Wednesday now for a copy of our approved sub-division so we can hand over to Laura the second payment for our land.

Usual trip to the Mall where I armed myself with my beloved Leica M8.2 camera and the 15mm f4.5 lens (equals 21mm on the Leica) to get some wide shots of the newest Mall called The Annex. There are no issues with the security guards here taking pics in the Mall. Just as long as you don’t take pics of them, they are happy.  Got some good snaps of the great flowing shapes in the building.

Also have confirmed that our rental cottage back on Marinduque will have the power connected by the weekend. So all being good we will now head back to Marinduque at the weeks end.

And Guy started work on the “Food Stuff” blog page. Page is up and we will get some recipes up soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday 20th July:

Another quiet day. Spoke to Laura and all the documents for the sub-division have not arrived so looks like Thursday now before the payment can take place.

We walked to the local Beauty Parlor and Guy had her usual manicure and pedicure. Was a leisurely stroll as it has cooled down somewhat now due to the wet.

Quick trip to the Mall and good old Starbucks for the free Wi-Fi. We both tidied up our Gmail accounts and contacts list. One of those things you always mean to do but never do. Well we did it.

As we got off the MRT (light rail) and were walking to Mall 2 there was this huge fire just down the road. Turns out it was in one of the slum areas and 150 houses were lost. The Department of Agriculture building next door was also damaged.

Watching it on the news there was a looter who was caught by the locals. Lets just say that they handed the appropriate punishment to him for his crime and he will be one very sore and sorry individual tomorrow,

Wednesday 21st July:

Still waiting for the approved sub-division plan. Late call from Laura and it has arrived so tomorrow is “pay” day.

Usual trip to the Mall for lunch and Wi-Fi. Enjoying this while we can as once we head back to Marinduque there is no Mall and all the luxuries it brings. Just our cottage by the beach which I must say is looking pretty dam good right now after a couple of weeks in the big smoke.

Ooohhh and in the outside Mall pics you will see the huge billboards that abound. Now all these billboard-advertising banners are made out of vinyl so that when the Typhoons come they roll them up so they don’t catch the wind and blow done. Then they come back after and unwind them again. Neat system when it works.

Thursday 22nd July:

We meet Laura and her brother at the lawyers offices just round the corner this morning and we have now signed the “Deed of Sale” after witnessing the approved sub-division plan. Our 2,908sqm of paradise now exists in Marinduque .

We are meeting Laura at the bank tomorrow morning for the second of three payments. Then we can start clearing the land as it has been surveyed on the ground. Looks like I will be back to work laboring in the midday sun…..

The final payment will be in a few weeks once the new title is issued in our names.

Had a bit of a nervous time re tomorrow’s payment. I had transferred the funds from Australia last Friday and as of this morning they hadn’t arrived (usually takes only 3 days max). So a call to the bank in AUS and all was fine on their end, the funds had been transferred successfully. Then after the signing of the deed Guy and I went to the Bank here to recover our funds.

They were really great at the bank and after a 20-minute phone conversation to their overseas processing branch the funds were to be in our account by the COB. And sure enough, they were. Always a bit nervous when transferring funds over the Internet especially overseas, but (touch wood) all good.

Friday 23rd July:

All went smoothly this morning at the bank. Paid Laura the second payment and we now have a copy of the plan showing the approved sub-division of our slice of paradise and the “Deed of Sale”.

Leisurely day after the bank. Lounged around, watched some TV and had a little siesta.

Just waiting on Yolanda (Cottage owner) to let us know that the power is connected and we head back to Marinduque.

Saturday 24th July & Sunday 25th July:

Leisurely couple of days in Manila waiting for our cottage to be powered up so we can return to Marinduque .

Caught the MRT (very efficient light rail system) to the Mall for P10 ($0.25 AUS) each. It’s a two-block walk to the station and then two stops to the mall so nice and quick.

Pretty much know all three malls now and what is where. Have determined that Mall 2 has the best free Wi-Fi. It is actually supplied by the Mall itself and available in most of the mall. But some spots are better than others.

We always used to go to Starbucks cause that’s where everybody goes to connect. But there are times where the Wi-Fi grinds to a halt as somebody decides to download some huge YouTube file.

So we now go to little café on the second floor in the middle of the building. Great food ($2 to $5 a meal) and great Wi-Fi connection with no grinding halts. And we are usually the only people there connected.

We are enjoying this current quiet time. Once we return to Marinduque the work begins as we start the clearing of our land. We will hire locals to do the work and we will supervise and do what we can. I think I am going to like this……..

The wet is certainly building. Rains most days and has rained pretty much all day today. The great thing is that it is a very pleasant temperature. Even if you get wet it isn’t cold and you dry off in a short while. So different from good old Aussie rainy weather.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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