Day 233 of retirement » 28 Cornbraids-6277

Guy and I with our Cornbraids. They are very comfy and keep the hair from blowing in your face.


3 Responses to 28 Cornbraids-6277

  1. Desiree says:

    Love the hairstyle, nice and cool… you can’t say you’re having a bad hair day it can’t blow anywhere.

  2. vernie says:

    manay luv both ur hairstyle. . . that’s what i need. how long can keep it that way?

  3. mark says:

    G’day from aussie, and dont’expect that back here, I havnt’corn rowed since the 80’s, and am impressed they could do it to you, cheers mark
    lovin’the blog, if thats how you say it, good to hear it all. well done

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