Day 289 of retirement

Hi All

Sunday 21st November:

Usual days activities today.

  • Cleaned and waxed the Thunder Monster.
  • Guy off to Mahjong. Ooohhh and no win today. Aahhhh well there’s always next time.
  • Me to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering and a very nice Goulash with mash lunch. Smaller group today so the conversations were a little more “subdued”.
  • Home in time to see the aussie news.
  • And of course a brownout to finish off the night. Early to bed then at 10:00pm.

Monday 22nd November:

Early start as Ron picked us up at 7:00am to head for Santa Cruz so Guy can see the ear doctor for the last time. About 20kms. from Santa Cruz we came across a HUGE boulder that had crashed down the mountainside and was sitting in the middle of the road.

The electricity people were there as the boulder had actually gone under the power lines but had brought down a coconut tree onto the lines. So these guys had to free the lines before any traffic could pass. Thirty minutes later they cleared the power lines.

There was a single vehicle width lane past the boulder so the Pulis did some traffic control and we finally made it past and onto Santa Cruz.

Then just up the road we came upon a crashed Jeepney (crashed 8 days earlier) that had lost its drive shaft and careered down the mountain road and failed to take a corner and plunged into a creek.

There were 21 people in this Jeepney and only 7 were injured. Nobody died thankfully. When you have a look at the pics you will see it is a miracle that nobody was killed.

Finally made it to the doctor and Guy got the all clear on her ears so no more visits required.

Quick look at the Santa Cruz port area and then back to Boac past the crashed Jeepney and the boulder (which was still sitting in the middle of the road).

Lunch in Boac and off to Gasan for coffee and a Coke. Detour on the way to look at a house that is for sale behind the airport. Found the house with the help of a local but not for us.

Caught up with Geoff at the Barbarossa (Gasan) and bought some fresh fish for dinner. Then off home for a nice hot cup of tea and a little siesta.

Has been raining pretty much all-last night and today so plenty of water about and hence the landslides (came across three more minor ones over Santa Cruz way). The Boac River is also flowing the highest we have seen so far.

Tuesday 23rd November:

Off to the Gasan markets as it is market day. Got our supplies and headed home for lunch. We had planned to go to Boac after lunch but John (the pom) turned up just after 1:00pm for a chat and stayed for over an hour.

So we decided to abandon the Boac visit till tomorrow in favor of an afternoon siesta after John left. Very nice little nap.

Later in the afternoon after the siesta, did some more landscaping work and stabilized our satellite dish which is mounted on a pipe umbrella stand. Works for me.

Got some fresh corn at the market this morning so freshly cooked corn it was for dinner. Has been a while since our last corn meal so enjoyed it once again.

Wednesday 24th November:

Brownout this morning from 7:00am ish till 1:00pm. We were going to Boac but with the brownout we decided it was too late by the time the power came back on. Also the afternoon wet was looming.

So after lunch a siesta was in order. Then I continued with some more landscaping works at the cottage that kept me busy for a few hours.

All hot and sweaty from this work so a cool shower was in order and then watched this beautiful sun set before dinner of freshly cooked sweet corn with a few other delicacies.

Thursday 25th November:

Awoke to another brownout this morning but was able to have a hot cup of tea off the gas stove. The power came back on at 10:00am so not so bad.

Guy went off to Mahjong with Vicki and Ron and I went looking at two houses that were for sale.

The first one was 2.5km off the main road on a dirt road and right next to Paradise Valley, the huge private residence we visited a few weeks ago. It consists of 5,780sqm all up including some rice paddies. The house and yard sits on a 2,000sqm plot. The house is relatively new (only a few years old) and is quite nice with big open airy rooms. It belongs to an Englishman and his local wife who have now gone their separate ways so was built to semi western standards.

And all this can be yours for P5,000,000 ($125,000 AUS). Once again nice place but not for us.

Then we headed to the “Gotti” house next to Cawit Port, which is in between Gasan and Boac. A German and his local wife own this. The house was on the market as the wife had suffered a stroke and they were moving back to the mainland for medical reasons. But the wife has made a great recovery so they are now staying on the island and in the house. Once again a nice house on the beach but not for us even if it was on the market.

We then headed into Boac and for a few supplies then back to Barbarossa for a coffee / tea before heading home. Pickup some nice freshly cooked corn from our local supermarket for dinner.

Guy arrived home and had a bit of a loss. So she is now playing tomorrow to break the cycle. Vicki had lost as well.

And of course another brownout at 6:00pm but luckily we had finished dinner by this time and had our nice hot cup of tea.

Friday 25th November:

Off to Boac and the Municipal centre to check up on the final registration of our land paper work. Seems that the one guy who signs it all off is away till the 9th December so nothing further will happen till he comes back. Ooohhhh well no skin off our nose. Will check back after the ninth.

Then over the road to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some free Wi-Fi. Guy left at 11:00am on a Jeepney to head home to be picked up by Vicki and off to Mahjong for the afternoon. I stayed on as I was catching up with Eric (west of Boac) at 1:00pm as he has a 5KVA generator for sale so going to have a look at it. 12:30pm I headed off after downloading all my MacBook OS updates and doing email stuff.

Got to Eric’s at 1:00pm and had a look at his generator and also his “different” toilet. It is a bowl that he imported from Sweden where the government is promoting them. The bowl has a “basin” built into in the front of it to catch the number ones and then the number two’s fall down the hole at the back. Both are then caught in separate containers and emptied periodically and are used for composting.

It is very weird the first time you use it. See the pic and you will see what I am talking about.

Had a tea with Eric and then headed for the Gasan markets. Huge storm over Boac but I just managed to out run it and only get a little wet. Sun was shining in Gasan at the markets so stocked up on a few supplies including more fresh sweet corn for dinner.

Made it home for a nice hot cup of tea and a little “rest” before Guy arrived home from Mahjong and sadly no win today.

Ooohhhh and another brownout at 10:00pm so off to bed for an early night.

Saturday 27th November:

Washing day and Cherry turned up still limping. Her foot looked much better but still a bit sore. She just hasn’t been able to rest up to let it heal.

John (was here for a chat), Yolanda and the boys were also here cutting the grass and cleaning up. We combined all our food for lunch and enjoyed a nice long leisurely lunch under the Nipa hut solving all the problems of the world.

2:00pm the afternoon rains hit and lasted till 4:00pm ish.

So the only thing to do was relax and watch an afternoon movie. A nice evening walk up the beach where I took some more family pics, which I will print off and deliver, back to the family. They were having a family gathering and once the pics were taken I was offered a drink and some karaoke, which I very politely declined.

Home for a very refreshing shower and dinner.

Don’t get much better than this.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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