Day 296 of retirement

Hi All

Sunday 28th November:

Bit of a sleep in and then off to see Ron as it his 76th Birthday today. Meet him on the road and wished him a happy birthday. Back home till 11:00am and off to Gasan to join Ron, Vicki and her family at a lunch party for Ron. No shortage of food at the party – roasted chicken, spaghetti, buko salad and custard cake.

I then headed to Barbarossa to meet the expats and Guy was off to Mahjong. Watch the afternoon rain but all cleared up by the time Guy finished Mahjong and we headed home.

Nice quiet evening and a usually Sunday dinner of leftovers.

Monday 29th November:

Well another public holiday today. This one is to celebrate a Filipino hero named Andres Bonifacio who was a rebel in the fight against Spain many years ago.

So we had a day of rest. As it was a very nice warm sunny day I broke out the moldy stuff (leather belt, Macpac 90L backpack, two tee-shirts) and placed it in the sun for the day. Only a little rain shower at midday so a good de-molding day.

I washed and waxed the Thunder Monster, as I was too busy to do it yesterday… A nice relaxed long lunch and then some landscaping works round the cottage. And a nice evening walk (up the road and back along the beach) to the supermarket to get some Coke.

For dinner Guy cooked a very yummy green Papaya and Malungay (both from our yard) dish to go with some Adobo chicken that I cooked at lunchtime.

Ripe Papaya for desert also from the trees in our yard and all washed down with a nice hot cup of tea.

Tuesday 30th November:

Stunning day today. The sun is out and it is hot but not too hot and humid but not too humid. First day with no rain for weeks.

Market day in Gasan so quick trip to stock up on supplies for the next few days.

Ron picked us up at midday and we headed for White Beach on the other side of the island (by Torrijos) for a swim on the only white sandy beach on the island. The road to white Beach goes over the mountains on the southern tip of the island and with the clear day it was quite nice admiring the view on the trip over and back.

Was great as we had the entire beach to ourselves (being a work & school day) apart from one small birthday party. As you can imagine this beach gets very busy on weekends and holidays, but not today.

The water is nice and warm so we spent the afternoon swimming and sitting under a Nipa Hut enjoying the sea breeze. Very pleasant indeed.

Back home to a nice cool shower and wash the salt off and dinner of some corn and Adobo chicken.

Wednesday 1st December:

Another glorious day in paradise. Guy was off to Mahjong with Vicki so I decided it was time to go exploring.

I headed north up Mogpog way to look for a small waterfall and the Tarug Caves.

The waterfall directions were to go to the steel span bridge and then come back towards Boac till you see a road going off at 90 degrees to the main road. Then follow the river and find the side stream with the falls.

Found the road okay and followed the river up stream for 6km or so. Ask one of the locals and he said you go 1.5km to the shelter shed then walk to the falls. Well, 500m up the road came to the shelter shed and followed the creek for 200m to the falls. Only small falls but a very nice peaceful place.

Then back on the main road to the Tarug Caves turnoff. Followed this goat track up the mountainside and it was indeed a goat track (rough rocky road). Made it up to the top of the mountain and then everything turned to slippery black mud. The slicks on the Thunder Monster made going very interesting (slipping all over the place).

After about 4km I asked a local where the caves were and they just pointed along the track. I suspect they had no idea what I said.

Kept going till the track started to drop down the other side of the mountain and it was getting even more slippery. So while I could, I turned around and head back for the main road. No caves found sadly. Will take Guy with me next time so she can talk to the locals and find out where the caves are.

Made it back to the main road as a very menacing afternoon storm was forming. It chased me all the way home (about 30km) with some large raindrops hitting me from time to time. I managed to make it home (4:30pm) just as an afternoon rainstorm hit so all good.

Guy arrived not long after with a Mahjong small win under her belt so she was happy.

Thursday 2nd December:

Early start as John swung by at 9:00am and we all headed for Terry (Welsh) & Nanette’s (Filipino) house which is called “Swansea” and is just up the road from our block. They spend their time between the Philippines (Manila & Marinduque), Wales and Canada.

They have a very nice house (10 years old) here on 5,000sqm of land on the beach and it is also very nicely landscaped. They are considering selling the house here as they are looking at settling in Manila. So we had a good look at the property and are waiting on a selling price should they proceed with the sale.

Spent a great couple of hours chatting under the pergola and enjoying some iced tea.

We are actually heading back there tomorrow for a bridge game with John. John, Terry and Guy have all played before but this will be a new experience for me. We shall see.

Guy off the Mahjong at midday with Vicki and I meet Ron and Geoff as we proceeded to try and fix Ron’s pressure pump. The cut in/out relay had burnt out so we got a new one in Gasan but had real trouble trying to get the setting right so it cut in at 40psi and cut out at 60psi. After 3 hours we gave up and headed to Barbarossa to drown our sorrows and get a plumber.

Ron found a local plumber and they all headed back to Ron’s as was dropped off at home. Guy arrived soon after and sadly had a loss today. Ooohhhhh  well can’t win them all……

Friday 3rd December:

Nice quiet morning with chicken rice for lunch. At 2:00pm we headed back to Terry’ and Nanette’s place for the first gathering of the Marinduque Bridge Club.

John, Terry and Guy have all played Bridge before but this is a new experience for me. We spent the afternoon in the garden shade, with a cool sea breeze, playing Bridge (which was rather enjoyable). Even had an afternoon tea break with iced tea and sandwiches all round. All very British.

Back home just in time for a stroll along the beach. A very pleasant day indeed.

Saturday 4th December:

Cherry turned up for the washing and clean day.

Guy was cooking so I was dispatched to the Gasan market for some supplies. Very comfortable shopping by myself now. We do most of our shopping at a few of the stalls and the people now know me there and know how to tell me the prices so that I understand them.

Quick visit to our favorite bakery for some fresh Pan de coco buns (little buns filled with coconut and very yummy). Also some freshly cooked corn on the cob just happened to fall into my bag.

A nice leisurely afternoon was had by all.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


One Response to Day 296 of retirement

  1. Wayne Button says:

    Hi Trevor & Guy, I do enjoy your blogs, even though i receive them on a Monday; which means statrt of the working week. Though in saying that, reading your stories is a nice way to start the week.

    Glad to see you both are enjoying could you not you lucky things!

    Until next week, have fun.

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