Day 303 of retirement

Hi All

Sunday 5th December:

To all my ex Civica work mates I trust you had a great Xmas party up on the Gold Coast last night. I raised a nice cold Coke to you all. Happy hangovers…….

Usual Sunday. I cleaned and waxed the Thunder Monster then we headed for Gasan where Guy played Mahjong at the “office” and I caught up with the expats at the Barbarossa for the afternoon.

Guy had a win, which was a great way to finish off the day.

A very pleasant relaxing day indeed.

Monday 6th December:

Visited Gerard and his wife Juliet this morning and spent a couple of hours looking at his pictures and trinkets and listened to his stories from working in the middle east for 20 odd years as a micro biologist working in hospitals. He spent most of his time in Oman, Yemen, Bahrain & UAE back in the good old days.

This is where he met Juliet (a Filipino) who was also working there at the time. Juliet is actually from Marinduque and their retirement house is only about 1km from where she grew up.

In her retirement she wanted to give something back so went to teacher’s school as a mature aged student for 1.5 years, passed the exam and became a teacher. Juliet is now teaching part time (3 days a week) in a local school.

Back home for lunch and a siesta in the afternoon as we had a short rainstorm. The wet is slowly subsiding.

Then off for a nice long walk up the beach and back along the road before dinner.

Tuesday 7th December:

Off to the Bridge club this morning back at Terry and Nanette’s place. It was John and I against Guy and Terry. They beat us severely last time but at the end of play today it was 2 games apiece.

I am the learner and must say it is a pretty steep learning curve but I am enjoying it. Good way to keep the brain active.

Back home for a bit of a late lunch and as we had some rain storms come through the only thing to do was a siesta for us both. Loving this siesta thing.

A walk followed this to the “supermarket” to grab a couple of nice cool Cokes and some freshly cooked sweet corn. Walked home along the beach as the sun was setting.

Guy cooked up a nice banana heart veggie dish for dinner to go with the corn. It was an all-vegetarian meal tonight. Must say that it is quite easy to be a part time vegetarian here with all the fresh local produce.

Wednesday 8th December:

Guy is off to Mahjong with Vicki at midday so I decided to go exploring. I left at 10:00am and headed up Boac way. Got just outside Boac and the road became very very wet with some more big black clouds forming. So decided to head back home where the sun was shining.

Quick lunch with Guy before she left. I received a text from Gerald (Pom) re an 8km jungle hike on Friday morning. As I have been a little lazy lately (and loving it) I decided to go for an 8km walk to get myself back into hiking mode.

Walked to Kevin’s (Aussie) block with a pit stop at Ron’s place for a cold drink and to get out of a rain shower. Kevin has put a good old aussie windmill to pump water for his rice paddies. Diesel pumps are the norm here to pump water onto the rice paddies in some circumstances so a windmill is rather a novelty.

Walked back home along the beach which is quite soft at the moment so was a good workout.

Then off in the other direction to the “supermarket” for some freshly cooked sweet corn for dinner. Finished up walking about 8km all up and feels great.

We are leaving at 6:30am on Friday to avoid the midday heat and humidity and will hike for 3-4 hours or so depending how muddy it is. Looking forward to the little hike and getting down and dirty.

Guy had a small loss at Mahjong today. Going back tomorrow to win it all back……

Thursday 9th December:

As we stayed up till midnight last watching a movie we had a sleep in till 10:00am this morning. That’s one of the things I love about this retirement thing. Go to bed when you want and sleep till you want.

Guy headed off with Vicki at midday to play Mahjong and Ron and I headed for Boac first and then over Mogpog way to try and find the big waterfalls I miss last week.

The weather has all gone to crap as it has rained on and off for the last two days. As we headed up the river to look for the falls it got wetter and wetter so we turned around while we could and headed for home. Last thing we wanted was to be bogged up some remote jungle path.

Ron had met another aussie in the bank in Boac during the week so we decided to see if we could find where he lived as all we knew was that he lived west of Boac. We stopped at the bank and as Ron knows everybody they provided him with directions to Wayne (Aussie from Brisbane) and Grace’s (Local from here) house.

We followed the instructions and found their house first off. Had a chat to Wayne and he will come along on Sunday to Barbarossa on Sunday and meet the rest of the expat gang. He moved here a few months ago with his wife from Manila where they have lived for the last 18 months. They didn’t like the city living and much prefer the quiet life of Marinduque.

Home with a quick stop for some more freshly cooked sweet corn for dinner.

Friday 10th December:

Real early start this morning (up at 5:30am) as I was heading to Gerald’s place for a hike up the escarpment behind his house. We left so early to avoid the heat and humidity of midday. It is about 4km to the top with the first 2km being on a rough track and the last 2km through the jungle and following a very overgrown muddy creek. And we both forgot to bring a Bolo to slash a path so suffered from vines that held you tight and other plants with big thorns and things that stung you when touched.

Gerald was last up this track about 6 years ago so with the jungle swallowing the old track he knew, it was a bit of a bush bash to get to the top. On the slopes the ground wasn’t too muddy but as we got to the top and flat ground the mud got thicker and softer.

Made it to the top and was presented with fantastic views of the valley and range that runs up the centre of the island. The two-hour trek turned into 3 ½ hours but I really enjoyed it. Home for a nice refreshing shower to wash the mud off and lunch cooked by Guy.

After lunch we headed to the Municipal Offices (Assessors Office) to pickup our final signed block paper work. Welllllll after 3 hours ish of Guy pushing and prodding and a trip into Boac (to get a few supplies while we waited) we finally have the completed registered paperwork. No more paper work for the block. We have the title and it is now registered and all the fees are paid. Yyyeeeaaaaaa…..

OOohhhh and while Guy was doing her thing I was able to avail myself to the free Wi-Fi across the road at Joseph’s Mini-Mart.

Headed home with a quick stop for some more fresh cooked sweet corn. Man this stuff is good. So much sweeter and tender than I remember back in AUS.

Saturday 11th December:

Cherry here for our washing day and a fine day it is. The rain maybe finally abating as we have had a couple of nice sunny days with fine afternoons.

The Papaya’s are ripening again in our “garden” so picked three this morning and had one for desert for lunch. Very sweet. Cherry also gave us one from her garden so looks like plenty of fresh fruit for a few days.

Guy cooked up some chicken rice for lunch and then off to see Rose the hairdresser for a hair cut for us both (P50 each ($1.25 AUS)). My first cut in nine months as I was starting to look a little feral. And as it is Guy’s 35th school reunion back in Manila between Xmas and New Year, figured I better tidy myself up a bit.

Now Rose is a Bading (pronounced Baaaa-ding) which translates to a male gay person. The gay community is very open and accepted here. Much more so than back in AUS.

Once I had my cut I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi and Guy caught the Jeepney to join me once her cut was completed. While Guy was emailing I headed into Boac and had some more pics printed to be delivered to various folks once I see them again. Everybody loves their pics when I deliver them and it’s great to see the huge smiles and laughter they bring.

Nice leisurely stroll up the beach before dinner and just after we finished dinner a brownout hit for a couple of hours. It has been a few days since the last one so was expecting one at anytime.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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