Day 345 of retirement

Hi All

Monday 17th January 2011:

We all crashed round 6:00am ish after the epic journey and slept till about 2:00pm. We slowly woke up, unpacked and took a load of washing off to the laundry (P270 ($6:75 AUS) for 9kgs).

Still a bit seedy but at 4:00pm we headed across the road to a very nice Thai restaurant for our first meal in nearly 48 hours. Was very nice to be able to get some food in the old body.

Then over to the Mall as the kids were after a few more things as presents for friends back home. I left them to it as I was on grocery detail. Off to the supermarket to get a few supplies and back to the condo for a nice hot cup of tea and rest before they return.

At 8:00pm ish we caught a cab to Beth and Guy’s mum’s house for a visit and to get a suitcase full of the kids’ stuff that we left there when we went to Boracay. Back to the condo and the kids did a “practice” pack to see if all they have bought so far would fit. So far so good.

Guy also had a chat to Ed (Airport Police Chief) and he has arranged for them to have 10kg of excess baggage at no cost. So looks like they will get all their shopping home in one piece.

It was about midnight by the time we all hit the sack and we crashed accordingly.

Tuesday 18th January:

Jo had a 10:00am booking with a beauty parlor in the mall to have extended eyelashes installed. We were all still in bed at 10:30am so Guy texted the salon and moved the appointment to 11:00am. Guy and Jo headed off and Jordan and I met them at about 2:00pm ish for a few hours shopping.

At 5:00pm we headed for Makati to meet up with a group of Guy’s friends for dinner at 6:00pm. Of course we arrived on time and the rest of the party arrived at 7:00pm. Going to have to get used to Filipino time. Home after a very nice dinner.

Wednesday 19th January:

Very very slow start today as all the adventures of the last 3 weeks ish has caught up with us all. We all slept till midday and then slowly awoke, showered and got ready to head for the 3 malls out past Guy’s sisters place (Quezon City). Made it to the mall by 3:00pm ish and we all wandered as the kids shopped for cloths. At 4:00pm ish we hit Shakeys for brunch / dinner (down to one meal today). They do great pizza so pizza it was.

I then left them to it as I headed for the two floors of electronic gadget in SM North. We all meet up at Starbucks for a Chai at 5:30pm. The kids kept shopping as Guy and I rested up in Starbucks. Guy even managed to have a little catnap as we managed to score two very comfortable armchairs.

Grabbed a cab and home by 9:00pm and feeling just a little weary.

Thursday 20th January:

Slow morning as we are meeting Naty (Guy’s class mate who lives in Sydney), Doug (her hubby) and Christopher (their son the same age as Jordan) round midday.

Caught up with the gang at the mall and we all did a very nice lunch. Then we split up and the kids went one way, Guy and Naty the other and Doug and I another way. They hadn’t been to Greenhills so we all just wandered and showed them round the different sections. Doug bought a new wallet and I got some tee shirts.

We all meet up at the food court later in the afternoon and retired to the condo to “inspect” everybody’s purchases. Then up to the pool area on the roof where a few hours were spent with Guy and Naty catching up.

The kids migrated between the Time Zone across the road and the Internet Café down stairs.

Naty and the gang headed off home at 11:00pm and we all crashed.

Friday 21st January:

Woke the kids at 9:00am as it is their last shopping day and they wanted to hit the mall at 10:00am when it opens. 11:00am they headed off as Guy and I snoozed till midday, showered and meet the kids in the mall food court at 1:00pm for lunch.

Back in the condo at 2:30pm with all the mornings purchases and we stayed put and rested up as we are all headed out for a family night (leaving here at 5:00pm) this evening.

We did a re-pack of the kids’ suitcases, as Ed was only able to get them an additional 5kg each, which means they have a total of 50kg available now (25kg each). There is a set of bathroom scales in the condo so we were able to weigh the three bags. They are right on the limit so we shall see what happens at the airport at check in.

Headed over to Guy’s Mum’s house for dinner with all the cousins and family. Family snaps all round and a very yummy dinner.

Saturday 22nd January:

Well, last day for the kids as they leave at 2:30pm today. We were up at 9:30am and wandered off for our last breakfast of waffles, French toast and burgers. A quick dash to the markets for a few last minute purchases and back to the condo where we meet Beth (Guy’s sister) who took us all to the airport.

Once again Ed (Police chief) arranged “long term” parking in the 2-minute zone and had arranged a pass for Guy to accompany the kids into the terminal for checking in and immigration clearance. All done and no excess baggage charges so kids were pleased.

All said our goodbyes and the kids are off on their way home. This was a fantastic visit for us all and especially for Guy, Jordan & Jo who enjoyed some special bonding time. Will only be 6-weeks until we are back in AUS for a visit so not too long till we see them again.

Back to the condo and Guy headed off for a night out with the girls and some Karaoke. I headed to the supermarket as I was having a craving for a cheese and tomato sandwich so was looking for the ingredients to make my own.

Found some Australian Coon cheese, some grainy bread, a sort of tomato and some ham off the bone for that bit extra.

Back to the condo and had my ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches that were absolutely delicious. Craving satisfied. All washed down by a nice hot cup of tea and settled in for a night of cable TV.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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