Day 373 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 12th February 2011:

Power came back on at 10:15pm last night and remained on all day. Wwoooo hhhoooo.

Today is my 365th day of retirement. One year down and many many more to come.

Big storm last night with wind, lightning and heavy rain. Had a minor leak in the bamboo roof on the cottage. The boys checked it out this morning and all good.

Cherry here today for the washing and cleaning so up at 8:00am. Got here organized and at 10:00am we headed to Frank (Aussie) and Rosie’s (Local) place for some cake and iced tea. Had a good chat to them and back for lunch.

Then back to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi to finish our travel requirements for AUS. Managed to get our return flights back to the Philippines on Frequent Flyer points, so all good.

On the way home picked some very nice sweet Jackfruit as it is now in season. You eat the yellow flesh that enclosed the seeds then boil the seeds and eat them as well. The boiled seeds are kind of like soft Brazil nuts. Very nice as well.

Sunday 13th February:

Power on all night and off at 2:00pm and back on at 3:00pm and off at 5:30pm till the early hours of Monday morning.

As the Thunder Monster got her wash and wax earlier this week she was all shiny this morning after a quick wipe over.

Rubbish burning completed, as too busy yesterday.

Then dropped Guy off at the “office” and I headed for Barbarossa for the expat catch up. Small crowd today (6 in all) as some were sick and some are currently back in their home countries.

Had a cheeseburger and chips for lunch. The burgers are all home made with real meat patties and real buns they bake in-house. The cheese is plastic cheese but better than nothing.

Monday 14th February:

Power came back on in the early hours of this morning after being off all last night.

What do we do during the brownouts you ask?

  • We go exploring on the Thunder Monster (day time)
  • We go for walks (day time)
  • We take long siesta’s in the Nipa Hut (day time)
  • We read (I’m on my second book for the year so look like I might break my record of 3 books a year) (Guy reads heaps)
  • We play cards
  • We play the Nintendo DSi XL
  • We watch DVD’s on the MacBook (I get 4 hours + battery power watching DVD’s)
  • Work on my pics and blog stuff on the MacBook battery power
  • We read stuff we have downloaded from the web previously (mainly me with stuff I’ve saved to PDF) (ooohh and love the Mac speech as all I do is highlight the text and it reads it back to me…. Yea I’m lazy..)
  • We cook (on the gas stove)
  • We talk about life, love and the universe
  • We go to bed early

The filtered water boys called by (as they do weekly) and we topped up our drinking water with a replacement 25L container (P25 ($0.63 AUS)).

Well today is our first year’s wedding anniversary (we have been together for 5 ½ years) and what a year it had been. We celebrated with a sleep in, lazy morning around the cottage and at midday headed to Barbarossa for a valentine / wedding anniversary very yummy lunch.

Back to the cottage for a nice hot cup of tea then an afternoon siesta. Finished off the day with a stroll up the beach and back along the road.

We cooked up some Adobo Chicken (one of my favorite meals) for dinner to finish off a great day.

Tuesday 15th February:

Power on all night and then when I arrived home at 4:00pm it was off but came back on at 4:15pm. Then at 5:30pm off it went again till 10:00pm.

Market day so off to Gasan markets for some supplies. We are getting quite good at loading up, us and the Thunder Monster with shopping now. You would be surprised how much you can carry when it is organized.

Guy found this very cool bug zapper at the market for P150 ($3.75 AUS). It is a tennis racket that has a metal mesh with re-chargeable battery that powers up the mesh. When you swish a bug into the racket it zaps them. Just what you need for those pesky mosquitoes.

Guy has a manicure appointment at 11:00am and then off to Mahjong at midday. But the best-laid plans were doomed. The manicurist had double booked so Guy was bumped to tomorrow now.

After an early lunch Guy caught a ride to Mahjong with Vicki and I headed to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi surfing, which I have been missing, just a little.

John (the pom) met me there at 2:00pm, as he wanted to get an online registration setup for his pension fund back in England. You see John doesn’t own a computer and has basically never used one. He has been corresponding with his pension fund mainly via snail mail and the odd phone call, which is tedious in this day and age.

Anyway got him all registered and setup and now he has to wait for a letter from the UK with his user ID and password and then he will be able to manage his fund online with a little help from yours truly I suspect.

Topped up the Thunder Monster with gas and I am currently getting 47km to the litre including 90% of the time with Guy on the back. I fill up about every two weeks for about P400 ($10.00 AUS). So very happy with that.

Arrived home at 4:00pm and no power but at about 4:15pm it came back on then off again at 5:30pm and back on at 10:00pm.

Wednesday 16th February:

Power on all day today. Bonus…..

Alarm went off at 6:00am as I was going to take Guy up the Dawis River and show her the Gold rush site. I hit the off button on the alarm and we just dozed for one more minute. Woke up and it was 8:00am. A bit too late to go now as Guy has her manicurist appointment at 11:00am. Oohhhh well there’s always another day.

I dropped Guy off in Gasan and headed back to Joseph’s Mini-Mart to complete my Wi-Fi fix. Guy arrived at 12:30am via a Jeepney and she spent the afternoon sorting out her bulging email inbox.

I headed into Boac to get some re-charge cards for the DREAM Satellite TV, some ATM cash and have a wander round the market.

First ATM was down but luckily the second one was good so cashed up once again.

Made it home just on 5:00pm and quickly warmed up dinner as the electricity usually goes off at 5:30pm if the powers that be decides to cut it off in the evening. But tonight we had the power.

Thursday 17th February:

Leisurely morning with an equally leisurely breakfast on the front veranda.

Guy is off to the office with Vicki at midday and Ron and I head to Boac to try and get some Bacon.

Now you would think that with all the Pork that is eaten here on the island that there should be lots of Bacon. Wrong. The Pork is eaten fresh and nobody does the curing and smoking of Bacon. The Bacon we get here is imported from the mainland.

We tried the first little Sari Sari store but they were out so off to another store and they were out as well. Back to Gasan for our last chance and luckily managed to get a pack of Bacon (which was the last of three packs they had).

Had a stop at Barbarossa for coffee and iced tea and a chat to Geoff (Pom) who was enjoying an afternoon ale.

So for dinner tonight we had Bacon and rice with some juice of the Adobo Chicken. Very nice.

Ooohhh and power off at 5:30pm till 8:30pm. I had dinner cooked before 5:30pm so we were able to still have a hot meal.

Friday 18th February:

Power on all night and all day.

Up at 5:00am as it was hike day with Gerald. Today we left from the cottage at 6:30am and headed up into the mountains to the village of Tabionan (8km fire trail walk) which sits on the Dawis River, followed the river (past the gold rush site) back to Dawis Village (3.5km), another track back (2km) to the main road and back to the cottage (2.5km). All up a very nice 17km hike which took us just on 4.5 hours.

When we arrived in Tabionan the high school kids were all out and wanted their class photo taken so I obliged. I will get a print of the class photo for each student and take it back and give to them next week. Lots of laughter and kids full of smiles.

Had another look round the gold rush site on the Dawis River as well. The crowds have thinned but there are still a few hardy souls getting a few specs of gold left. The river is quite low now so won’t be long before it will be reduced to a trickle which will force the gold miners out.

Home for a very yummy lunch as Guy walked into Gasan markets (6km), grabbed a few fresh supplies and caught the Jeepney home. Very impressed with her outing to the “shops”.

And as we both had a huge morning it was time for a siesta after lunch. Leisurely afternoon doing a few chores round the house and watched a crap “C” grade movie on TV.

Saturday 19th February:

Power on all night but went off at 10:00am and back on at 12:00noon. Then off again at 6:00pm and back on at 7:30pm.

Cherry here for her washing and cleaning day. Luckily she had all the washing containers full before the power went off. And it was back on a 12:00noon so she had no problem rinsing the washing and finishing it.

It was a glorious day so after lunch we enjoyed a cruise on the Thunder Monster to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some more Wi-Fi. I posted the pics ready to complete the blog post tomorrow and Guy finished off her email inbox tidy up.

While she was doing that I went into Boac and printed off the Tabionan high school pics for the kids. We will deliver them to the kids next week sometime via the Thunder Monster.

Back for dinner which was consumed before 5:30pm just to be sure. And sure enough at 6:00pm off went the power. On again at 7:30pm so not too bad.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy



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