Day 421 of retirement

Hi All

Sunday 3rd April:

Nice sleep in this morning to try and kick this cold. Didn’t even get to wash and wax the Thunder Monster. Oohhh well always tomorrow.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I hit the Barbarossa for the expats gathering. Caught up on all the island news and solved a few problems of the world as well.

Home in time to watch the live telecast of the MotoGP. Plenty of spills and thrills in the wet in Spain.

Monday 4th April:

Up at 5:00am and left the house at 6:00am with Guy in tow as we headed for Gerald’s place for our Monday morning hike. Guy left us to walk into the Gasan market (10km), bought some supplies and caught the Jeepney back home.

Gerald and I headed up into the hills for a leisurely walk as I am still suffering from the cold thing. Was good to stretch the legs as we covered 6.5km exploring a new trail that Gerald had spied. Turns out it led part way down the ridgeline and ran out. So back up we climbed and made our way back to Gerald’s for a nice cup of tea.

Back home with some nice fresh Jack Fruit and Papaya from Gerald’s garden.

Had a shower and off to Joseph’s Mini-Mart to post the blog as I had some issues yesterday with the Wi-Fi so couldn’t post. All good this morning and posted blog successfully.

Back home in time for a very yummy lunch of chicken cooked in coconut milk with green beans, banana heart and served with rice. Very very nice. This was followed by a lovely afternoon siesta for us both.

At 5:00pm we headed off to Bombie’s house (one of Guy’s Mahjong group) for his 60th birthday and his granddaughter’s graduation party. Lots of yummy food, again. Rode home in the dark, which is a challenge as everybody is out in the cool of the evening, strolling on the road. Made it home safe and sound to finish the day with a nice hot cup of tea.

Tuesday 5th April:

Thunder Monster wash and wax time as she missed out on her Sunday shine. Spent a couple of hours washing and waxing and I removed the side panels and checked nuts and bolts as well. She is back to her shiny clean self once again.

After lunch Guy headed for Mahjong with Vicki and I retired to the couch for an afternoon siesta. About 2:00pm ish I rode over to see Ron. Jeff arrived at the same time so we shot the breeze for a while.

Back home and pottered round doing a few chores (watering some newly planted plants, rubbish clean up, etc.) before Guy arrived home.

Feeling much better today from the flu thing. Still a little tired but feeling human again.

Wednesday 6th April:

We decided that today was a day of rest. Nothing planned, just go with the flow.

After a leisurely breakfast we walked down the road and purchased some fresh cucumbers (breakfast tomorrow) and snake beans to go with the fresh pumpkin Guy bought yesterday.

Guy cooked up all the goodies for a very yummy lunch. After lunch we did a run into the Gasan market for a few more supplies to last for the next few days.

An afternoon siesta followed for us both. The flu is still hanging round but getting better.

Guy spoke to Dream TV and we upgraded our satellite service to the full 38 channels. It took one phone call and 5-minutes later we had access to all 38 channels. The cost now is P650 ($16.25 AUS) per month.

A nice little brownout at 6:30pm (for an hour) arrived just to remind us not to get to complacent about our power supply.

Thursday 7th April:

Up and off to see John at his house which is the other side of Gasan. We are going to have a look at his Turbo Cooker. Basically it is a largish glass pot with an electric cooking element built in to he lid. You can cook bread, chickens, roast pork, veggies, etc., in it. A mini oven basically, also fan-forced.

Once we had a look at the cooker John took Guy and I for a little hike up to the ridge top over looking Paradise Valley and back down another ridgeline. Was a bit hot and humid but a very pleasant hike.

Back home at midday and Ron picked us up on the road. We dropped Guy off at Mahjong and Ron and I headed for Boac where I had another go at the key cutting for the cottage (one works now and I recon I can fix the other one). Also picked up some Dream Satellite TV recharge cards.

We then called in to see Wayne (Aussie Doc) and Grace (Local) as they are getting married on Sunday 17th and Ron and I are Ninong’s (sponsors for the wedding). Had a great chat to them and Grace made us a very nice Halo-Halo for afternoon tea.

Back to Barbarossa for a tea and coffee while we wait for Guy to finish at Mahjong at 5:00pm. Vicky, whom she usually travels with, is away hence Ron now being the taxi service.

Back home for a relaxing evening after our hectic day.

Friday 8th April:

Cherry here for the washing and cleaning. After lunch a siesta was in order before the afternoon’s activities.

After the siesta we headed for the Buenavista  Municipal (Council) offices. Gerald had heard that they might have some topographical maps of the island there that we could use for our hiking expeditions. Caught up with Montemayor (our architect who also works there) and had a chat to him. Alas no topographical maps there. Our only other avenue is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Boac. They may have some topographical maps there. If not may have to try the DENR in Manila.

Where is a good “Mapworld” shop when you need it?

On the way back from Buenavista we dropped into Gerald’s place and gave him the bad news over some ice tea.

A brownout had also hit while we were in Buenavista but it came back on when we were at Gerald’s, so all good.

Home at 4:00pm ish and off for our evenings walk up the beach. Dropped off more baby clothes to a family living up from us who have a 5-month old daughter.

Home to some nice fresh cool Papaya as an appetizer before dinner.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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