Day 428 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 9th April:

Bit of a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast. Pottered round the cottage, watered some new plants and finally got my two cut keys working. It took an old hacksaw blade, some emery sand paper and a bit of filing here and there and the keys now work. Amazing what you can do with a few simple tools.

While Guy prepared Snake Beans and Pumpkin for lunch I walked to the local Sari Sari store for a fresh supply of Coke in glass one litre bottles. Got my Coke supplies and had a very pleasant walk back along the beach.

After lunch we headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi and to post the blog. On the way back we called into the bakery for some fresh Pandecoco and a roasted chicken. This guy had set up on the roadside in Gasan roasting chickens over a charcoal fire on a hand-rotated rotisserie. He recons that once you taste his roast chickens you will be back. So for P200 ($5.00 AUS) we enjoyed one of his chickens for dinner and he was right. It was very sweet and juicy and yes we will be back.

Sunday 10th April:

Had a leisurely morning pottering round the house. No need to wash and wax the Thunder Monster, as she is still all clean and shiny from her clean on Tuesday. A quick wipe over sufficed.

Dropped Guy off at the office at midday and I hit the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Usual crowd with lots of interesting discussions. 5:00pm and I picked up Guy and we headed home to a glorious sunset.

Monday 11th April:

Nice sleep-in this morning till 10:00am as we had a late one last night (off to bed at 12:45am). We are watching season 6 of “Lost” and as a few of you may know, I used to be a big fan of the early Lost series (as a few of you were as well…..).

After a leisurely breakfast we headed for Gasan for some supplies. Got a very nice beef & pork dish for lunch and some fresh chicken for chicken rice for tomorrow.

Home for lunch with some freshly cooked rice and then a very nice longggggg siesta. Still recovering from my flu thing so had a very nice recovery nap.

I must say that today is one of the most relaxing day we have both have since retirement on 12th February 2010 and it feels dam good.

Tuesday 12th April:

Up early and off we go walking into the Gasan market, as it is market day. Nice leisurely 6km walk in the cool of the morning. We loaded up my backpack with groceries and then walked back home at a bit of a slower rate (a nice 12km round trip all up).

Midday and Guy is off to Mahjong with Vicki and I go exploring on the Thunder Monster. Dropped in for some Wi-Fi at Joseph’s Mini-Mart then went cruising on the bike along the coast, as it was a great day for just riding.

Home just before Guy arrived for a leisurely dinner.

Ooohhh and I have been hit with Credit Card (CC) fraud. Noticed two transactions (about $500 AUS all up and placed in the USA) on my CC over the weekend and immediately contacted Westpac in AUS. They were really great as they explained the process for cancelling the transactions, cancelling my card / getting me a new card and get all the paper work completed.

As I am “overseas” they worked with me to channel the documentation through to my brother in Adelaide. He will courier any documentation required to me and we will not rely on the snail mail system. Bit of an annoyance but all good in the end and at no cost to me.

Wednesday 13th April:

Slept in till 11:00am this morning. Was very very nice to be able to get up when we wanted to get up.

Light breakfast followed by a light lunch. I cooked a batch of Adobo Pork for dinner tonight and to feed us tomorrow. A little “rest” after lunch was in order before heading for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for Guy to catch up on her emails.

I headed for one of the ATM’s across the road and got all cashed up for the up and coming Holy Week / Easter. As next week (Holy Week and the Moriones Festival) and the Easter weekend is the year’s busiest period for “tourists” on the island, I suspect that the ATMs will run out of cash at some stage.

Quick trip into Boac as Guy is looking at a DVD player (that hooks into the TV) that also has an inbuilt Karaoke machine with some 20,000 songs. Filipinos love their Karaoke and Guy is no exception. I need quite a few “Rums” before you will see me participating. I haven’t found that level, yet….

Ooohh and it does play normal movie DVDs.

Great ride home in the cool of the evening along the coast road.

Thursday 14th April:

Liesurely morning as Guy is off to Mahjong at midday and I’m off to Boac to get a wooden cutting board (none in Gasan) and look at DVD / Karaoke players. Eventually found the one I was after in the only shop on this side of the island that has them. Most cutting boards are plastic here and don’t like hot pots on them.

Also looking at generators. Called into one of the large hardware shops and spoke to Randy the owner (Ron introduced Randy to me previously) and he has the info texted to me within the hour.  Great service.

Looking at a 3.0KVA (P15,000 ($375 AUS)) or 5.5KVA (P35,000 ($875 AUS)) petrol generator to run the water pump, fridge, lights and TV in a brownout. Only looking at running it for short periods at a time to top up our water supplies, keep the fridge cool and see the news on TV (in the event of a Typhoon).

Dropped in for some Wi-Fi and back home for a little siesta before Guy arrived home.

Friday 15th April:

Up early (5:30am) and off walking to the Gasan market at 6:00am. After a nice leisurely 6km walk in the crisp morning air we hit Gasan with the first stop to look at a house for rent in the township. Once again not for us I’m afraid.

We hit the market and topped up on supplies for Jas (my son) and Mike’s (his mate) arrival on Sunday as they are staying with us for 12 days. Caught the Jeepney back home as we had a load of groceries.

At 9:00am our stand in washer / cleaner lady Leah arrived as Cherry had her a baby girl on Monday so will be out of action for a while. She started by cleaning the house and just as she was about to commence the washing (10:00am) a brownout hit. Luckily she had enough water from our reserve backup barrel to complete the washing so all good.

Guy headed for Mahjong at Midday and I visited Gerald for a chat and dropped past Ron’s place on the way home but he wasn’t home.

Power came back on at 2:00pm so a short 4-hour brownout.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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