Day 442 of retirement

Hi All

Monday 25th April:

Slow start this morning as we all had a bit of sleep in after the hectic weekend’s activities.

Guy and I ducked into the market for some supplies as the boys arose. Then the boys and I walked down to our block (5km walk) to show them where our house will be one day. Was a great walk but rather hot, humid and sunny so we all suffered from a little sun burn unfortunately.

Back for lunch and then all off to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. I rode the Thunder Monster so made it in quick time. Guy and the boys took the Jeepney and arrived about 45 minutes later. I posted the blog and got all my emails sorted so handed over to Guy when she arrived.

I then ducked into Boac for some chocolate, Globe re-charge for Guy’s phone and a bike pump for the Thunder Monster. To get any Cadbury or Hersey chocolate here, there is only one shop on the island to get it. It is a specialty shop in Boac that has imported goods mainly from USA and they are a little expensive. Great to get a little treat every now and then.

Home for a Sinigang dinner followed by some chocolate and man it was good (nice and cool out of the fridge).

Tuesday 26th April:

Up and off at 7:00am with Ron for our trip round the island. The first stop was on coast opposite Elephant Island (The 6 Start Resort) for a look-see on the southern end of the island. Then we continued onto White Beach where swims and siestas were the order of the day followed by drinks, noodles and halo-halo for lunch.

From here we visited the Flintstone house and caught up with Divine for a chat. Then it was off to Santa Cruz for drinks and some freshly cooked delicacies from the local bakery. We also stocked up on some local produce consisting of Co-Co Jam, Arrowroot biscuits and Polvoron.

Next stop was at Dave (Canadian) and Crissa’s (Local) house for a chat. Crissa was home but Dave was over Gasan way. So we organized to meet him at Barbarossa. Arrived some 45 minutes later and caught up with Dave, Geoff and Harry who were enjoying an afternoon refreshment.

French fries, cheeseburgers and meatloaf sandwiches were enjoyed by all.

Made it home just on 5:00pm and the boys went for a swim and Guy and I had a little siesta after our hectic day out.

Guy arranged with Yolanda’s boys to get Jas & Mike some local coconut wine to try. They delivered 1.5L of wine for P10 ($0.25 AUS) in a Sprite Bottle today. Well we tried it tonight and man it is some strong stuff. To me it tastes like melted inner tube. Needless to say Yolanda’s boys will be getting back a large amount of their local coconut wine.

Wednesday 27th April:

Slow start this morning. Just before lunch I ducked into the market for some supplies for tomorrow, as it is the boys’ last day here on the island. As we completed lunch and were resting a brownout hit us at 1:30pm.

So it was decided to head for the Hot Springs just down the road by Buenavista via a Jeepney. Made it at 2:00pm ish and hit the pools. The big pool was full and hot but the little pool had just been emptied and was in the process of being filled (it was about a foot deep) and the water was dam hot.

The process was to lie in the hot small pool for a couple of minutes (about all you could stand) and then hit the big pool to cool off. It was once again a very hot afternoon but bathing in the pools was actually very very refreshing.

Following the pool swims a little siesta was enjoyed by a few of us on the Nipa hut seat at the Hot Springs.

About 4:00pm ish we caught a Trike back to Buenavista and had a wander round the town down on the waterfront. Made it back home at 5:00pm ish for a lovely cool evening breeze.

Thursday 28th April:

Slow morning and as it is Jas & Mike’s last day here, we decided to head to Barbarossa for a long lunch. We stopped at the Gasan cemetery on the way for a wander round the grounds where everybody is encased in concrete tombs above the ground. Nobody is buried in the ground here.

Had a great long lunch with Lomi (a stew come thick soup noodle thing), crispy pata (Pork knuckle) and garlic rice. All washed down with Coke’s and Iced Tea. Desert was Halo-Halo and ube ice-cream (Purple ice-cream).

Back home after 3:00pm and siestas all round was the order for the afternoon.

A beautiful orange sunset completed their last evening on Marinduque.

Friday 29th April:

Early start as Jas, Mike and I headed for the airport courtesy of Ron. Got there at 7:30am and the boys headed for Manila till tomorrow night then back to Australia on Sunday.

Sad to see them go, as it has been a fantastic 12 days having them here.

Back home and Leah was in to do the washing and cleaning. I ducked into the market for some supplies and freshly cooked food to feed Leah and us.

I made it home just as we had a big dump of rain, the first in about three weeks. Was great as it settled the dust, watered the garden in the yard and cooled things down a bit. Although we will pay for the humidity when the sun comes out.

After lunch Guy headed for Mahjong with Vicki. Her hands were getting a little jittery due to her limited games this last two weeks……….

Once Leah finished up and left I had a nice siesta and then headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart to do email and post my largest number of blog pics (39 in all) ever due to the Moriones Festival over the last week.

More rain while I was there but all gone by the time I headed for home.

Man I need a holiday after the last two weeks activities….

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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