Day 449 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 30th April:

A nice leisurely morning to ourselves. I sorted and burnt the weekly rubbish pile while Guy sorted the washing from yesterday. After lunch we headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart where I posted the blog, sorted email and had a bit of a surf.

Guy had a manicure / pedicure and a quick check of her email. Back home with some fresh sweet Star Apples and Mangoes for dinner.

A stroll up the beach was quite hot and sticky due to the humidity from the rainstorm yesterday. But a nice cool refreshing shower washed away the sweat and cooled things down for the evening.

Sunday 1st May:

Thunder Monster wash and wax day as she has missed her pampering over the last few weeks due to our visitors. She is once again all nice and shiny and ready to face the world.

At 12:00 noon I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I headed for Barbarossa for the expat catch up. Usual crowd with eight expats in attendance and many problems of the world were resolved.

Back home at 4:00pm and had a nice siesta till 5:00pm when Guy arrived home. After dinner I settled in to watch the MotoGP live. Casey Stoner came in third so was a great way to finish off the day.

Monday 2nd May:

Very nice sleep in till 10:00am after a bit of a late one watching the MotoGP last night followed by a leisurely brunch sitting on the front veranda enjoying the sea breeze as it is rather hot again today.

Into the market for some supplies and home to the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. All over the BBC and CNN. I guess this will fill the news for the next few days.

After lunch we headed off to Boac to get some photo’s printed. John (the pom) wanted some of his Barangay’s (Bangbang) street dance group from the Moriones Festival so he could send them to his relatives back in England. John is old school in that he has no computer hence no email. So all his correspondence is via snail mail.

Also have some more photos of the locals that I will distribute over the next week.

Called into John’s on the way home and dropped off his pics and had a nice cool drink and a chat.

Home to a nice siesta before dinner.

Tuesday 3rd May:

Up early and off walking (6km) to Gasan markets at 7:00am as it is market day. Got what we needed and caught the Jeepney home arriving at 9:00am.

It is now the hottest part of the year so by 10:00am the day is bloody hot and then the humidity kicks in for the afternoon. So if you need to do anything active you need to get it done early.

At noon Guy headed off to Mahjong with Vicki and I went cruising on the Thunder Monster. Checked out a new track along a river to the beach, went to our block and finally had a look at the Sulfur Springs out by the Hot Springs.

The Sulfur Springs is run by the Barangay (local council) and has been in a bit of a state of disrepair. I heard that the Barangay was fixing it up so went for a look. Work has commenced but they have a long way to go to match the Hot Springs resort, which is privately run and run very well with great facilities.

I love hopping on the Thunder Monster and headed off cruising with nowhere in particular to go. Just exploring where ever it takes my fancy.

Home for a siesta before Guy arrived. Guy informed me that there was a parade in Gasan called Santacrusan, which is about the patron saint for flowers. We took a ride in and watched the parade once again with lots of drums drumming. Home on dark in the highest humid part of the day.

Wednesday 4th May:

Our first year in the Philippines:

Well one year ago today Guy and I arrived in the Philippines to begin a new life adventure. It has been a year of great learning for us both as we encountered challenges we knew we would face and challenges we never knew existed. We have learnt so so much about ourselves, each other and our new home and loved every minute of it (can say that now…… yes there were a few moments at one time or another wondering what the hell we had done…).

All we can say is bring on year 2 and all the challenges and discoveries it has to throw at us.

Year 2:

We slept in till 11:00am this morning after going to bed at 11:00pm last night (yep we slept for 12 hours and it feels grand). There was a brownout round midnight till about 6:00am as I remember waking when the fan went off and came back on.

The night wasn’t too hot or humid with the fan off as we are still able to sleep okay.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I headed to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. Back home by 4:00pm ish for a nice little siesta before Guy arrived home.

Nice big storm at the moment (6:30pm) with heavy rain, thunder & lightning. It is most welcome, as it will clear the air, cool things down a bit (over night anyway) and settle the dust (and water the garden).

In fact the rain was so heavy that I went out and had a great refreshing cool shower, shampoo included, in the storm. Was a bit surreal standing showering in the dark (with a little light off the veranda) with lightning flashing all round you. Loved it.

Going to be steamy tomorrow but will deal with that tomorrow…..

Thursday 5th May:

Brownout again last night. Started at 11:30pm as we were going to bed and ended in the early hours of the morning as the fan coming back on woke me.

Leisurely morning. I rounded up all the rubbish and did a burn up. Took a bit of doing as everything was still a little damp from the storm yesterday but managed to get all the rubbish burnt.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and siesta time for me as it rained again in the early afternoon. Once the rain stopped and I awoke from my siesta, I headed for a walk back over the road into the rice paddy valleys to deliver some more photos to the locals. I delivered three lots of pics and the families loved their photos. Lots of laughs from everybody and many a thank you.

Just after we finished dinner (6:00pm) off went the power for 1.5 hours just to be difficult. But back on at 7:30pm so not tooooo bad.

Friday 6th May:

Up at 5:00am and off to Gerald’s for a hike leaving his place at 6:00am. Due to the rain and being slippery back in them there hills we did a beach walk for a couple of hours (about 7km). Very pleasant indeed.

Guy walked into the Gasan market (6km) when I left and caught the Jeepney back home with supplies.

Leah was supposed to arrive at 9:00am this morning for cleaning and washing. But still not here at 9:30am so Guy rang her. Took a few tries but Guy eventually got through and she was sick so will come on Sunday now.

So after lunch Guy headed for Mahjong and I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi.

Now I have been really good re buying gadgets over the last 18 months. I haven’t bought any (which is a record for me). But I got an email today from YKL (The Fuji distributor for the Philippines) that informed me the new X100 camera is now available (I had asked them to let me know when it arrived).

So some quick negotiations with YKL and they will hold one for me till next Tuesday and give me a 5% discount if I pay cash. So a quick chat to Guy and we will do an even quicker trip to Manila on Monday and back on Tuesday to pick up the new toy. This new camera will replace my aging Canon G9. Still keeping the G9 as a back up / foul weather shooting camera.

Back home at 4:00pm and yep, a brownout. Lasted for an hour so once Guy got home at 5:00pm we eat dinner early just to be sure, to be sure.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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