Day 463 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 14th May:

Leisurely morning and breakfast watching the world go by. Guy cooked some Mongo (legume), Malunggay (small leaf) and Ampalaya (bitter apple) for the next few days. It’s a vegetarian dish and very yummy.

Had this with some Adobo fish for lunch and Adobo Pork for dinner that was cooked yesterday and marinated for the day.

Guy off to Mahjong with Vicki at midday and I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart to post the blog and some Wi-Fi. An afternoon storm hit while I was there but all good as it had passed by the time I headed for home.

A nice walk up the beach on dusk to finish off the day although it was rather humid after the storm.

Guy arrived home with a little loss today at Mahjong. She is having a bit of a bad run at the moment so looking for a change in luck. Oohhh well you win some, you lose some…….

Sunday 15th May:

Rubbish day today so set out rounding up the trash and burning the burnable stuff. It was dam hot doing the burn out in the hot sun and I was bathed in sweat by the time I was finished. A nice cool shower was most welcome.

Didn’t get to wash and wax the Thunder Monster as I ran out of time. Oh well always tomorrow……

Early lunch and at midday we headed for Gasan where I dropped Guy off at Mahjong (she had a small win today) and I hit Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Nine expats in attendance today so many interesting conversations were to be enjoyed.

Home in time for leftovers for dinner and then settled in to watch the France MotoGP race. Casey Stoner had a brilliant ride and came first on his Honda.

Monday 16th May:

Up at 5:00am and off to meet Gerald for our early morning hike. Short one today, which was good as we got back by 9:00am and beat the heat. On arrival back at Gerald’s a cold drink followed by a nice hot cup of tea was enjoyed by all.

Guy walked into the market in Gasan early and got some supplies. A Jeepney home was the order of the day with the groceries.

After a nice cool shower I managed a little nap before a very yummy Pork rice dish with chili for lunch. Then we both had a very nice siesta as it was quite hot again today.

As the Thunder Monster missed her wash and wax yesterday I parked her in the shade and gave a very loving wash and wax. She is almost one year old now and still as shiny as the day we bought her. She has 5,400km on the clock at present and will make about 6,000km at her first birthday.

More Pork rice for dinner, another cool shower and we settled in for the evening.

Tuesday 17th May:

The alarm went off at 5:45am as we planned to walk into the market, as it is market day in Gasan. But as it was coolish and just right for sleeping we kind of went back to sleep and only arose at 10:00am. AAhhhhh the joys of retirement.

Up at 10:00am and sort of merged breakfast and lunch together. Guy off to Mahjong with Vicki at midday and I was about to go exploring when a huge storm loomed back in the mountains. Lots of thunder and lightning but we missed the rain as it went south.

So after a little siesta I walked in Gasan (left at 1:30pm) to do some shopping. Met Geoff (Pom) and Kevin (Aussie) at Barbarossa for an iced tea to cool off after the walk in.

Did the shopping and stowed it in my backpack and proceeded to walk home along the beach, as the tide was right out. Was very pleasant with the sea breeze although still quite humid.

Made it home at 4:00pm after a nice 12km stroll to get the groceries. Guy home just after 5:00pm and yep, shall we say her wallet was a little lighter once again.

Wednesday 18th May:

Clean up morning this morning. Sorted out our rubbish then hit the beach and cleaned up our section. Actually we are pretty lucky as there isn’t much rubbish that does wash up. Just the usual few food wrappers and the odd plastic bottle.

After an early lunch I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. Caught up on emails and checked all our bank accounts and Superannuation funds and updated our records. Busy day.

Huge storm hit while I was there but all gone and the road was dry by the time I left for home.

Some nice fresh Pandecoco’s from the bakery finished off the day nicely.

Thursday 19th May:

Nice hot still morning greeted us on the veranda for breakfast. Guy broke out the Zumba DVD and proceeded to work up a real sweat.

I hit the beach and as the tide was very high once again (high tides cover the rocks) it was perfect for a swim. Very nice and refreshing as I drifted along with the tide and the goggles on. Not much to see but very pleasant.

After a cool shower for us both Guy headed in early to Mahjong as there is a festival in town and food is being served at the gambling house.

At 12:00noon Ron picked me up and we headed for Boac. I was after an electric fan and a few delicacies (Bacon & Chocnut (a peanut sweet)) that we can’t get on Gasan. Found the exact fan I was after as we need an extra one for our visitors on Sunday (my cousin Deb & two friends are arriving).

We called in to see Wayne (aussie) and Grace (Local) on the way home where we were plied with some very refreshing cold fruit juice and yummy sandwiches.

Once back in Gasan we called into to see Roger (American missionary) as he and his family will be leaving the Philippines in November and have a house full of furniture that they will be looking at selling. Could be perfect timing for us to pick up some furniture in very good condition (it will be about 3 years old in November).

They are in a rented house in Gasan and there is the possibility that the house will also be up for rent as well. Could be a walk in for us and a walk out for them. Too early to plan anything yet but we shall see later in the year.

Friday 20th May:

Leah our washer lady was supposed to turn up today but she was a no show. Guy managed to get hold of her later in the morning and she has resigned from her job here. Oohhhh well back to recruiting a new washer / cleaning lady. Guy sent a few texts to friends to see who was about.

Off to the market for some supplies and also called into “Pearly Bubbles” laundry next to the market. Basically their charges, for our washing load, are roughly the same as we paid Leah (P200 ($4.50 AUS)). So back home and loaded up the washing on the Thunder Monster and we dropped it off at Pearly Bubbles to see how they go. Pick up is on Sunday.

Dropped into Manfred’s (Austrian) and Shirley (local) to have a look at two small houses that they have for rent. Was interesting to see them and compare the buildings, facilities and rent to where we are now.

We dropped into the larger Sari Sari store in Gasan and they had Hersey Chocolate Kiss ice cream in. Every now and then they get some ice cream in so it was our first special purchase in 10 months of being here. Home and had to sample it. Pretty dam good I must say.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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