Day 477 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 28th May:

Up at 6:30am and a text from Gasan Port that the Bangka “will” be running at 8:30am. So at 7:15am Ron’s Limo service took us all into the port and after some confusion, the Bangka was cancelled by the Coast Guard due to the rough seas. We are now getting the tail end of the Typhoon so we can expect rough seas for the next few days.

After a quick discussion on options it was decided to try and get them to Manila via a RoRo and then they can fly to Boracay. So off to Cawit Port, just down the road, and see if the larger Ro-Ro is running. Arrived at Cawit at 9:15am and there was this big beautiful RoRo tied up at the dock. It is scheduled to leave at 12:00 noon so all good. We got them all organized and said our goodbyes, again…..

We headed back home with Ron with a quick stop at the Gasan market for some supplies.

Arrived home and wouldn’t you know it, a brownout. The gang was here for 7 days (was supposed to be 3 days) and not a single brownout. I think the gang thought we made up the brownout outages thing. Got a text from Deb to say that the TV at the Port terminal just went off so they now just might believe that the whole brownout thing does exist after all…..

Just after 12:00 noon a text from Deb that they were leaving the port so on their way. All I can say is rather them than me on the RoRo as the sea is the roughest it has been so far.

After lunch Guy headed for Mahjong with Vicki while I had a little siesta. Early afternoon I went to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi and to post the blog. Checked all our bank accounts and download a couple of program updates I needed. Finished up and headed for home arriving at the same time as Guy. And she actually had a small win at Mahjong today. Wwwwoooo hhhooooo.

Nice relaxing dinner followed by an equally relaxing evening.

Sunday 29th May:

Nice little sleep in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast. The Thunder Monster is still nice and clean so no wash and wax required. Did the rubbish collection and burn up and a bit of a clean up (coconut palm bits) in the yard after all the wind of the last few days.

Midday and I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I hit Barbarossa for the expats gathering. The usual crowd was in attendance.

Got a text from Deb, Pam and Mike and they made it safe and sound to Boracay and have settled into a deluxe room at the Villa Camilla (same place where Guy and I stayed with Jordan and Jo back in January).

Back home and Guy arrived with a sad look as she had a little loss once again at Mahjong.

Monday 30th May:

After our usual breakfast we headed north of Gasan to go to Yolanda’s (our landlord and John the Pom’s wife) younger brother’s wake. Arnold, aged 43, was a policeman with the Philippines National Police (PNP) and has been all his life. He was lured to a location in Manila and shot dead by two gunmen on motorcycles last week.

Arnold has worked in various branches of the PNP including the special branch, a bodyguard and as a sniper (he trained in Australia). He was currently working for the drug enforcement agency. Sadly Arnold leaves behind a wife and three children.

The wake will last for approximately five days where people come and pay their last respects to Arnold and the family. He will be buried here on the island next to his parents.

Yolanda lost her older brother, who was also a PNP officer, about twelve years ago. He was killed while serving on the force. Her other younger brother, Ed (45 years old), is also a PNP officer here on Marinduque.

On our way home we called into the market for a few supplies. It was 2:30pm by the time we had lunch so a siesta was in order following lunch. At 4:30pm I went for a walk up the beach while Guy continued with her siesta. Still a little windy and the sea is a little rough but the weather is starting to settle down after Typhoon Chedeng.

Tuesday 31st May:

Up at 5:30am for our walk into the Gasan market. Left at 6:00am and arrived at 7:00am (6km walk). Even this early in the morning it is now getting quite hot and humid so we worked up a nice sweat. There was a gentle breeze and you can walk mostly in the early morning shadows so that helps to cool you down a bit.

Got what we needed and caught the Jeepney back home. I managed to have a very nice little siesta when we arrived home under the fan. Very refreshing.

I then broke out our three drug / first aid kits and proceed to go through them and restock the missing item as it hasn’t been done since we arrived over twelve months ago.

I carry a small everyday kit with me in my daypack that I take with me everywhere (a few drugs & first aid stuff). I have a second larger kit in a dry bag that sits on top of my large pack when we travel (has emergency drugs & first aid stuff). And then I have the large kit with all the drugs in it that goes in the bottom of my large pack when we travel.

Got everything sorted and drugs restocked and packets re-organized for easy access. The one thing I did find is that band-aids don’t like the tropics. In the ones I have from AUS originally, the plaster has gone all soft and sticky, even inside the sealed packet. May have to look at replacing these every twelve months or so.

After an early lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. At 3:00pm ish we had a brownout so Wi-Fi was off line. I ducked into Boac and grabbed a few things (including Satellite and Broadband recharge cards) and cruised home arriving at 4:00pm.

Boac was organized chaos due to school going back in two weeks after the summer holidays. All the kids are getting books, stationary supplies, shoes, uniforms, etc.

Made it home and the power came back on at 4:30pm, Guy had a win at mahjong too, so all good.

Wednesday 1st June:

Rest day today. Nothing planned just take it as it comes. Did a rubbish clean up in the morning while Guy did her Zumba aerobics, followed by an early siesta followed by lunch. After lunch Guy and I started watching the series called “The Wire”. It is all about the drug scene in Baltimore USA.

John gave us a DVD set with season 1 & 2 so we will work our way through it. A very interesting series.

At 3:30pm I went for a walk up the beach (Guy had a little siesta). Still pretty hot but there was a nice breeze so not too bad. Home for dinner and a nice cool refreshing shower.

Rest day completed.

Thursday 2nd June:

Up and off to the market for some veggies for the Sinigang to last us the next few days.

When we arrived back home I went for a walk up the beach, as the tide was the highest I have ever seen it since we arrived. It was very hot and humid as well so I went for a very nice cool refreshing swim.

Guy had an early lunch and headed off to Mahjong at midday.

John and Geoff turned up for a chat just as Guy left (ooohh and we had a brownout for about an hour) so we retired to the Nipa Hut for a couple of hours and shot the breeze. John also brought over a nice fresh piece of fish (Talipok) that he had been telling us about.

I had a late lunch after they left (2:00pm) then went for a ride on the Thunder Monster. Called in to see Kevin (Aussie) and have a look at the progress on his block. He has cleared a plot on the hillside for his house and is completing the garage, which is where he will live while building the house.

The good old aussie windmill was happily spinning away pumping water up to the tank at the “garage”. He has also planted some “dry land rice”. Rice normally is planted in muddy ponds but he has this special dry land rice that you plant in a “garden patch” and it grows. His patch of dry land rice is coming along nicely.

After a cruise along the coast, I arrived back home at 4:30pm. I prepared the Talipok in some garlic and virgin olive oil and cooked it lightly. We ate it with rice and some fish / chili sauce. Very yummy.

Oohhh and Guy had a nice little win again today at Mahjong so a very happy day all round.

Friday 3rd June:

Up at 5:00am and off to Gerald’s for our Friday morning hike. As it is very hot and humid at the moment we are limiting our hikes to about 2 hours. We left at 6:00am and climbed up the hill behind his place (worked up quite a sweat) and did a loop back around.

A nice cold drink followed by a nice hot cup of tea finish off the mornings activities nicely.

Our washer / cleaner woman (Cyress) was here when I arrived home at the cottage for her day’s chores.

A refreshing shower to wash the sweat away was enjoyed and a relaxing morning was had by all. After lunch the afternoon rainstorm hit so nothing better to do than have a siesta. It drizzled on and off all afternoon so time to watch a few more episodes of The Wire.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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  1. joe llanes says:

    since it is rainy season and nothing to do but eat and sleep, watch your diet and health, and also weight.

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