Day 484 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 4th June:

Up and off to the market late morning. Called in to see Rose (the hairdresser next to the market) and she was free so a haircut was in order for me. Has been a while and it was looking a little feral.

After lunch and another chapter of “The Wire” (yea we are addicted) it was off to Joseph’s Mini-Mart to catch up on some Wi-Fi.

Home at 5:30pm ish and enjoyed the MotoGP qualifying at Catalunya. Casey Stoner is second on the front row. Should be a good race tomorrow night.

Sunday 5th June:

After breakfast it was time to do the weekly rubbish burn up. I did a beach cleanup as well after all the high tides. Not much rubbish to pick up but it keeps the beach nice and clean.

Then stoked up the incinerator and got it burning nicely as it is pretty dam hot this morning. Burning an incinerator on a very hot and humid day equals buckets of sweat being expelled. A nice refreshing cool shower was very a welcome relief from the sweat bath.

Dropped Guy at Mahjong at midday and I headed for Barbarossa to catch up with the expats. We have organized a boy’s day out on Wednesday. Geoff, John, Wayne and myself are cruising over to the Paadyao waterfalls, Mogpog way. It has a very nice deep rock pool to swim in so should be good.

Guy home with another small win today so a happy Sunday night was had by all.

Watched the MotoGP live from Catalunya and Casey Stoner won once again. Going to make the championship very interesting if he keeps up his current form.

Found some more of the dreaded mold today. I had a pair of jeans (my only pair) here on the island as I wore them to Wayne’s wedding. I had a look at them and the mold has decided to invade. Hung them out in the sun today and will do for the next few days and that should kill it off for now.

Monday 6th June:

Up nice and early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning hike leaving at 6:00am. Did and 1.5-hour walk as it is just too hot and humid by 9:00am ish for us mortal westerners. Did a beautiful walk up behind Gerald’s place along a ridge top with sweeping views of the coast. There was some nice shade from the trees and a bit of a breeze as well so helped to keep us a little cool.

Back to Gerald’s for tea and he gave us a nice chunk of Jackfruit from his garden. Very sweet and tasty.

After lunch we watched a couple more episodes of “The Wire”. Very addictive show this one.

Talking to Guy today that I still feel kind of guilty when I have a “rest” day like today (excluding the hike). I feel like I should be doing something. I guess it will take a while to get rid of that guilty feeling. I must say that I did enjoy today though, just lazing round the house tolerating the heat and humidity under the fan.

Tuesday 7th June:

After a leisurely morning Guy headed off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi soon after.

I was there for an hour or so and we had a brownout. Oohhhhh well good while it lasted and I was able to get done what I wanted to do.

I ducked into Boac and stocked up on a few supplies and headed for home. Power still off when I arrived but came back on at about 4:15pm some 2.5 hours after going off.

Wednesday 8th June:

Well the rain started late last night and down it came for most of the night. We have a low pressure sitting over us at the moment and even though it isn’t a Typhoon it has all the Typhoon symptoms (strong winds, rough seas and lots of rain).

The boy’s trip to the waterfalls was called off so looks like a day round the house. Geoff turned up just after 9:00am (ridden through the storm) ready to head to the falls. Due to the wonders of technology he hadn’t got any of the SMS from Wayne or I cancelling the day out.

Had a coffee and a chat to Geoff and he headed into Gasan to get the paper in the raging storm. He likes being out and about in storms. Must be something to do with mad dogs and Englishmen.

Still have a slight leak in our roof with all the heavy rain so one of Yolanda’s boys (they are working here today on the new Nipa cottage) got up and found the leak. He will fix it next fine day. Nothing serious that a bucket under the drip won’t fix.

Then at 11:00am the brownout hit, not surprisingly. Guy headed off to Mahjong at midday (in the middle of the storm) and I had a nice day in reading (yes me reading), photo editing (MacPro batteries rock), grabbing a siesta and watching the storm go by.

The power finally came back on just after 10:00pm some 11-hours after going off.

Thursday 10th June:

At some stage during the night the power went off again as it was off at 6:00am when I visited the loo. It came back on at 9:00am and went off again at 11:00am. We managed to shower and cooked some fresh rice in the 2-hour window so got the essentials done.

The weather had settled down a bit this morning. The wind has dropped and the rain is now just the odd shower now. The seas are still pretty rough though.

Late morning we headed for the market to get some supplies for the next few days. Guy then hit the Mahjong house and I headed back to the cottage.

The power came back on at 1:00pm so got all the electronic toys and gadgets onto charging up the batteries. Just to be sure to be sure given the latest power cuts.

After my afternoon siesta I went for a wander up the beach to check out the storm damage and see what weird creatures had washed up. This tidal surge with the storm yesterday was the highest I have seen since being here on the island. No major damage at all but it has rearranged the beachfront a little. Also the small creeks that were all silted up have all carved a nice stream through the beaches, as they are now in flow after all the rain.

Did a quick trip up to our block as well to see how our beach fared. No problems at all. Not even close to the high point (high water mark). And as our beach is very stony no real erosion either which is good.

The block is starting to look very overgrown once again. We are letting the vegetation grow back as we now aren’t planning to build for some time. This is to discourage any squatters from taking up residence on a nicely clear block on the beach. Should they take up residence with the Nipa Hut you actually have to pay them to leave your property.

Back home at 4:00pm and yep the power is once again off. Came back on at 4:30pm so all good for dinner.

Friday 10th June:

Up just before 8:00am as Cyress our washing and cleaning lady arrived right on time. As she went about her chores, I had a few myself today.

The cottage wall facing south, which took the brunt of the storm, was covered in stuff (small leaves, grim & stuff I have no idea what) so I set about washing it. Got that all done then the veranda footpath was next.

The concrete path round the south and east sides of the cottage get this green moss on it from all the heat and humidity. Every 6-weeks or so you need to scrub it as it get rather slippery. So after some elbow grease was expended I had it all done apart from one section about 1.5 metres long where Cyress was doing the washing. Man it was hard work in the humidity.

Cyress, bless her, finished off the last bit when she finished her washing.

After lunch we headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi and Guy had her usual manicure / pedicure as well.

While we were there the afternoon rainstorm went through. By the time we left at 4:00pm ish the road was almost dry. There was no rain at the cottage so most of the clothes were dry.

Quick stop at the Gasan bakery for some fresh Pandecoco finished off the day nicely.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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