Day 491 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 11th June:

Up at 5:00am and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. It was drizzling but we decided to go anyway and the light rain helped to keep us cool just a little. Going back into the hills was out of the question due to all the rain this week so we elected to walk down the beach to the big bridge by Buenavista and back along the road. A very pleasant 1.75-hour walk.

Usual cold tea followed by hot tea before I headed for home. Arriving at 8:30am ish I arrived to find a brownout. So after a delayed breakfast nothing else to do but have a morning siesta.  Guy was just about to start her zumba exercises but that was when the brownout happened.

No power still at lunch so warmed up leftovers on the gas stove.

Guy got a text from the Mahjong house that they “needed” her as they were a player down for the afternoon. So being the kind hearted soul that she is she went in to help them out…….

I decided to go to Joseph’s Mini-Mart just on the off chance they had power in Boac but nope nothing there when I arrived. I had my USB Broadband stick with me and the mobile network was still working (they have battery & generators on the towers) so was able to connect at an okay speed.

Got the blog done and checked emails and that was it. Then went exploring on the Thunder Monster. Followed a few different roads that I hadn’t been down before and had a very pleasant afternoon cruising.

Called into Gasan on the way home and stocked up on more fresh Mangoes and a roast chicken from our chicken man. Home just after 4:00pm and still no power. It finally came back on at 6:00pm.

Sunday 12th June:

Being Sunday it is Thunder Monsters wash and wax day. She has had a bit of a battering this last week, so a well deserved and nice soothing wash and wax was in order.

Midday and I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I headed for Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Usual crowd but I did get to meet Martin, a German who has a house here (in the country side) but works away. He comes back every 3-months or so just to checkup on his house.

He has real problems with Rats eating his house when he isn’t there. They love to eat plastic coverings on cables (his motorbike, washing machine. Etc.) and have eaten holes in doors, walls and are living in his ceiling. One of the problems of having a house in the countryside and not living in it.

We also organized another attempt on the boys day outing to the waterfalls on Wednesday, weather permitting.

Just as I left to come home we had a downpour in Gasan. Dam, the Thunder Monster got a little damp and dirty. Was dry at the cottage so a quick wipe down and she is all good and tucked up for the night.

Finished the day watching the MotoGP at Silverstone, UK. Casey Stoner had his third win and now is the leader in the world championship table.

Monday 13th June:

Up nice and early and off to Gerald’s for a morning hike starting at 6:00am. Headed up into the hills today on a road walk (known as a fire trail back in AUS). We thought we might detour along a ridge top once up in the hills but when we got to the track off the road, it was till too muddy. We checked out another detour along a second ridgeline but it too was just too slippery.

So back down the road we came as it was getting pretty hot and sticky. Huge black clouds heading our way also but as it turned out they went west of us and we missed out on the storm.

Guy walked into the market (6km) for some supplies and caught the Jeepney back arriving just after I got home. After breakfast I did a rubbish cleanup and burnt up what I had while it was dry. With rain almost every day, burning the incinerator (water logged rubbish) can be quite a challenge.

During lunch we watched two more episodes of “The Wire” season 2. Recommend it if you like a bit of intrigue (it isn’t your normal American shoot em up cop show).

Then a nice siesta was enjoyed by all. Brownout hit us at 3:30pm so I wandered down to my local Sari-Sari store (2km round trip) to replenish my Coke (in a glass bottle) supplies. Walk back along the beach so very pleasant.

Power back on at 5:00pm so time to cook the rice for dinner, quickly, just incase it goes off again. Ooohhh and another brownout at 9:00pm and back on again at 10:00pm.

Tuesday 14th June:

Power off sometime during the night as it was off when we got up and came back on at 10:00am.

Guy off to Mahjong at noon and off went the power once again. I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart and on arrival found they also had a brownout. But I had my USB Broadband stick with me and was able to connect. Got everything done I needed to do and as I was leaving (2:00pm) on came the power. I had a few things to do in Boac so went in and did those and called back into Joseph’s Mini-Mart on the way home for some of their “fast” Wi-Fi to do my banking checks.

I actually saw a coconut fall out of a tree today and hit a Jeepney. I was sitting outside of Joseph’s Mini-Mart and saw this Jeepney going past slowly (looking for passengers) when I saw this coconut fall and hit the roof of the Jeepney with a very loud bang. The Jeepney stopped and an inspection of the roof was made but all good.

And this is on a busy piece of road. One of the reasons you should wear a helmet when riding. Yolanda (John’s wife) was hit on the head by a coconut falling out of a tree whilst riding her bike some years ago. It knocked her out. Luckily she was going slow and only got a few bruises and one very sore head.

Some nice fresh Pandecoco from the bakery in Gasan and home to enjoy them with a nice cup of tea.

Ooohhhh and all the current brownouts are due to maintenance work on the power lines. Which is good, as hopefully it will lead to maybe a few less brownouts. Nnnaaaaa who am I kidding.

Wednesday 15th June:

Geoff arrived at 9:00am and we both headed for Boac where we were meeting Wayne (Aussie) & John (Pom). John joining us only for coffee then the remaining three of us (on our motorbikes) made our way to the Paadyao Waterfalls over Mogpog way.

To get to the falls it is a 5km ish ride up a bush track that follows the river. You then leave the bikes by the roadside and walk for 1km ish to get there. We got caught in a downpour just as we hit the dirt road but it quickly passed and wasn’t too muddy.

Made it to the falls and enjoyed a very refreshing swim in the rockpool. We spent about an hour in the pool before mounting the bikes and making our way back to Boac. Bacon / cheese burgers (real home made ones) with fries were the go for lunch as we watched the world go by. We all went our own way from here and I made it back at 3:00pm ish and a nice hot cup of tea.

Guy had made a market run in the Jeepney in the morning and had made a nice big pot of Pork knuckles cooked in Mungo beans, Malunggay and Okra. Very yummy and great way to finish the day.

Power went off at 10:30pm, 5 minutes before the end of a movie we were watching. Dam…….

Thursday 16th June:

Power back on at 9:00am this morning. Got a text from Gerald that we are into rolling brownouts (8-hours power on then 8-hour power off) at the moment.

John called in for his morning chat and coffee. Sat under the Nipa Hut and had a good old chat and he also dropped off season 3, 4 & 5 of “The Wire” which Guy and I are right into.

At noon meet up with Ron and he dropped Guy off at Mahjong and we continued onto Boac to pick up a few supplies. Then we headed back through Gasan and off up into the mountains by Buenavista, past Mt Malindig, to see Leif (Danish guy). Had a chat to him and arrived back home at 4:00pm ish for a relaxed evening.

Guy had her biggest win in mahjong today, so her flagging confidence got boosted up.

Brownout started at 6:30pm after we had consumed a hot dinner so all good.

Friday 17th June:

Power came back on at around 1:00am and then off again at 8:15am.

I was up at 5:00am and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. 1.5-hour walk up and down the hill was a good workout, sweat and all.

I arrived back home at 8:30am and we were into the day’s brownout. A scoop shower was in order as we now have a large water barrel set up in the shower for just these occasions. Surprising how little water you need for a scoop shower and it is very effective.

Zieyrish (I previously spelt her name as Cyress) was here for the washing and cleaning. We have two water barrels outside so there is enough there to complete the washing.

So what do you do with a day with no power? After lunch and with food all sorted for the day we retired to the Nipa Hut in cooler sea breeze for the day and we both read. I am on my 4th book for the year reading Fredrick Forsyth book “The Afghan” (loving it). I read half the book today, which is another record for me.

Power back on at 4:30pm so quickly re-filled all the water barrels as we were down to our last barrel due to washing day, just incase…… Power off again at 11:30am.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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