Day 520 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 9th July:

Clean up day today after our time in Manila. It is amazing how dusty / sandy things get here. Seems like half the beach some how makes its way inside the cottage.

Rubbish all sorted with the incinerator load and the recyclables taken down to the main road. And once again within 5 minutes of leaving the recyclables on the road they were recycled again by the locals. Anything they don’t use they sell to the junk man for a few Pesos.

The junk men come round on these beat up old Trikes and collect basically anything left out for them. Quite a sight when they are all loaded up. They do buy metal and glass but it is only for a few Pesos at the most.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. Also called into Boac for a few supplies and on the way out called into the Honda motorcycle dealer.

There I met Eugene, this young guy, who has this “CPI” (Korean) 200cc Motard motorbike. Now I have no issues riding the Thunder Monster round in Teva’s, shorts & Tee-shirt but the Motard could get you into serious trouble in that get up. So no Motard for me.

It is a fun looking bike though and can be yours for P87,000 ($2,000 AUS).

It was a beautiful late afternoon as I cruised home along the coast on the Thunder Monster.

Aaahhhhh so good to be back on the island after Manila.

Sunday 10th July:

Up and about as Guy is off to Mahjong early today (10:00am) as she hasn’t played for a week. The fingers were beginning to twitch…

John (the Pom) came at10:15am with his motorbike and we change his oil and replace the filter. A cup of tea was consumed by all during the work and all done by 11:15am so we adjourned to the Nipa Hut till 11:45am. Then it was off to Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

Usual crowd at the gathering today. Back home for a nice relaxing evening.

Monday 11th July:

Off to Gerald’s at 6:00am for our Monday morning walk. Very nice leisurely 1.5km walk back into the boondocks was had by all.

Nice cool iced tea followed by hot peppermint tea before heading for home. Arrived to find Guy doing her Zumba class with the gang on the DVD. Quick shower as we are meeting Gerald and Juliet in Gasan to have a look at a house for sale at 9:00am.

Meet them at the house, which is right on the beachfront. It has a very sturdy seawall protecting it but in a storm I reckon you would have sea spray coming in the front windows as you are only a matter of 2m from the water’s edge. Not for us.

Into the market to get supplies for the next few days. Home for lunch and a siesta followed after my early start.

Spent a few hours in the afternoon applying bleach to the concrete path on two sides of the house to kill off the green algae. As it is constantly wet at this time of the year (wet season) it gets this algae on it that gets slippery when wet. I tried a test section with bleach a week ago and it has worked a treat in killing off the algae. Will take a few touchups from time to time but heaps better now.

Tuesday 12th July:

Leisurely day. Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I hit Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi. Lovely cruise along the coast there and back on the Thunder Monster.

Wednesday 13th July:

Busy morning this morning. We called in to see Ron and Vicki as they are off to the USA for a month early on Friday morning. Had a good old chinwag to them and off to our block.

Laura (Barbarossa owner and lady we bought our block off) has sold a block on the beach (next to ours) to a Japanese man and his Filipino wife. As they did not buy additional land for their own access road, Laura has provided a 5m wide Right of Way (ROW) into their block.

This ROW goes all the way to the beach and borders on our southern boundary. The Japanese block is across the road from our southern boundary. This now means that when we build we won’t have to clear any of our 15m wide access road to get to our block as we can use the ROW. We can leave our access as natural vegetation with maybe a few cleared spot for some fruit trees.

The Japanese are looking at building soon so we shall see how they go building there and get a few tips. It will also work to our advantage when we do eventually build as they can keep a watch over our construction and materials.

Home for a lunch of Sinigang (brewed yesterday) and fresh rice. Appetizers were fresh Pineapple and Indian Mangoes. Yum…..

A siesta after lunch followed by a long walk on the beach as Guy did her Zumba. With all the storms lately a lot of the sand has “moved” so the beach is very stony at present.

Thursday 14th July:

Off to the market late morning for our supplies for the next few days. I dropped Guy off at Mahjong for the afternoon and headed back home for lunch (freshly cooked sweet corn from the market) and my afternoon siesta.

After my nap (anywhere from 30mins to 1-hour) I went exploring on the Thunder Monster for the rest of the afternoon.

Explored one road up into them there hills out from Gasan and came across this little old Catholic Church. These little churches (all sorts of denominations) are dotted all over the island in some remote locations. Even in the remote locations they are looked after reasonably well.

Then headed off looking for the Talao Caves out from Gasan. I tried once before to find them but no luck.

I rode to the end of the road (8km back into the boondocks) and came across a family of mum, dad and two teenage kids. Between the kids and dad we had, shall we say, an interesting conversation. Each person knew a few English words so after some chattering I managed to let them know I was Australian and I was looking for the caves.

It appears that the caves are a considerable walk from the road’s end and you will need a guide to find them. So will have to come back early one morning, hire a guide and allow the whole day to get to the caves and back.

Back home for a nice cold Coke and a leisurely evening.

Friday 15th July:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our walk. Left his place just before 6am and headed back into the boondocks. It hasn’t rained for five or so days so we took our chances that it wouldn’t be too slippery. Was pretty good with only a couple of spots that were a little slippery.

We tried once before (by the back way) to get to the Grotto (huge statue of the Virgin Mary) that is situated on a ridge top south of Gerald’s place, but missed the ridge we had to get to. Guy and I have been there before but we came in via the road and then climbed up through the gardens to get to the Grotto.

This time we made it and came out right at the back of the Grotto. After surveying the valley below (and stunning views of Mt Malindig) we hiked out along the ridgeline back to the main road just south of our block. A swift walk along the road for 20-minutes and we were back at Gerald’s for iced tea followed by hot peppermint tea.

Also just as we arrived back from the walk the power came back on after a 1-hour brownout. We timed it well.

Back home and Zieyrish was doing the washing and cleaning. Brownouts hits us for a couple more short periods (15-minutes) during the day.

Cherry our old washer / cleaning lady dropped in with her husband and 3-month old daughter Chloe. Doug & Bec and Ben & Kim, Chloe is now wearing some of your baby clothes.

Afternoon siesta and then my rubbish burn up. It was extremely hot and humid and I was a ball of sweat by the time I finished. A nice cool shower followed by an ice cold Coke finished off the day very nicely.

Saturday 16th July:

Well after a week or so of no brownouts they are back. Today we had a brownout from 10:30am to 12:30pm and then again from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

Guy headed for Mahjong at 11:00am and at 12-noon I went into the market for some supplies. By the time I got back the power was back on so all good.

At 1:30pm (after lunch) I cruised to Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi and to post the blog. Just got their and all set up and the second brownout hit. I tried my USB Broadband but it too was not playing ball.

I waited round for a while but no power so cruised back home, arriving just as the power came back on.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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  1. Harry & Charmaine Auer says:

    G’day Trev …
    here is that website i was telling you about last sunday.

    See you soon ….

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