Day 533 of retirement

Hi All

Sunday 24th July:

Power on at 9:00am and lasted till 4:00pm (7 whole hours).

I dropped Guy off in Gasan as she had a manicure / pedicure booked for 10:00am. She then headed off to Mahjong for her midday game.

I headed for Boac taking my chances on getting some Wi-Fi as I haven’t had any this week due to the brownouts. I arrived at the Boac Wi-Fi only to discover that there was no signal. I connected my USB Broadband but it was just not playing ball at all.

So a quick chat to the nice girls at the front counter and all that was required was to turn on the router. Wwooo hhhhooooo I had Wi-Fi. As I didn’t know how long it would last I got the blog posted first, did my banking, did email, checked the Philippines Immigration web site for my residency approval (not yet there)  and download an update for my Capture Pro V6 (photo editing software).

On my bike and back to Barbarossa for the expat gathering in the rain. It was sunny by the time I hit Gasan so dried out pretty quick. Just made it back home (3:45pm) before the rain hit again (as it was very heavy I had a nice refreshing shower in the storm) and of course off went the power for today.

Oohhhh well 7 hours of power today was pretty good.

Monday 25th July:

Power came back on at 3:00am so got up and filled all the water containers and made sure all electronic devices were plugged in. Off again at 8:00am so managed 5-hours of power.

Back to bed till 5:00am when I got up for my walk with Gerald and to watch the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca, USA, before the walk. It has been raining all night here and after a look outside (still drizzling), Gerald and I decided to cancel the walk for today. We have a big tropical depression over us at the moment. Lots of rain but thankfully no wind…. Yet….

Great MotoGP race with Casey Stoner taking the win and gaining a few more points over Lorenzo in the championship. Casey’s win just added to a huge weekend of aussie wins with Caddel Evans winning the Tour de France (first aussie ever).

Power back on at 4:30pm till midnight on the stroke (7.5-hours). Got to see the Australian Network ABC news (on at 5:00pm each day) for the first time in many days.

It has been raining all day here as we are now under the influence of Tropical Depression “JUANING”. The one good thing is that it has cooled things down very nicely so fans not required (none anyway due to the brownout).

Reading my 6th book “Dead Lucky” by Lincoln Hall. This is the story of an Australian mountaineer who climbed Everest, got stuck below the summit over night and was left for dead. He obviously survived and tells his story after losing eight fingertips and some toes to frost bite. Great read.

Tuesday 26th July:

Power came back on at 1:30am, some 25.5-hours after going off.

Well last night JUANING arrived (It is now a Signal 1 Typhoon (45-60kph winds)) announcing itself with lots of strong winds and rain this morning. The sea is the roughest I have seen it here. And once again it is going north of us so we are getting the fringe of it, thankfully.

John and I were going to go visit Ivan (Chicken farmer) but I texted him to cancel that. Don’t fancy venturing out on the Thunder Monster in these conditions. Lots of debris down just round the cottage already (coconuts & big palm leaves).

Guy and I caught the Jeepney into the market as we are out of fresh food. Lots of non-perishables in the cupboard but time for some fresh stuff. Even though it is market day, a lot of the stall holders didn’t bother setting up in the wind and rain of JUANING so a small market today.

Got some Pork for adobo (will last a day or so without refrigeration), veggies and some very sweet mangoes.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday so nothing to do but batten down, start book number seven (Finished Dead Lucky last night and started “Stone Alone” the Bill Wyman story), siesta a little, eat fresh mangoes and have the odd cup of tea for good measure. I also sat and watch the storm go by as I find it quite mesmerizing seeing storms rage whether it be down low or high in the mountains. If only we could harness all that power to make power…..

Oohhh and wait for the power to come back on which, given the Typhoon Signal 1, won’t be anytime soon……

Wednesday 27th July:

Power back on at 1:30am (25.5-hours after going off) so got up and filled all the water containers, made sure all electronic devices were charging and did the dishes. Back to bed at 2:30am.

Power off again at 8:00am till 5:00pm (9-hours). At least we had 6.5-hours of power in the early morning.

I did a quick cleanup round the cottage mainly removing the big coconut palms out of the way. Also had to replace the bamboo pole that holds the Satellite cable to the house. A large palm had fallen hitting the post and broke it. Found a bamboo replacement pole, dug out the old stump and replaced it.

After an early lunch with the weather now calmed down Guy and I walked into Gasan to stretch our legs after being cooped up for the last two days. Meet Geoff at Barbarossa for some cold iced tea and had a chat to him re setting up a generator at the cottage (he’s and electrician). Just might have to do it soooooon.

Scored some delights at the bakery and home for a cup of tea and some buns in the breeze of the Nipa Hut.

Had a stroll up the beach to check out the damage. Nothing major other than we have lost about 1-metre of sand off our beach. Also lots of coconut and bamboo washed up. I feel another bonfire on the beach coming on.

Power back on at 5:00pm till 12:00 midnight (7-hours).

Thursday 28th July:

Power on at 9:00am till 4:30pm (7.5-hours).

Guy headed off to Mahjong at midday and I hit Joseph’s Mini-Mart for some Wi-Fi (hoping that the power would stay on) after 4-days off the air. Caught up on blog and email stuff and some updates for the MacBook Pro.

Was a nice day when I left but on the way home the afternoon rain came so a wet ride home. Made it home in time to have a shower before we lost the power.

Friday 29th July:

Power on at 12:30am and off again at 8:00am (7.5-hours).

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. As it is extremely wet at the moment we walked up the “road” behind his place to the end and back again. Will be awhile now before we get back into them there hills.

Zieyrish here for the washing and cleaning. I had filled up all the water container for washing yesterday so she has enough water to complete the job.

Tropical Storm “KABAYAN” is now forming south east of us and is expected to influence our weather in a couple of days. So we shall see what we get out of this little beauty.

After lunch Geoff called in and I then headed to his place as he is working on John’s generator (he hasn’t used it in 12-months). We played round with it for a while testing the spark and then made sure it was getting to the carbie.

Problem was that the o-ring that seals the carbie fuel bowl to the body has perished and so fuel runs everywhere.

Geoff will see if he can get another one before we proceed any further.

Power back on at 4:30pm and off at midnight (6.5-hours with a short 1-hour brownout in the middle).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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