Day 568 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 27th August:

Got up at 6:00am (as we had power) and filled all the water containers, washed up and had a shower. The power was off again at 8:00am till 5:00pm.

Still got the cold and still on the drugs. Guy is on the mend but it has taken a while. Colds here in the tropics seem to hang on for weeks. They just won’t go away.

At 1:30pm we caught the Jeepney into Gasan to attend the wedding of Andreas (Swedish) and Rowena (Local). Andreas has been here for a while and has been attending the Barbarossa Sunday gatherings. He’s a builder from Sweden and they intend to settle back in Sweden.

John (Pom), Geoff (Pom), Lyndon (Aussie visiting as wife is a local), Guy and I made to the reception with Lyndon, Guy and I attending the church wedding as well.

Andreas was glad to see us being the only other westerners apart from him self as none of his family could make it. Lots of good food was had by all.

And we also were able to find out that the rolling brownouts will be with us for the next 2-weeks ish due to no fuel available for the island generators. We will have 9-hours power off then 7-hours power on. So in one 48-hour period we complete a full cycle, which gives us, power every second night and every second day.

It’s not too bad when you know when the power will be off.

Power off at midnight.

Sunday 28th August:

Power back on at 8:30am till 4:00pm.

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax (with a little extra) this morning. Also went over her with some good old WD-40 and touched any rust spots. After one year she is in pretty good shape given she’s living in the salty sea air.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am and I hit Barbarossa at midday for the expat gathering.

Got home at 3:00pm as I wanted to do an oil change on the Thunder Monster. Got that all done along with a nice hot cup of tea and some fresh Pandecoco.

Dinner in the dark once again.

Monday 29th August:

Power back on at 1:00am, off again at 8:00am and back on again at 4:45pm.

I got up at 1:00am and filled the water containers, did the washing up and plugged all electronic gadget in for recharging.

After my 1:00am chores I had a nice cup of tea and settled in for the Indianapolis MotoGP which started at 2:00am. Casey Stoner had another great win and extends his lead further in the world championship.

Back to bed at 3:00am and the alarm went off at 5:00am for my walk with Gerald.

Still not feeling the best so a short walk was in order. Back home to a scoop shower and off to the market for some supplies.

At 11:30am we headed up to the block to meet up with the surveyors. They are there to survey our block, the Japanese block and the rest of Laura’s land. For P8,000 ($190.00 AUS) they will survey our boundary markers officially. Will be good to know that our boundary line will then be accurate.

The afternoon was spent siesta-ing, reading with cold ice tea under the Nipa hut. I also finished my 8th book of the year “The Negotiator” by Frederick Forsyth. Enjoyed the read.

Power off at midnight.

Tuesday 30th August:

Power back on at 8:30am and off at 4:00pm.

We are both feeling a little better this morning from our colds. That dry cough has almost gone and the thick head is subsiding. Another rest day today……..

Quick trip up to our block as the surveyors have finished surveying and have placed in the new boundary markers.

The previous survey markerss that were there just happen to be some 20m (yep 20m) out. So this now moves our block 20m further to the north. It actually is to our benefit as it gives us more high land. We had a shallow creek along the front of our block which is now on the right of way (ROW) / Japanese block.

And the Nipa hut we build is in the middle of the block now which also suits us better. We have organized for the workers to clear our boundary line all the way round which will give us a better picture. But from all our looking so far, I think we have come out of this in the plus.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday. After lunch I had a little siesta and then hit the Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi. Cruised back home along the coast enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Got my shower in before the power went off at 4:00pm.

Started reading my 9th book of the year “Icon” by Frederick Forsyth.

Wednesday 31st August:

Power back on 1:00am off at 8:00am on at 5:00pm and off at midnight.

Got up at 6:00am and did my usual chores and then back to bed for nap after.

John (the pom) arrived after breakfast for a chat and a cup of tea.

After he left I ducked up to see Ron and organized Guy’s birthday treat for tomorrow. Ron and Vicki are joining Guy and I and we going across to the other side of the island (Torrijos way) to visit Harry (Aussie) and his wife Charmaine at their Beach Club Cagpo for a very nice lunch. I texted Ron yesterday but with all the brownouts the SMART mobile network is failing to send 80% of the texts you send (and it’s not just my texts its all SMART users). Ron never got my text.

Guy also texted Vicki this morning re Mahjong but she never received these texts either. Technology is great WHEN it works….

Guy off to Mahjong at midday with Vicki. After a siesta I headed back to the block and had a good look round our “new” block and I’m actually very happy with the area we now have.

As it was quite hot and humid this afternoon, I went into Gasan and caught up with Geoff (pom) and Lyndon (aussie) for a few iced teas at the Barbarossa. After a chat to them I went for a walk round the back streets of Gasan and took a few photos.

Then cruised home the long way on the Thunder Monster ready for the power to come back on at 5:00pm.

Thursday 1st September:

Power off at midnight, back on at 9:30am and off at 4:00pm.

Guy’s birthday today. Started the day with fresh Papaya marinated in Kalamansi (Lime) juice followed by tea and coffee.

At 11:00am Ron and Vicki picked us up and we all headed for Harry’s (Aussie) Beach Club Cagpo for a very nice lunch over Malbog/Torrijos way (the other side of the island past Mt Malindig).

Harry and his wife Charmaine looked after us exceptionally well with some great food as we all spent a couple of hours eating, drinking and chatting.

You can check out Beach Club Cagpo at

On the way home we called in to see Lyf (Danish) and Elena (Local) who live up in the hills at the foot of Mt Malindig. Had a Coke and chat to them before getting home just on five and an evening by headlight (no power).

Friday 2nd September:

Power on at 1:00am and off at 8:00am. On at 4:00pm off at 5:00pm and on at 6:00pm and off at midnight.

Gerald had to cancel our walk this morning but I got up at 5:00am anyway and did my usual chores including filling the two large washing tubs as it’s washing day. Back to bed at 6:00am for a snooze till 7:30am when Zieyrish arrived to do our washing.

At 8:00am I headed up to see Gerald for a chat and a cup of tea as he was home. Back home at 9:00am and off to the market for some supplies.

Decided to do pasta with Pork mince sauce (only the second time we have done pasta since we have been here). Picked a nice fresh piece of Pork but as the power was off the mincing machine was out of action. So one of the butcher boys put the meat on a large chopping block and with a bolo proceeded to work his way chopping through the meat one way then the other several time. The “mince” actually came out really good. Some of the best mince I have ever had and made a great sauce mix.

We also had a look at two houses for rent / sale. One was right on the beach (the waves crash into the front wall) just outside of Gasan but not for us. The sea spray has taken its toll on the house already, I’m afraid.

The other is in the back streets behind the market in Gasan. This one looks pretty good from the outside and it is in pretty good condition. We will go back and have a look inside next week.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday as I cooked up the mince and sauce and let it marinate for dinner tonight.

As it was hot, still and humid and we are both still suffering from our colds, the afternoon was spent in the Nipa hut reading and we both managed a nice siesta as well. We certainly feel the humidity when there is no breeze. We are acclimatizing slow but these still, humid days test us especially with no power and no fan…..

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Other Stuff:

Fuel for the island power generator:

In the newspaper dated Wednesday 31st August there was an article giving us an update on the fuel supplies for the generators on the islands.

There are currently 21 diesel generating plants on islands in the Philippines that are experiencing scheduled rotating brownouts due to limited fuel supplies. Marinduque being one of these.

The Marinduque generator barge consists of four generators housed on it. So if one breaks down the other three can still operate.

P1.6Billion ($38m AUS) has been released for fuel for the 21 generating plants. This is approximately 3-4 months supply by the figures that we have been given.

The fuel supply contract is out and closes on September 3rd. Once the supplier has accepted the fuel barges are ready to deliver the fuel when they are loaded.

For fuel to get to Marinduque it could take another 2-5 days.

So given this we would expect that we would have a stable power supply by this time next week (8-9th September). Hopefully.

So given this, we will have our stable power back when we get it back……..

And how long will the fuel last? Till it runs out again…….


All care but no responsibility for the accuracy of these figures as I am only going by the information I have at hand which may or may not be correct………   🙂

One Response to Day 568 of retirement

  1. Harry Auer says:

    hi Trever, thanks for your nice comments about our food.hope to cook for you again. can you do me a favor next time you get to my side of the island,can you please take some photos of my puppies and e mail them to me.
    regards Harry and Charmaine keep up the good work

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