Day 575 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 3rd September:

Power was supposed to go off at midnight but it stayed on all night. We were scheduled to have power all day and so it was. It was then supposed to go off at 4:00 but stayed on all night. Just maybe we have had some fuel delivered to the generators???

After breakfast we headed to the Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi. Had a leisurely lunch while we were there. I wandered round Boac while Guy caught up on her Wi-Fi and bought a few supplies.

We arrived home at 3:00pm and had our showers as the power was scheduled to go off at 4:00pm. It didn’t so we enjoyed an evening of “the power on” (waiting for it to go off….).

We just had 24-hours of continuous power, the first time in several weeks. Yyyeeaaaa…..

Sunday 4th September:

Power on for the whole 24-hours. Miracles do happen.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am and I gave the Thunder Monster a good old wipe down as she was still nice and clean after last weeks shine. Then off to Barbarossa for the expat gathering at midday. Big crowd today with nine all up.

Back home and settled into the MotoGP race at San Marino, Misano, Italy. Casey Stoner came in third and lost a little ground in the leader board but he is still on top overall.

Monday 5th September:

Power now back on 24/7 at the moment.

Up and off to Boac with Ron at 10:00am. We all had a few things to do including getting some Bacon which was currently in stock (you can’t always get bacon here).

Also called into the Marelco (Power Company) to pay last month’s bill (August). Our bill was P831 ($20.00 AUS). This is about half our normal bill due to all the rolling brownouts we experienced in August.

Once the chores were completed we headed back to Gasan and the Barbarossa for Cheese Burgers (real home made ones) with Fries for lunch. A few iced teas washed it all down nicely.

Home to a nice hot cup of tea and a siesta under the fan (clear sky and a hot humid one today).

John (Pom) called in for a chat in the Nipa Hut late in the afternoon.

Tuesday 6th September:

Market day so off to the Gasan market. On the way we looked at two houses for sale. The first one we looked at was not for us so didn’t even bother looking inside.

The second one actually looks okay from the outside so we arrange to look inside. Nobody has lived in it for a year or two, which is not good in the tropics.

Nice house on a nice block but you would need to spend quite a bit on renovations. Once again not for us.

We have people coming out the woodwork at the moment wanting to sell us their houses. We will keep looking just incase we find something we like. But still leaning to building our own house how we want it on our block.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for the Boac hotel form some Wi-Fi. Picked up some fresh Pandecoco on the way home. Cooked up a nice pot of Beef Adobo for dinner today and tomorrow.

Wednesday 7th September:

After a breakfast of coffee, tea and Pandecoco we headed off to look at a house and some land a guy has offered us.

It is just outside Gasan and 2.8km back into the mountains along one of the rivers. Nice block but it is on a flood plain on the bend in the river. One day there will be water flowing through the house when it floods.

And the road in is a 2.8km track (2km of dirt track) along the river. Fine now as we haven’t had rain for a week but has some very muddy patches in the wet. So not for us.

Off to our block for a further look at our layout for a house, shed, well, septic, etc. We are still extremely happy with our block and wouldn’t swap it with anything we have seen so far.

Back home and time to burn up all the rubbish, as it is nice and hot at the moment. As we haven’t had any rain for a week everything is quite dry (still extremely humid) so good burning weather.

Did a beach cleanup as well and had to have a swim to cool off part way through. Stood under the hose for a while before lunch to cool off and wash off a layer of sweat and grime from my morning’s work.

While I was burning and cleaning up, Guy did her Zumba routine via the DVDs she bought back in AUS.

After lunch a siesta was in order for us both.

We need a big storm to water the garden, cool things down a bit and get rid of some of this humidity.

Thursday 8th September:

John (Pom) called in for a morning chat and a cup of tea. After he left it was time to visit the market for the supplies for the next few days.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and time for a siesta for me. Then into town to get some thin nylon cord so I can make a long tape measure.

I tried to get a 20-30m tape measure here on the island but can’t find one so making one out of cord. I had marked the cord every 1m with a texta color and every 3m I have a piece of duct tape with the appropriate measurement on it. My tape measure is 20m long overall and works a treat.

Off to the block and using my home made tape measure, a rock as a hammer and the bolo to cut marking stakes, I got our northern boundary all marked out now. Dong (Laura’s partner) helped me, so that made it a little easier.

Came home hot and bloodied as in a couple of sections, I had to hack my way through the jungle to get a line. I think every thorny vine there decided to take a grip on me and leave a nice scratch.

Home and a nice cool shower followed by some good old aussie Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream on the bites and scratches worked a treat.

Friday 9th September:

My birthday today and I turn the ripe young age of 56.

Started the day doing what I love, hiking in the great outdoors. Headed back into the boondocks with Gerald exploring once again. As you may know we have been looking for a way across the ridge behind Gerald’s to the river beyond for the last few months.

We have been marking possible paths with the GPS and exploring each one, which has led to dead ends. Today all that exploring paid off when we finally found the track down the other side of the ridge to the river.

We then walked out along the river to the main road and back to Gerald’s (a 11km loop walk).

About 1km from Gerald’s we had a nice heavy rainstorm so we sheltered till it passed and another one hit 500m out which we also sheltered from. Made it back to Gerald’s still dry. After a refreshing cold iced tea followed by a hot cup of tea I headed for home and wouldn’t you know it, about 1km from home on the Thunder Monster, I got hit with another rain storm and got thoroughly wet through this time.

Ooohhh well at least it has cleared up some of the humidity, cooled things down a bit and watered the garden (settled the dust).

Zieyrish here for the washing and cleaning.

At midday, after Zieyrish had finished, we headed for Boac for a nice lunch at an upstairs café over looking the town square. Very pleasant indeed.

Then round the corner to the Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi. Afternoon storm hit Boac so we sat it out Wi-Fiing.

Guy spoke to a local travel agent to organize a visit to Borocay in January 2012 for us all (Me, Guy, Jordan & Jo (Guy’s son and daughter). The agent came round to see us at the hotel and we discussed a few options. In the planning stage at the moment looking at costs and availability.

Rainstorm passed and we cruised back home for a relaxing evening.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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