Day 589 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 17th September:

Leisurely morning this morning. After lunch we headed for the Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi. While I posted the blog Guy went for a walk to the market and found some very sweet Pineapples.

Emails all sorted and a cruise back home along the coast for a relaxing evening.

Sunday 18th September:

Thunder Monster wash and wax day. She hasn’t had a wash for a couple of weeks so got a good going over this morning.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I joined the expats at Barbarossa for the afternoon. Good turnout today with eight expats solving the problems of the world. There were 4 Aussies, 2 English, 1 Dutch, 1 Swiss.

Back home at 4:15pm and settled in for the evening watching the Aragon MotoGP in Spain.

Great to see Casey Stoner (Aussie) won once again and continue his nice lead in the world championship.

Monday 19th September:

Up early and off on my morning hike with Gerald. We are exploring all the sidetracks round the Meadows Peak area at the moment. We explored two tracks this morning and they both finished up back on Meadows Peak. Just an alternate way to get there.

There had been a little rain over night lower down (muddy & rocks were slippery) but it was fine up on the Peak. The humidity was pretty heavy though, so it was hard going with a lot of sweating happening.

Back home and into the market for supplies in the late morning. Lunched just as the power went off at 11:45am till 1:30pm. We have had continuous power for the last few weeks so it was a nervous time once it went off, till it came back on (always wondering if the rolling brownouts are back….).

So a siesta was in order after lunch and then started my 10th book of the year “The Deceiver” by Frederick Forsyth.

I also cooked a nice big pot of Adobo Pork and Guy did the veggies and rice for dinner. Yum oohhh.

Tuesday 20th September:

Well last night we had a rather disturbed night’s sleep and all due to one local dog. 98% of dogs here on the island are not locked or tied up during the night or day. They roam freely as there is no such thing as a dogcatcher here to regulate this.

Now our neighbors (the Priest’s parents) have two dogs (mother and son). The dogs are good dogs, well looked after and don’t bother us at all. But the female comes on heat every now and then.

Usually this isn’t a problem either, as the local males visit next door and business is taken cared of.

Now as the female is on heat once again the local males are a visiting. There is this one dog that decided that last night he would visit and bark all night at the female. In the still of the night his bark sounded like it was outside the window.

I got up once and shone the torch on him over the fence but he just ignored that. At first light the neighbors got up and chased him off so finally we got some sleep. Crawled out of bed at 10:30am.

Midday Guy off to Mahjong and I had a little siesta before heading to Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi.

Following Wi-Fi, I did a bit of a trip round Boac looking for a new rear tire for the Thunder Monster. As usual nobody has anything like an original road tire and the only one that I could find that would fit is a semi knobby tire (no 90/90 – 18 road tires only 300-18 knobbles). Oh well it will have to do. Will be better on the dirt tracks when I go exploring though. Price was P880 ($21.00 AUS).

Wednesday 21st September:

Guy and I up and off to “the other side of the island” for a ride as it is a right fine day.

We are calling into Harry’s place (Cagpo Beach Resort) to have a look at his new Labrador puppies. Harry and Charmaine are currently back in AUS and haven’t seen their nine new “children” so will email them some pics. Very cute black and white Labs (Farther black & mother white)

Into Torrijos for lunch at this little restaurant we have been to before which is basically under this big tree with all this fine vine hanging off it. Had some very nice Pancit (fine noodles) with a couple of cold Cokes for lunch.

Back home for a relaxing remainder of the afternoon and nice hot cup of tea. Turned out to be a 100km round trip on the Thunder Monster over the mountains and back. It also cured Guy of wanting to go touring round the Philippines on the Thunder Monster (This is the longest she has ridden as a pillion passenger). The little old 125cc is fine for trips on the island but loaded up with us both and add in a backpack with our gear it just isn’t quite up to the task.

Now if I had a Ducati Mutlistrada………..

Guy:  the first hour was quite enjoyable as we are riding in the cool morning and almost no traffic on the road, but on the way back, in the middle of the day, the heat and being immobile made the trip unbearable and I was very happy to be home and realized that longer trips with baggage is not what I would want in the future.

Thursday 22nd September:

Leisurely morning with Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I headed to Boac for some Wi-Fi and also to get a new rear tire and tube for the Thunder Monster.

Dropped the tire and tube off at the cottage and headed south to have a look at the road works going on and call into the block.

At the block the work is under way on the Japanese house. The Japanese guy was there today and I finally meet him. Now he doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Japanese but we did manage to establish that we were neighbors.

On the way home I was cruising on the Thunder Monster and approaching me fast from behind was that un-mistakable sound of a Ducati. The guy flew past me and yep it was a Duke. No mistaking that Trellis frame and Ducati decal on the tank. Looked like a Monster 1100. It looked huge next to the Thunder Monster.

I tried to catch him but no chance. Shall have to make some enquires and see if he is a local or just visiting. Only the second Ducati I have seen since being here in the Philippines.

Aaahhhh miss my old Ducati MS4RT……..

Friday 23rd September:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning hike. Guy left at the same time (5:50am) and walked into the market (6km) to get some supplies. She caught the Jeepney back in time to meet Zieyrish our cleaning / washing lady.

Gerald and I headed for the Grotto, two ridgelines south, and then explored the path going east. We were not quite sure where it would come out but after some bush bashing (where the track ran out a few times) we finally made it over to the Jungle Peak track thus giving us another loop walk.

The walk finished up being 8.5km so a very nice new loop has been discovered.

I now have all the local points of interest and major track junctions mapped on my GPS and that really helps us navigate in the jungle where you can’t see out. When the track ran out past the Grotto we could see via the GPS that we were only 500m from the Jungle Peak track so we persevered and made it through. Love my GPS as it is very easy to get turned around in the jungle.

After lunch a siesta was in order after our hectic morning. Some reading followed in the cool oscillations of the fan.

I also did the rubbish sorting ready for a burn up

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

Other Stuff:

You just never know:

On Monday 19th September I received an email in my inbox from a Bonnie C. More SPAM I thought but once opening it I discovered that it was from a class mate (Class of 68) from Concordia College (CC) where I did my high schooling. Sadly the email was to let the class know of the passing of one of our classmates.

When I left CC some 40 something years ago I lost all contact with my old classmates. I did often wonder what happened to them but never did anything about it.

Then this email turns up from Bonnie. Sadly I missed the reunion that they had back in June this year but they are looking at another one in 3-4 years. One possibility is when we all turn 60 (4 years away).

So thanks to Bonnie, I will finally start to catch-up on my old classmates and where they are all now.

The “New Peoples Army” (NPA)

As I reported in my last blog post the NPA, who are a communist based group of insurgents, (also known as people with No Permanent Address) have been sighted in the local area and over Torrijos way (other side of the island) in the last couple of weeks.

Late last week the Police decided it was time to check them out and went looking for them back up in the boondocks. They didn’t find them (and the locals haven’t seen them lately either) so guessing that they have now moved on.


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