Day 596 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 24th September:

Mid morning we headed for Boac for some Wi-Fi and lunch. Had a lovely Lomi with iced tea for lunch at the Boac Hotel. Got the blog posted and emails sorted.

On the way home we called into the Gasan bakery for some goodies and I then dropped Guy off at the Mahjong house for a manicure / pedicure (P80 ($2.00 AUS)) at 2:30pm. The beautician was servicing the other players so Guy was able to get in at the last minute.

Guy cooked up a very nice pot of pumpkin soup for dinner.

Sunday 25th September:

Brownout from 9:00am to 10:30am. The power supply has been great these last few weeks so when it went off this morning we started to wonder how long it would be off……

Ron (Yank) dropped by at 9:30am for a chat. As he and Vicki (wife) hadn’t seen our block and were interested to see the Japanese block we headed up for a look see picking up Vicki on the way. Seems to be a little confusion on exactly where the Japanese house is going but it doesn’t affect our block at all.

Being Sunday the Thunder Monster had a wipe over and shine as it has been dry this week.

I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at midday and I hit the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Crowd of seven today (4 AUS, 2 Poms, 1 Dutch).

John (Pom) has returned from a visit to Angeles (large expat community north of Manila by the old American Clark Air Force Base) where he has some mates. Douggie Dave is one of his mates who downloads just about any movie / series from the net so all you need to do is place your order.

I was talking to John before he left re: the “Under Belly” series from AUS. We saw seasons 1 & 2 and part of season 3 before we left. John got the whole series so we can see the finish of season 3.

Monday 26th September:

Up early (5:00am) for my Monday hike with Gerald and was greeted by the tail of Typhon “Pedring”. The eye of the tropical depression is going well north of us but we have been hit by rough seas, windy conditions and drizzling rain.

By the afternoon Marinduque was at a Signal 1 (45-60 km/hr winds). This shuts down all Ro-Ro (boat) traffic and can also suspend air traffic as well till it is lifted.

So the walk was called off for today and back to bed at 6:00am.

Power went off at 10:00am and back on at 12:00noon. Off at 1:00pm and back on at 6:00pm. Off at 10:00pm and on at 11:30pm.

With the tail of “Pedring” upon us we wondered if we were in for an extended brownout as the power is usually cut during Signals on the island.

After lunch I headed up to Gerald’s for a cup of tea and a chat. I was going to walk (4km) but the drizzle just wouldn’t let up so a Jeepney ride it was. Same coming home so Jeepney once again.

Started my 11th book of the year “Life” the Keith Richards story. Great read so far.

Dinner was by LED headlight.

Tuesday 27th September:

Power off at 8:00am and back on at 10:30am. Off again at 5:15pm and back on at 10:30pm. Off again at 11:30pm.

Typhon Predring’s tail has hit us with a little more vengeance today. The wind has swung round to the south and picked up quite a bit so the sea is very rough today. It hasn’t stopped raining (steady rain so is okay) for the last 24 hours and looks like it won’t clear anytime soon, so looks like a relaxing reading day indoors with a book and DVD’s.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday (no Typhoon can stop her) and I settled in for a DVD afternoon while the power lasted. Watched the two Underbelly movies, “Infiltration” and “Tell Them Lucifer Was Here”.

Guy and I are also watching Underbelly Season 3 (The Golden Mile) as we only saw the first 3 episodes before we left AUS last year. Be great to see how it finished.

During a lull in the rain I had a quick wander down to the beach and watched the storm for a while. Something mesmerizing about a rough stormy sea.

Dinner by LED headlight once again.

Wednesday 28th September:

Power on at 7:00am and off at 4:30pm. Back on at 6:30pm till ????.

We had one of the wildest nights since being here in the Philippines last night. For about 4-hours it blew its guts out accompanied by horizontal rain. Only damage this morning is a sheet of iron on Yolanda’s little cottage next to ours has come loose and the bamboo floating Nipa Hut on the beach is no more (wind and tidal surge demolished it).

There is quite an amount of coconut palms and crap in the yard but that can be easily cleaned up once the Typhoon passes.

The tide last night is the highest I have ever seen it with stuff washed up into our yard through the fence. The fence will need a few minor repairs in a couple of spots as well.

Still blowing this morning but has abated a bit and no more rain.

Guy and I off into the market with a stop over to see Laura (lady we bought our land from) for a chat. All supplied up once again ready for the next Typhoon which they say could be Saturday…….

Yolanda and the boys arrived and it was decided to remove the two coconut trees that are overhanging the roof of our cottage. With the strong winds it was a little un-nerving knowing they were hanging over us.

So the boys, with the aid of a long rope and a bolo, removed the trees. They firstly removed all the coconuts and palm leaves from the top and then cut through the trunk with a bolo while three of them pulled on the rope tied to the top. No chainsaws, or safety gear here.

Both trees fell right where they were supposed to fall, missing verandas and other trees. These boys knew what they were doing.

I did a quick trip up to our block to see how it faired after the storm and tidal surge. All good. The ocean did come right up the beach but didn’t breach the beachhead. The sand is gone again off the beach (rocky beach now) but it will be back as it has before.

The Thunder Monster had a little hiccup as I left for the block today. She stopped just outside our gate. Sounded like she ran out of fuel. Pushed her back and broke out the tools. She had spark, fuel from the tank to the carburetor was getting through (drained the carbi bowl) so it looked like some gunk in the jet.

Played with things for a while and then cranked her over and slowly she came back to life. After the run to the block and back she was back to normal. I think she coughed up what ever was stuck in her throat…….

Busy day.

Thursday 29th September:

Power off when we got up at 11:00am but back on at 12:30pm.

Up at 11:00am this morning as we had a bit of a late one last night. We had a session from 6:00pm to 3:00am where we watched 9 episodes of the Australian series “Underbelly Season 3 – The Golden Mile”. We started watching this series when we left AUS and never saw the conclusion. Great series.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for Boac for some Wi-Fi as I have been off the air for 5-days due to sitting out Typhoon Pedring. I dropped into Marelco (Electricty Supplier) on the way and paid one of our two monthly bills (rent the other one). We average about 130KWH (P1,600 ($40.00 AUS)) per month. This is for the essentials like electric pump for our water supply, lights, TV, Video, Satellite TV Box, Fridge, Microwave, Laptop, Phones, Cameras and Fans. No air-conditioning or hot water system here.

Also hit the ATM as it was off line during the Typhoon so all cashed up once again.

Got my dose of Wi-Fi and a few supplies from downtown Boac.

Also discovered that two of my previous Wi-Fi places no longer have Wi-Fi (Joseph’s Mini-Mart and Tahanan Sa Isok). Only have the Boac Hotel at the moment so will need to suss out some new sites.

Friday 30th September:

Up early and off for my morning walk with Gerald. After all the rain we did a beach walk today and avoided the boondocks. Beautiful morning as the storm has cleared the air so the humidity isn’t too bad at the moment.

The sea was flat calm so all the fishermen are out after no fishing since last Sunday.

Guy walked into the market (6km) for some supplies and caught the Jeepney back in time to meet Zieyrish, our cleaning & washing lady. A late morning siesta was then enjoyed.

After lunch a trip up to the block where we meet the Japanese guy’s wife, Tess. The Japanese guy only speaks Japanese so he would tell Tess, she would tell Guy in Filipino and would translate to me in English. Interesting conversation.

Home and we loaded up the empty drinking water containers and the LPG bottle into a Trike and into Gasan to exchange them for full ones. The water was fine but due to Typhoon Pedring there has been no Ro-Ro’s running so gas deliveries to the island have been nil. And all the gas in Gasan has been sold out.

We are using our spare gas bottle so no problem but will need to wait till next week for a delivery to replace our spare. The total cost of the Trike trip into Gasan and back with our containers was P70 ($1.70 AUS).

Spent 1.5-hours down on our front fence cleaning away rubbish (litter, coconuts, bamboo & drift wood) and propping up a couple of places that suffered some damage.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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  1. Mikey says:

    There’s an even newer series of underbelly now. I can’t remember it’s name but it was about to start as we left.

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