Day 603 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 1st October:

The tail of Typhoon Quiel is upon us this morning. The sea is quite rough and it is a little windy. No rain though.

Late morning we headed for Boac for some Wi-Fi. One of our tasks was to do our AUS Tax.

Even though we are no longer residents of AUS we still have to do a tax return each year for any interest income we receive from banks. And the penalty for not being a resident is that we do not get a free tax threshold at all and have to pay a flat 10% on all income.

We were going to do our return via e-Tax (Online) but wouldn’t you know it, it doesn’t work with a Mac. Windows OS only. Damn ATO get with the program…..

So looking at our options. Sent an email to our tax agent in Sydney (who has been doing our tax) re him doing it for us. We shall see.

While Guy Wi-Fi’d, I went for a walk round Boac and found a new free Wi-Fi restaurant called “Goodchow”. Will try them out next week and hope that their food and Wi-Fi measure up…..

Cruised home in time to see the last two quarters of the AFL grand final. Bit of run away in the last quarter.

Went for a walk on the beach to see the damage outcome from the Typhoon earlier in the week. Some damage but minimal.

Watched the MotoGP qualifying in Motegi Japan and great to see Casey Stoner take out pole position.

Sunday 2nd October:

Power off at 9:15am and back on at 10:15am.

We are still experiencing the tail aftermath of Typhoon Quiel which is passing way north of us. Seas are very rough and it is a bit blustery but no rain.

The Thunder Monster got a sponge bath this morning. The power was off and I didn’t know when it would be back on hence the sponge bath.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I headed up to Ron’s (Yank) as his workers were thrashing rice and I wanted to see how it was done. Interesting process.

At midday off to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

Monday 3rd October:

Up early for our Monday morning hike. Gerald and I are looking for a track over the second ridge, which comes out at the Grotto. We have done this walk twice before. The first time we found this good track up the steep ridge. The second time we couldn’t find the good track and had to bush bash our way up.

Today we still couldn’t find the track and had to turn back because of the dense jungle.  Still had a great walk but we both were suffering a bit in the dense humidity in the jungle gullies.

Figure that next time we will go to the Grotto first and back track and see if we can find the track from the top down.

Guy walked into the market for some supplies for the next few days. She caught the Jeepney back home.

She cooked up some Pork Adobo with carrots and for the first time since arriving here we had some mashed potatoes. I used some margarine (to replace the butter) and powered milk (to replace real milk) and a hand masher (Just like my Mum used to use) and they turned out pretty dam good (didn’t realize how much we missed mashed potatoes, even Guy had seconds and I had thirds).

After lunch it was rubbish burn up time, which included all the trash from the beach. The beach rubbish had all been washed up into the fence with the storm surge earlier this week so it was nice and easy to clean up.

A nice cool shower and I settled in for the MotoGP delayed telecast from Motegi, Japan. Some excitement with a jump start, crashes, near crashes, run offs and a bit of biff. Great to see Casey Stoner recover after a bit of brake failure and run off the track to then come in 3rd. He is still leading the leader board by 40 points as the MotoGP heads to Phillip Island in AUS.

Tuesday 4th October:

Woke to a beautiful day today. First calm days in just over a week.

Power went off at 9:00am this morning. Guy and I were scheduled to go to Boac for some Wi-Fi as we had some banking stuff to sort out. So at 9:30am we headed for Boac and decided to try our luck that there would be power in Boac.

Power was on in Boac so all good. We hit the “Goodchow” restaurant for the first time to see how the food and Wi-Fi was. All good (fast Wi-Fi (for the island)) and the restaurant is air-conditioned (bonus). After hamburgers for lunch Guy caught a Jeepney back to Gasan and Mahjong and I stayed on for a while and caught up on Wi-Fi stuff.

Pickup a “Marinduque Roast Chicken” on the way home for dinner and called into Barbarossa and had a Coke with Geoff (Pom).

Arrived home to find the boys removing the last of the coconut trees that are overhanging one of the out buildings. They moved my satellite dish just incase the tree fell off the mark. This then meant that I had to re-tune the dish once again (had to do the same the other day). Getting good at it now and found the satellite signal after a bit of moving about.

Wednesday 5th October:

John (Pom) dropped in for a cup of tea and a morning chat. After he left we cruised into the market for our usual supplies and a few little delicacies.

Got home just on midday and it was a brownout but luckily it only lasted for 10 minutes and then back on so all good.

The Gas shop now has fresh supplies so after lunch we caught a Trike into Gasan and replaced our spare empty gas bottle. All gassed up again and ready for the next Typhoon…..

An afternoon siesta was then in order and enjoyed by all. A late afternoon thunderstorm hit for about 30 minutes which cooled things down and cleared the air.

Thursday 6th October:

Leisurely morning. At midday Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and I caught up with Ron. Now we had heard that one of the Canadians (there are two of them) from over Mogpog / Santa Cruz way were back in town.

As we weren’t sure which one it was we decided to pay both their houses a visit and see who was about.

Dave in Mogpog was our first port of call and there was nobody home and the house was all locked up. So off to Santa Cruz where we caught up with Ray and Ellie (local gal). Ray is a mining engineer who is a very spritely 75 years old. He has worked in many places round the world (including AUS) and has lots of great stories.

They have a house in Vancouver (Canada) as well as Santa Cruz and spend their time between both places. They have three grown up kids who all live in Canada.

Had a great chat along with snacks and a cup of tea.

Friday 7th October:

Steady rain started in the early hours of the morning but stopped just in time for our (Gerald and I) early morning walk. Too wet and slippery to go bush so we walked up the road (fire trail) to Kalong. Even the road was a little slippery in places so a good call.

Home and Zieyrish here for the washing and cleaning. Guy and I cruised into the market mid morning for our supplies for a big pot of Pork Sinigang. It was good to see some fresh produce back in the market after the two Typhoons have now passed and the floods up north are subsiding (some of our veggies come from up north Eg: Carrots).

Just after lunch the rain pretty much set in for the afternoon. So time for a siesta, some reading and a couple of DVD’s. The washing got a very thorough rinse….

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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