Day 623 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 22nd October:

My sore eye is better this morning but still feels like I have sandpaper under my eyelid. So another quiet day in order.

A bit of a sleep in then off to Goodchow in Boac for some Wi-Fi. We had a very nice Pansit for lunch with an even better Halo-Halo for desserts.

As we cruised home we just managed to miss the afternoon storms. I got a little wet as we neared home and it rained heavily after we were inside.

Relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon.

Sunday 23rd October:

My eye is much better today and on the mend.

After breakfast it was time for the Thunder Monster wash and wax. Then we headed to the market to see our local butcher.

A few days ago he reckoned he could get us some good fresh tenderloin steak. So we had a look at the steak and as it looked okay we bought a kilo. So tomorrow I shall have a go at cooking our steak in the new fry pan.

I dropped Guy off at her 10:30am Mahjong game and then home. At midday I made my way to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Small crowd today (6 in all).

I arrived home in time to watch the Sepang (Malaysia) MotoGP and saw the horrible crash in the second lap that very sadly took the life of Marco Simoncellie. Rightly so the MotoGP was cancelled after the crash and it was about two hours after the crash that I heard of the fatality on the AUS news. A sad sad day for motorcycle racing. RIP MC…..

We tried a bit of the steak for dinner and it is a little tough so going to marinade the rest for tomorrow.

Monday 24th October:

Up early for my morning walk with Gerald. We did the beach walk this morning, as it is pretty wet back in the boondocks after a heavy rainstorm last night.

Guy did her morning Zumba routine and upon my return we had breakfast and relaxed after our hectic morning. Rainstorms off and on all day so things are a little wet at the moment. Some reading, the afternoon movie and a siesta were in order for the rest of the day.

Tuesday 25th October:

Awoke to a glorious day after the storms of yesterday. For lunch I cooked up the remainder of the steak but sadly it was still a little tough. Tasted great but just tough. Ooohhh well it will be good in Adobo and or Sinigang.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I cruised up the coast to Boac (22km away). Stopped off at Goodchow for a couple hours of Wi-Fi and then cruised home on the Thunder Monster.

Quick stop at the bakery for some fresh Pandecoco buns then home for a nice hot cup of tea with the buns.

Wednesday 26th October:

Liesurely morning then off to the market for some supplies. Got some chicken for tomorrow (Chicken Rice dish) and found some Perlas (deep sea fish) that we have had before. It has thick, sweet, moist fillets and the big bones can easily be removed (I have a thing about fish bones). You don’t always see this fish in the market so we bought a slab.

Fried (in the new pan) it up for lunch and dinner and very nice indeed (cooked with some garlic and ginger) with some rice.

Some reading and siesta were the order for the afternoon.

Thursday 27th October:

After breakfast we rode up to our block to have a look at the progress of the Japanese house next door. Had a look at our Nipa Hut as some of the builders are using it to live in while the building is going on. All good as they are keeping it clean and have cleared the vegetation around it.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I decided to walk into Gasan. Stopped in at Barbarossa and had a chat to Geoff and John (both Poms) who were passing through.

Took the MacBook and my USB modem and managed to get a sloowwwww connection which enabled me to wish my twin sons (Adric & Jason) a happy 29th birthday for today. They are both currently in Cusco (Peru) with Mike (Jason’s partner) traveling round South America. Great place to enjoy your Birthday I reckon.

Walked back home along the beach so did about 12km all up. Was a bit hot and sweaty by the time I got home but a nice cool refreshing shower fixed that.

Some chicken rice with snake beans and a hot cup of tea finished off the day very nicely.

Ooohhhhh and a brownout at 7:30pm till 9:00pm. It has been a while since the last one.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


One Response to Day 623 of retirement

  1. Mary says:

    Next time, pound the meat until flattened to break up the muscles. This will help in tenderizing it. You can try making it into “bistek”. This is a recipe using soy sauce, calamansi and lots of onions…yum!

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