Day 638 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 5th November:

Off to Goodchow in Boac for our Saturday lunch treat and some Wi-Fi. Got the blog posted and some photographs printed to be delivered to a group of kids I photographed in the cemetery at All Saints day. We will drop them off next week at the Barangay Hall (like a town hall).

Found some ice cream in Boac so bought a tub and made the dash for home hoping it wouldn’t melt before it made it to our freezer. It was a little soft but all okay. And man does it taste good.

John and Geoff were here when we arrived home so had a chat to them under the Nipa Hut in the cool afternoon breeze.

Guy made a big pot of Pork Sinigang for dinner and tomorrow’s meals.

Sunday 6th November:

Thunder wash and wax this morning. It actually rained while I was washing her so continued with the wash in the rain. She got a good rinse. Then the rain stopped so I could dry and shine her up.

Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am for her early game. At 11:00am I walked into Gasan for the expat gathering. Stopped into the local print shop to print out some info on Gout for John (Pom). He had a nasty Gout attack last week so I downloaded some info for him on what causes it and what can be done to alleviate it (The Uric Acid build up).

Usual expat gathering and walked back home as well for a 12km round trip (more training for the round the island walk).

Home and settled in for the Valencia MotoGP where Casey Stoner won the final race of the season and is the new number 1 for 2012.

Monday 7th November:

Public holiday today. It is a Muslim day but not sure exactly what it is about.

Gerald caught a Jeepney to my place this morning at 6:00am and we walked to Tabionan and back. This is a walk back into the boondocks where you walk up and over the ridge and down to the Dawis River on the other side. Then turn around and walk back (15.5km trip in 3h 23m).

It was a great workout with the ups and downs and some nice humidity thrown in for good measure.

A nice cold ice tea was enjoyed by all on our return. Guy did her Zumba this morning and joined us for a cup of tea to finish off all our activities for the morning.

After lunch a leisurely afternoon with a very nice siesta.

Tuesday 8th November:

We were going to walk into the market this morning but managed to sleep through the alarm so rode in once we were up and about.

Guy tried something a bit different today. She bought some spare ribs, adobo cooked them then browned / crisped them in the fry pan. Very very tasty indeed.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for Goodchow in Boac. I hit the Wi-Fi as I had a couple of program updates I had to download so needed a good few hours to get what I required.

Downloads all success and cruised back home along the coast in the cool afternoon. Stopped off at the ATM so all cashed up. The fruit lady also had some fresh Rambutans so a couple of kilos found their way into my bag.

My bung eye was starting to bother me again. We shall see how it goes over night.

Wednesday 9th November:

Not a good night’s sleep as my right eye once again flared up. Feels like sandpaper under my eyelid. I was using some eye drops we had but they didn’t help much.

Guy caught the Jeepney into town for some supplies in the morning and bought some new eye drops for “itchy eyes”. This helped a lot and I used it through out the day.

I slept for most of the day on the siesta couch with sunglasses on and stayed out of the bright sunlight. Feeling a little better tonight.

If this eye irritation persists I’ll get Ron to take me to see his eye doctor who consults on the island (Santa Cruz) each Monday. He is trained in the USA and now has his main office in Manila. He operated on Ron’s eyes some time ago so comes highly recommended.

Thursday 10th November:

Eye much better this morning and I got a good night’s sleep. Took it easy again today as still a little scratchy.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I decided to stretch the legs and go for a walk into Gasan. I wore some nice dark sunglasses and headed off. I meet Ron in his pickup about 2km out so hitched a ride to Barbarossa and had a cold iced tea with him and Geoff.

A slow walk back home in the afternoon sea breeze was very refreshing and the eye survived very nicely.

Friday 11th November:

The eye is much better this morning and on the mend.

Up just before 5:00am and we had a brownout but the power came back on just after 5:00am so all good.

Off to Gerald’s for our 6:00am morning walk. Today we did the walk from his house to Kalong (up in the boondocks) and back, twice. We pushed our selves to see if we could do it in under 3-hours given that there is 455m (1,493ft) of ascent and it was hot and very humid. We were both drenched by the time we had finished the laps

But we did manage to do the two laps (13.2km total) in a total time of 2h 41m, which we are both very pleased with. Our fitness is coming nicely in preparation for our round the island walk (120km total) in December.

Back home at 9:30am to Zieyrish doing our washing and cleaning along with a brownout for good measure. The power was off till 12:00 noon. It has been a good while since we had a decent brownout and I must say we haven’t missed it.

A leisurely afternoon, resting up my eye as it still a bit scratchy.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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