Day 659 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 26th November:

Up at 4:30am as I was going to walk to Gerald’s at 5ish. But it was really dark, no moon at all, so chickened out and rode there on the Thunder Monster arriving at 6:00am.

He has successfully installed my Polar heart rate software on his Windows PC so we setup a user for each of us. I then downloaded the files from our last two walks (I have a S625X – heart rate monitor) via an Infrared reader to the software and we had a good look at the information.

I was also able to transfer all my Polar heart rate data files to his PC from right back to 1998 and then able to view them. Give him something to look at and play round with.

Had a look at my heart rate data files from my mountain bike 24-hour world championship ride in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Oct 2006). Now that was just a few years ago but seems like yesterday.

Home by 8:00am and after a morning siesta we set off to Goodchow in Boac for lunch and some Wi-Fi.

Satruday lunch at Goodchow is busy and the Wi-Fi is slow, so had our lunch, posted the blog, checked email and headed for home beating the afternoon rainstorm.

After the rain ceased I did a rubbish burn up (have a lid on the incinerator to keep it dry) and did a litter pickup on the beach, which is nice and clean at the moment.

Guy has picked up a nice head cold so slept most of the afternoon.

Sunday 27th November:

Guy got a good night’s sleep last night with her cold after taking some drugs. She is much the same today and headed off to Mahjong at 10:30am. Nothing will keep her from her Mahjong, not rain, sleet, heat, snow or a head cold.

I washed and waxed the Thunder Monster, as she was quite muddy this week after traversing the muddy road works on the way to Boac. Then off to Barbarossa, for the expat gathering for the afternoon.

Monday 28th November:

Up and off to Gerald’s for another of our training walks. We did the same walk as last Thursday (Gerald’s – Buenavista – Boondocks – Buenavista – Gerald’s) but in reverse. This time we walked back to Gerald’s from Buenavista at the end of the walk instead of taking a Jeepney. This made up a 24km walk in just over 5-hours with rests.

We both struggled for the first few hours, as it was a little humid. Then it got pretty hot and humid in the last hour back to Gerald’s. The temperature hit 39C at one stage and my heart rate jumped up. But it was good training, as we will need to walk in these conditions on the big walk.

Home to a nice cool shower, lunch and a siesta.

Guy is feeling a little better this morning. Still got the head cold with a nasty cough though. These bugs just seem to hang here in the tropics.

Tuesday 29th November:

I was up and off mid morning to do a trip round the island on the Thunder Monster (120km) to map out the route for our walk in a couple of weeks.

Checked all the distances between our overnight stops with the GPS and just had a general look-see of the road. No issues found so the walk should be pretty straightforward.

I dropped in to see Lief as he is our first night’s camp spot. Need to check with him next week to finalize. The other two nights accommodation are now confirmed.

Back by mid afternoon and only 5km from home I got hit by a rainstorm. Oohhhh well the rest of the day was a gem of a day on the Thunder Monster so can’t complain.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and returned home with a win so very pleased with herself.

Wednesday 30th November:

Off to the market mid morning for supplies for the next few days.

At midday we headed off to Barbarossa in Gasan where we had organized a birthday lunch for Ron along with Vicki, Gerald and Juliet and Guy and myself.

Juliet had made a morning run to Boac (42km round trip on the Jeepney) to get a cake for Ron as you can’t get cakes in Gasan. Ron was 77 on Monday and he is still very very active and has a sharp witty mind to go with it.

He is a reformed alcoholic (34 years clean) and walks most days of the week. As he has been here on the island for some 16 years, he knows everybody and they know him. And he speaks Tagalog, so he chats and jokes with all the locals. A whole generation of kids have grown up with him as well and he has quite a following who all chat to him.

We all had a great leisurely 2-hour lunch and the cake was very very nice (A Black Forest Cake). Not too sweet and nice and moist. And yes I did enjoy seconds as most of us did. Guy was very controlled and only had one piece……

Home to a cup of tea and afternoon siesta.

Thursday 1st December:

Massage day today. Guy and I are taking turns for a massage, which gives us one massage each 2-weeks.

Our new masseuse Eileen arrived at 8:15am and I had to endure a 2-hour massage….. She is very good and works on your pressure points from head to toe. My favorite bits were having your eyebrows and ears massaged.

With all the walking I am currently doing my legs are a little “tight” so she found the tight spots and worked on them. Also gave the soles of my feet a good going over. And all this for P200 ($5.00 AUS). Bargain.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I headed for Goodchow in Boac for some Wi-Fi. Rained on and off during the afternoon which meant that the road works on the way to Boac were very muddy. Poor old Thunder Monster got nice and muddy but she will clean up okay on Sunday

Friday 2nd December:

Off to Gerald’s for our last long walk before the round the island trip in 2-weeks. We left Gerald’s at 6:00am and walked down to Buenavista, did a circuit back in the boondocks and once back in Buenavista walked back to Gerald’s (Just over 5-hours and 24km).

It was nice and cloudy and not too humid for the first 4-hours and then the sun and humidity came out for the last hour’s walk. Next week we will do some shorter walks (12km ish) and taper back ready for the big one.

Home at midday for a very refreshing cool shower and lunch.

Leisurely afternoon for us both with a siesta. Guy’s cold is hanging on with a hacking cough annoying her.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


One Response to Day 659 of retirement

  1. Terry and Donna McElhone says:

    Good morning
    We are going to Marinduue tomorrow morning 11feb’12.
    Can you advise place to stay near beach.
    Seniors Terry and Donna need clean, hot/cold showers ,maybe a/c. will be on island till morning of 15th.
    Can call you?

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