Day 668 of retirement

Hi All

Saturday 3rd December:

Leisurely morning, then off to Goodchow at 10:00am for lunch and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was excruciatingly slow today so got the blog posted and emails checked and we headed back home.

A nice hot cup of tea followed by a siesta, was the order of the afternoon.

Sunday 4th December:

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax after a very muddy week (all the road works and rain on the way to Boac).

Guy off to a manicure and Mahjong at 11:00am.

At midday I walked into Gasan (5km) and hit the expat gathering at Barbarossa. Wayne (aussie doctor) broke the news that he and Grace (wife and a local) are moving to Australia in early 2012. Wayne is mid 50’s and Grace is a little younger. They find island life a little too quiet, so are going back to AUS and the aim is that they both will go to work.

Grace is an accountant so in AUS she will do a bridging course to update her qualification. Wayne is a Cardiologist from Brisbane but is looking at working in either NSW or VIC, out of the main city areas.

So there is a great “retirement” house up for sale just outside Boac…….. If the house was in Gasan, Guy and I would snap it up but neither of us want to live in the Boac area.

I walked back home after the expat gathering and just made it before the afternoon rainstorm. We had a spectacular lightning show tonight out over the bay.

Monday 5th December:

Got up at 5:00pm and there was a brownout. Power came back on at 5:45am so all good.

Gerald arrived at the cottage at 6:15am and we headed off for a walk into Gasan and back via the Gasan lookout. We are now tapering our exercise as we start the big round the island walk next Thursday (15th Dec).

We did the 10km walk in 2-hours even with a short stop and chat where we ran into Ron on the Gasan lookout road.

After some iced and hot tea and Gerald departed, I had a nice refreshing shower and did a quick trip to the market for some supplies. Guy is having a rest day to hopefully finally shake her cold. She is almost over it now.

After lunch and a bit of a siesta I burnt up the rubbish and prepared a jug of Buk juice (young coconut meat and juice with condensed milk mixed in). The boys are here at the cottage today harvesting the coconuts and gave us three, which made up about 2 litres of juice.

Tuesday 6th December:

Leisurely morning. Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for some Wi-Fi at Goodchow in Boac.

Today was my “finance” day where I checked all our Superannuation and bank accounts. Our Super has taken a bit of a hit over the last 6-months with the WFC but seems to have stabilized now and even shown a little growth. Don’t have to go back to work yet so all good………….

Had a few frustrating issues. One of the Super accounts locked me out so had to reset the password. Part of the process was remembering three “security” questions. I hate these things as they were done over 12-months ago so it was a bit of a guess on the “exact” answer but I managed it. Back in again.

I did a bank transfer to one of our Filipino banks and received an error right at the end of the process. The exchange rate had changed mid process so had to do it all again. Ooohhh well worked the second time.

Cruised back home along the coast in the cool late afternoon.

We finished up with no running water for the night, as the boys were working in the pump shed today and unplugged the pump. We don’t have a key and the cord / plug was just too far to reach even with a stick. We had the water in the barrels so all good.

I finished my 13th book of the year “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush” by Eric Newby. Another great read.

Wednesday 7th December:

Up at 5:00am and headed off to Gerald’s at 5:45am. Decided to walk (4km) as it was a cool ish morning. The purpose of the visit was to download the files off my heart rate monitor onto his Windows PC and deliver an Excel files with all our latest training stats.

After a cup of tea I walked back home arriving just before 9:00am.

The boys arrived and with the water back on had a nice cool refreshing shower.

Off to Gasan where I managed to get a sloowww broadband connection as Guy needed to do some banking. Got that all done and off to see Rose (my hairdresser) for a haircut. Guy did a supply run to the market across the road while Rose trimmed my grey locks.

Back home and the rain started and rained most of the afternoon so a quiet one.

Thursday 8th December:

The rain lasted through the night and finally abated this morning to present us with a glorious day.

Our masseuse Eileen was supposed to be here at 8:00am ish but didn’t show up till just after 10:00am. Now Eileen lives in Tabionan which is 8km up a dirt road back in the mountains. The one morning Jeepney that she catches down to be at ours by 8:00am was delayed for 2-hours and she had no way of letting us know. She has a mobile phone but they don’t work up there.

Anyway I had nothing planned for the day so had my late massage and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday so after having my lunch and relaxing after the massage, I walked into Gasan for a few cold Iced Teas before the afternoon storm hit. Once that cleared I walked back home and dropped by to see Guy at the gambling house. She was having a little losing streak and it continued after I left.

I almost made it back home before another light rainstorm hit so out with the trusty umbrella.

We had a short little brownout from 6:30pm to 7:30pm to keep us on our toes.

Friday 9th December:

More rain again last night but fined up for our walk this morning. Only a short walk today as we are also finalizing the logistics for the walk round the island next week. Back home by 8:00am.

Then the rain started again and rained all day. We are on the backend of a big low-pressure system at the moment, hence all the rain. Can’t complain, as at least it isn’t windy and cold….

Cherry here for the washing and cleaning first thing. As it rained steady all day the washing got a good rinse. Not so good for drying though….

A leisurely day in sorting my kit for the up and coming walk, reading, a bit of TV and a siesta. I have started my 14th book of the year “Blind Man’s Bluff” by Sherry Sontag & Christopher Drew. It’s the untold story of the American submarine espionage during the Cold war.

Saturday 10th December:

It rained all last night and finally stopped at 2:00pm today. Our Boac trip was cancelled, as the road works up Boac way would be a swamp with all the rain. We considered taking a Jeepney to Boac but gave that idea away.

Mid morning we caught a Trike into Gasan and stocked on supplies for the next few days. On the Trike ride back home we managed to get half soaked in an exceptionally heavy downpour.

John (Pom) dropped by at 2:00pm (just after the rain ceased) for a cup of tea and a chat. Even though the rain had stopped his legs were covered in mud from riding here on his motorcycle.

Sunday 11th December:

Up and greeted by some more rain. It did clear up at 11:30am and was sunny for the rest of the day.

The Thunder Monster got a wipe and shine as she has been tucked up under her cover during all the rain this week.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am and as the rain cleared I walked into Barbarossa for the expat gathering. I walked back home at a nice leisurely pace late afternoon.

Guy walked home after Mahjong and rang to meet me down in our village to have a look at the Xmas lights. But just as we were talking off went the power. So meet her anyway hoping the power would come back on but to no avail. We had a brownout from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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