Day 697 of retirement

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Hi All

Thursday 5th January:

Bit of a late one last night as we caught up on all the news from AUS. The kids were a bit wired from the plane trip over as well.

After cheese on toast for breakfast it was off to the supermarket for supplies for the kids. After depositing them in the apartment we headed back to the Bananaleaf for lunch once again. A very nice Thai selection was had by all.

A wander round the Greenhills Mall (more like an open air market indoors) for some essentials for Jordan.

A siesta followed and it was back to the mall, as the kids wanted some “ dr.dre” headphones for their iPods. They are all the rage back in AUS and of course the genuine fakes are very cheap here. The quality of them is actually very good. I even bought a set of earphones to replace my old Mac ones and the sound is pretty dam good.

On the way back the DVD sellers accosted us on the street corner. So some 60 odd DVD’s later ($1.33 Aus per DVD) we headed back to the apartment for a DVD night. The DVD sellers did a roaring business tonight from the kids (I bought four DVD’s).

Friday 6th January:

Sleep in this morning for us all. At 11:00am we caught a cab to visit Fort Santiago. Basically this is the original Manila area where the Muslim leader lived. The Philippines was originally Muslim influenced by Indonesia and Malaysia. The Spanish came along, moved them out and built a wall round the area. At one end of the compound they built a Fort, which was used by the Spanish and English in the early days then the Americans and Japanese during WWII.

We hired a guide who gave the history of the Fort and explained the layout. It was very interesting and even Guy learnt a few things about Filipino history. We wandered round the old compound area and had lunch in an old Spanish styled restaurant.

From there we made our way back to the SM Mega Mall just up the road from the apartment in Greenhill’s. The kids wandered off and Guy and I setup in a coffee shop and enjoyed some Wi-Fi with a Chai Latte. I had a bit of a wander as well.

A few supplies were purchased from the supermarket and home we went. A few more DVD’s were watched and off to bed.

Saturday 7th January:

Well it is now official. Guy and I are to become a Lola and a Lolo. (Lola = Grandmother & Lolo = Grandfather). Guy’s daughter Jo and her fiancé Dave are expecting a baby later this year.

Today we caught up with her grandmother and all the aunties, uncles and cousins and told them all. We all meet at the cemetery where Guy’s dad is buried and had a lovely picnic round the grave site (which is a common thing to do here).

Back to the apartment late afternoon for a siesta and a little more evening wandering and shopping round Greenhill’s Mall.

Sunday 8th January:

Bit of a sleep in this morning, as we weren’t up and about till 12:00 noon. As it was a drizzly day we caught a cab to the ANNEX / EDSA Malls for some wandering. These are two malls that are next to each other and our favorite malls as they are the closest ones to Guy’s sister’s / mum’s places.

After lunch at “Kangaroo Jacks” (yes it is an aussie themed restaurant) we setup in Starbucks and the kids wandered off. Later in the afternoon Guy and I joined them as we made our way through the masses to the taxi rank.

After a bit of a wait we headed back to the apartment. A quick wander to the food court across the road and dinner was sorted.

Monday 9th January:

Rest day today. Off to Shakey’s for lunch and wandered back through the markets. The kids got a few goodies and we bought some Poker chips for cards to night.

A Chai Latte finished off the afternoon nicely and a few more DVD’s were watched as well.

I finished my 1st book of 2012 “Thunder Point” by Jack Higgins. Not a bad read.

The night concluded with a marathon Poker game which Guy finally won (took all our chips).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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