Day 702 of retirement

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Hi All

Tuesday 10th January:

Up and off to Guy’s Mum’s for lunch. She has made a batch of the best pork Sinigang for the kids as they love it. After lunch we all hopped into Beth’s van and headed across town with Albert (Beth’s husband) driving (Beth was working) to visit Jo’s biological parents and her other brothers and sisters.

You see Jo was adopted at birth by Guy and Brian (deceased husband) so Guy is her mum. But she stays connected with her biological family.

Spent the afternoon there and back to Guy’s Mum’s. On dark the fire works were broken out. These were some leftovers from New Year’s eve that Beth had kept for Jo and Jordan. So we let off skyrockets and super jumping jacks (lots of crackers in a row all tied together).

Back to Greenhills and the Bananaleaf for a light dinner. Got a few more DVD’s from the street venders who now know us, and even what we have bought and still want.

Wednesday 11th January:

Up and packed ready to head to the airport for our Zest flight to Boracay. We left a suitcase and bag in the apartment as we are returning in 9-days and nobody else is staying there.

Zest only allow 10kgs per person and Jo is not known as a “light” traveler. But we did manage to come in with some kgs to spare for the Boracay souvenirs on the return trip.

We left for the airport at 9:00am for our 12:10pm flight. Made it in plenty of time only to be stuck on the taxiway for 30 minutes as we were delayed due to lots of traffic.

Arrived at Kalibo 45 minutes later followed by a 2-hour coach ride, a 15 minute Bangka crossing and finally a small Jeepney to our hotel “The Bamboo Resort”. An okay place in a good location on the beach.

As we had missed lunch we dropped our bags and went a wandering to find a place to eat. We finished back at the Swiss Café (went there last year) for burgers, fries, and Pancit. Very nice indeed.

A bit of a wander up the beach boardwalk and back for an early night as we all were a bit bushed.

Thursday 12th January:

Up just in time for the 10:00am breakfast deadline. A nice leisurely stroll up to the DMall and back followed. Latish lunch after which the girls went and had a manicure / pedicure while the boys had a siesta.

The evening was concluded with a Poker tournament, which was won by Jordan followed by a game of Hearts, which Jordan lost.

Friday 13th January:

After breakfast the kids watched a movie while Guy and I went for a swim and relaxed on the padded banana lounges. I indulged in a 30-minute neck, back, leg and foot massage which was very nice indeed. Especially having my toes massaged.

For lunch, we walked back to DMall and this little Greek restaurant hidden away in the back streets. The food and service was outstanding and we will definitely be back.

The highlight was desert where we had a “Flaming Mango”. You take a fresh mango and take the skin off. You bake it in a caramel sauce till it is ready to melt off the seed. Then serve it on a sizzling hot plate while flaming (on fire) to the table and eat with pistachio / honey and vanilla ice cream. Yyuuummmmmmm ooohhh.

After lunch we got a few supplies and back to the room to rest up for the evenings activities. Boracay Rum had a special on for 700ml of coconut flavored rum (50 Proof) for P99 ($2.40 AUS). So a couple of Pineapple juices were added to go with the rum and it was consumed with the night’s card games.

Saturday 14th January:

The card game finished at 1:00am this morning but the kids (they have their own room) watched movies till 4:00am.

Guy and I were up at 10:30am and wandered down to the great little Swiss restaurant for a breakfast of really good mango pancakes. We eat here regularly as they have great food, great service and good Wi-Fi, so works for us.

The kids finally arrived at 12noon so brunch it was. After a leisurely brunch we had a wander along the beach and went to check out an ice cream café that sells different and interesting flavours, Jordan had avocado, I had halo-halo, Joanna had calamansi and Guy had jackfruit/cashew then walked slowly back to the rooms while enjoying our frozen delights. The kids and I went for a swim for a few hours as Guy relaxed and read.

After showers all round we walked down the beach to find a nice venue for dinner. We found this great place on the beach where the food was outstanding. The highlight was the banana truffle dessert. We shared one and it was so good we shared another one.

A bit of a wander after dinner to the grocery store for a few supplies and back to our rooms for another card night. Guy and the kids did a short midnight walk along the beach before bed.

Sunday 15th January:

Up mid morning and off to the Swiss café for brunch. The kids hit the beach (to get a tan….), Guy stretched out on the beach on a lounge to read and I went for a walk (5km ish all up) up to the northern end of the beach.

The northern end of the beach is the posh quiet end. Some very very nice resorts up there with prices to match. You know we are actually quite happy where we are. The Bamboo Beach Resort is more in our life style of living, simple.

We all meet up at 3:00pm at the resort and sorted out a load of washing and dropped it to the laundry lady. It will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

A stroll to DMall and monster burgers for dinner. Then back to another card night in the room.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Other Boracay Stuff:

The Bamboo Resort:

It is located in a great location in about the middle of White beach, boat station 2. It is one of the older resorts and it is, shall we say, a little “tired”.

The structure, especially the plumbing, has seen better days. They are in the process of renovating the resort ,so once that is completed and it is brought back up to modern standards it should be a very cool place. I think we arrived 6 months too early.

The rooms are large and clean and the aircon, TV and fridge work so suits us fine as we are out most of the time during the day.

Ooohhh and their Wi-Fi is crap so a big black mark from me.

The Beach:

It is interesting seeing Boracay some 12 months since we were here last. The white sandy beach has definitely receded and they are placing short bamboo sea walls to try and halt the loss. Some of the coconut trees on the edge of the beach have lost sand from around their roots exposing them. The walking track along the resort / shop fronts has lost sand as well as pipes and conduits once buried there are now exposed.

And the litter is starting to creep back as in cigarette butts (even though it is banned on the beach) and food wrappers. It is still pretty clean but you can see the bits of litter starting to show.

Boracay is still a beautiful place to visit and we highly recommend it.


Being the camera snob that I am, it is interesting seeing who is using what.

The Japanese tourists love their Sony NEX and to a lesser extent the Olympus EP cameras. I have seen heaps of them about.

The Korean tourists love their DSLRs and big lens. Nikon is slightly ahead of Canon.

The European’s also love their DSLRs with Canon slightly ahead here. They also seem to have most of the video cameras as well. You don’t see a lot of video cameras around here.

And then there are the usual Point and Shoot of every brand you can think of.

Haven’t seen any Leica’s or X100s though.


2 Responses to Day 702 of retirement

  1. Mikey says:

    That 10kg limit with Zest is a killer, but the excess baggage is really cheap. But I suppose, don’t tell Jo that. Enjoy! I can’t wait til we’re back there.

  2. vernie says:

    Nice pics from Boracay. . . OMG the kids are so grown up . congratulation for being a grandma and grandpa soon. enjoyed following your post. . .

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