Day 709 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 16th January:

We all slept in this morning as were up till 2:00am last night playing cards.

After showers we headed to the Swiss café once again for a very nice brunch.

As the weather was a little stormy the kids decided on an afternoon in watching movies. Guy and I headed to the Fish Foot Spa. You sit with your feet in a fish tank and all these little fish nip at your feet cleaning them of dead skin.

It feels like a thousand needles finely pricking your feet. Not good if you are ticklish (As Guy is). But man do your feet feel great after.

We called into the grocery store on the way back for a few supplies and relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon with a nice cup of tea.

At dusk we wandered down to Shakey’s on the beach for dinner. A nice walk up the beach admiring all the lights followed. A quick duck into DMall where the kids got some souvenirs for their friends back home and back to the resort for a few nightcaps.

Tuesday 17th January:

We had an early night last night. In bed at 12:30am.

Usual brunch at the Swiss Café at midday. Omelets and Pancit all round.

After lunch the girls wandered off to the DMall to get souvenir tee shirts for the relatives and friends, Jordan just chilled in the room and I went for a walk to the southern end of the beach.

I came across the extreme in resort contrasts. There is this really swish bungalow style resort up on the cliff tops with access to a quiet beach below and next to it is a large failed resort complex consisting of three multi story buildings that are derelict (they are stripped out of any valuable stuff) and being consumed by the jungle and spiders.

I wandered round the derelict buildings for a while and took some great pics. We all meet back at our resort at 3:30pm ish and relaxed ready to face the evening’s activities.

Cards were played while watching “Gene Simons” on cable while I had a bit of a late siesta. At 11:00pm everybody was feeling the late nights so off to bed we all went.

Wednesday 18th January:

Jo woke up this morning with a very nice head cold. So we got take away breakfast for her and Jordan while guy and I paid our last visit to the Swiss Café for the best omelets ever.

Early afternoon we found some Vicks Vapor Rub and along with some hot water, a shower scoop and a towel we made up an inhaler / humidifier for Jo.

Guy took Jordan to the Henna tattoo place up by DMall so he could get his very specific tattoos done. On his arrival back the three of us headed off for dinner as Jo just wanted to stay in the room.

After dinner we got Jo some noodles and garlic bread and delivered it to her. Guy and I then went for a long walk up the beach to the northern end and back. We stopped and listened to s few bands on the way back. We arrived back in the room at midnight. Quick check on the kids, showered and off to bed as we leave Boracay in the morning.

Thursday 19th January:

Up at 7:00am, packed and we were met by our guide at 8:30am who is organizing our transport off the island of Boracay to the Kalibo airport. So after a small Jeepney ride, Bangka crossing and bus trip we arrived at Kalibo at 11:00am.

Our flight had been brought forward from 3:05pm to 1:50pm. But due to various delays we actually didn’t leave till 2:30pm anyway.

Made it to Manila airport (it is a 45-minute flight) and were stuck on the taxiway for 10 minutes while we waited for a gate to be made available. Then into a cab and off to our apartment at Greenhills once again.

We arrived here at 5:00pm and dropped all our gear and off to the supermarket for some supplies for the next few days. Then back to our favorite Thai restaurant The BananaLeaf for a very yummy dinner.

The DVD street sellers now know us on sight due to all the DVD’s the kids have bought (over 100). So after some looking and bartering I bought Top Gear seasons 15, 16 & 17 and a couple of movies. The kids got some more series as well.

I fell asleep while the rest of the crew watched DVD’s to conclude another busy day.

Friday 20th January:

Sleep in this morning with us hitting the food court in the mall for lunch. Then it was shopping day for the kids. They had their cash and their lists of what they wanted and off they went. I meet them on and off during the day as I had a few things that we wanted as well. A successful day all round with the kids finding some bargains so were able to get more than they thought. Needless to say the cash was expended by the day’s end.

I needed my glasses fixed as one of the nose guides had broken off. Found a very friendly Optometrist who replaced both nose guides on my glasses and cleaned them (didn’t realize how dirty they had become) as I waited and only charged me P85 ($2.00 AUS). Bargain.

Dinner was at the Peri Peri restaurant, which is a Mexican grill. Very very nice food all round once again. I finished off the evening with the best Chai Latte from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf House.

On the way back home we hit the DVD sellers on the street once again. The kids got a few more DVDs and I got seasons 1 to 6 of LOST. Still need to get season 7.

We then all sat up watching “Cage Fighting” till 2:00am. Don’t ask me why cage fighting, we just did……

Saturday 21st January:

Off to the other side of the city to visit Aura (Guy’s best friend from school), Philip (her hubby) and some of her old batch mates. An hour in a cab and we finally arrived.

Aura and Philip have built a new 3-story house with a lawn on the second floor balcony and the roof. It helps a lot in keeping the rooms cool from the blazing sun. On the second floor they have a large curved window that protrudes onto the balcony off the master bedroom.

Lots of great food was consumed and in the afternoon the karaoke and dancing emerged. And no I didn’t sing. We did manage to get some Wi-Fi as the kids wanted to see the availability of Katy Perry tickets as she is playing here at the Mall of Asia tomorrow (Sunday) night.

It showed some good tickets were still available but we weren’t able to purchase them online, as you need an account with Ticketworld. But they have offices everywhere and the most convenient for us was back in town at the National Book store in Makati (On our way home).

So at 5:00pm we caught a cab to Makati and the kids got their tickets for tomorrow night. They are rather pleased with themselves at getting some good tickets.

Back to the apartment and Papa John’s pizza for dinner. Jordan proceeded see how many of the bottomless iced teas he could consume. He peeked at 7.5 glasses.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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