Day 731 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 4th February:

After a busy week we had a sleepin this morning. We finally got up at 11:15am. Last night was one of the coldest nights we have had. I had to pull the sheet right over me last night……..

At midday Guy headed off to Mahjong and I cruised to Boac for some Wi-Fi and post the blog. I tried the Boac Hotel but their Wi-Fi was very slow and flaky today. I just couldn’t get the blog pics to load.

So I packed up and made my way to the Tahanan Sa Isok hotel behind the market. This place had great Wi-Fi until about 6 months ago when it broke. I tried going back a few times but they hadn’t fixed it. Today I was in luck as their Wi-Fi was fixed and working like it used to, stable and quick enough.

I got the blog posted and an update to the Mac done before cruising home along the coast in the cool afternoon on the Thunder Monster.

Sunday 5th February:

The Thunder Monster got a spring clean, wash and wax today. I removed the seat and all the guards and washed her top to bottom then waxed everything I could get to (fuel tanks, mud guards, exhaust, engine covers, wheels, etc.).

I also used a very small paintbrush and apply WD-40 to any parts that even look like it is corroding. I have been doing this since new and the Monster has faired very well living next to the sea. She still looks like new.

Yeah I know, I have tooooo much time on my hands but I actually enjoy doing it.

Retirement – Indulging oneself in the things that one enjoys at the time that one chooses…

Midday and Guy off to Mahjong and I caught up with the expats at the Barbarossa.

Monday 6th February:

It was supposed to be our walk morning but Gerald has an injury to his foot so opted out to let his foot heal. I cruised up on the Thunder Monster at 9:00am for a cup of tea and a chat.

Gerald has been making enquiries re climbing Mt Malindig. We will need to notify the Barangay Captain of our intentions and he will provide us with a guide for the climb, which will cost a few hundred Pesos.

Mt Malindig is actually made up of three peaks. The closest one to the road is the true summit (highest point which we will climb first) and the furthest one away has a crater in it as this is an extinct volcano.

The Crater summit may require us to climb in from the back of the mountain as Gerald’s contact reckons that there are cliffs and a chasm between the first and second summits which stops access to the third summit (the Crater).

After lunch we called into the Japanese house (next to our block) to have a look at their progress. They weren’t home but we had a sticky beak.

Then off to Buenavista to pay our council rates for 2012. Our 2,908sqm of beachfront property cost us P55 ($1.31 AUS) for the year. This includes a 10% discount because we paid before the end of March. Bargain.

Called into Gasan on the way home for a few supplies and the ATM as it was down yesterday. All good today so cashed up once again.

We also called in to see the sewing man up the road from us. Our friend Bec (back in Adelaide) is sassing out the possibility of getting some kids’ sequined tee shirts made for sale back in AUS. Guy is talking to the locals to see if we can generate some business for them to supply the tee shirts. Further enquires are required by Guy at this stage.

Finished the day with a walk along the beach just before sunset.

Also finished my 2nd book of the year “The Ice Beneath You” by Christian Bauman. An okay read about a down on his luck retired USA soldier and his flash backs to Somalia.

Started my 3rd book of the year “Storm on the Horizon” by David J Morris. About a battle in the Gulf War.

Tuesday 7th February:

Leisurely morning reading and relaxing. At 11:30am we headed for the market and on the way home I dropped Guy off at Mahjong.

I spent the afternoon chilling (including a little siesta) and cooking up some Adobo for dinner.

Wednesday 8th February:

Guy is off to the mainland (Laguna) to see an old work friend of hers, Thelma, from Cebu (previously working in the USA) who is visiting her family. They intend catching up with another old work mate and having a girls’ reunion.

This is the first time since being in the Philippines that we have travelled apart. Kind of weird.

I dropped Guy off at Cawit port for the midday Ro-Ro to Lucena. Guy will catch a bus then a Jeepney to get to her final destination.

After lunch I headed to Boac for some Wi-Fi at the Boac Hotel. I arrived home to a brownout but the power came back on 15-minutes later so all good.

I got a text from Guy at 1:30am (yes am) to say that she had arrived safely. She had actually sent it earlier in the evening but due to the interesting mobile network here, it arrived about 4-hours late.

Thursday 9th February:

Another brownout at 9:15am and it lasted till 6:00pm. They are trimming trees along the main line hence the brownout.

Ailyn arrived at 9:15am for my 2-hour massage. Very nice way to start the day.

At 12:30pm I pickup up Gerald on the Thunder Monster and we cruised up to Boac to see Wayne (Aussie) and Grace (local). Had a good chat to them and Grace piled us with some yummy food as always.

We made our way back home by 4:00pm, dodging the afternoon rain showers along the way.

The power was back on at 6:00pm so all good for the evening’s DVD’s.

Friday 10th February:

Cherry here this morning for the washing and cleaning. After she left I did a quick run into the market to get some supplies for Guy’s return tomorrow.

It rained on and off for most of the afternoon so I hang out round the house. I cleaned my camera gear and caught up on some photo processing / sorting.

I organized “Ron’s Limo Service” to pick up Guy when she arrives tomorrow afternoon at 2:30pm on the Ro-Ro at Balanacan (1-hour drive away). He will pick me up at 1:30pm and we will meet Guy at the port after her 4-days visiting Thelma (her old work mate) on the mainland.

Saturday 11th February:

Up early and off for my morning walk with Gerald. A quick walk up to Kalong and back as it is still very wet and slippery back in the boondocks after all the rain of the last few days.

An update from the locals back in the hills who think we are secretly gold prospecting. The latest is that the walking poles we use are gold detectors that we are using to find the gold. We thought better of fostering this perception as it may lead to us getting mugged for our “wealth”.

On the way home I called in to see Ron and confirm our trip to pick up Guy from Balanacan Port at 2:30pm. While there I met Sam, a younger Filipino American who is looking at living on Marinduque. He has rented an old cottage and is looking at something better.

I showed him our cottage and we had a chat on island life in general. Gave him a lead on a possible cottage that maybe available from one of the German expats’ wives. He will check it out tomorrow.

At 1:30pm Ron picked me up and we headed for the port to pick up Guy. We arrived just as the Ro-Ro was docking, so good timing.

Guy was a little tired as she had been up till 4:00am this morning talking with Thelma. A siesta was in order before dinner with an early night following.

Sunday 12th February:

We awoke to steady rain, which continued all day. No wind, just steady rain.

The Thunder Monster remained under her cover so missed her wash and wax. Ooohhh wel,l plenty of time later in the week when the rain stops.

At midday Guy and I caught a Trike into town for her Mahjong and my expat gathering.

A brownout hit from 2:00pm to 3:00pm so back on by the time I arrived home via a Jeepney at 4:00pm. Guy caught a ride home with the ex Mayor who lives next to us and plays Mahjong as well.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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