Day 736 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 13th February:

Up at 5:00am for my early morning walk with Gerald and was greeted by a brownout. The power came back on at 5:45am so all good as I left at 6:00am.

Guy got up as well as she had to ring Jordan’s school back in AUS (3-hours ahead of us) to pay for a school excursion he was going on today and had forgotten to let Guy know about. After several calls to the school it was all sorted out and Jordan could go on his excursion.

The walk this morning was just up to Calong and back (7km trip) as it is very wet and slippery at the moment with all the rain. We have had nearly double the average February rainfall so far this month.

Arrived back at Gerald’s to be greeted by another brownout, which had started at 7:00am. After a cup of tea I was home by 8:30am and the power came back on at 8:45am so a quick shower was had just in case it went off again.

Late morning and we headed for Boac (20km away) and some Wi-Fi at the Tahanan Sa Isok Hotel. We managed to dodge the rain on the way in but it did rain fairly heavily while we were there. We got the blog posted, emails sorted and Skyped Jo (Guy’s daughter) and Lisa P (our good friend in Sydney).

At 3:30pm we packed up and made our way home once again missing the afternoon rains although the road was wet and the road works outside Boac were a swamp once again. Poor old Thunder Monster is now very muddy.

We had another brownout from 7:00pm till 8:00pm but luckily had already finished our dinner by this time, so all good.

Tuesday 14th February:

It is our second wedding anniversary today and it has been an amazing 2-years. Actually what an amazing 7-years it has been (the total time Guy and I had been together). It has been exciting, adventurous and we have had the best time together pursuing our joint and own interests as well (Eg: Guy’s Mahjong and my Outdoors activities).

We had a bit of a sleep in and a leisurely breakfast before heading to the market for some supplies. At midday Guy was off to Mahjong and I had a cleaning day at the cottage.

With all the rain our veranda has this lovely sheet of green slippery fungi growing on it. The only way to remove it is with a stiff brush and some elbow grease so feeling a little tired tonight after the scrubbing. Then a splash of Bleach keeps it at bay for a few months.

As the Thunder Monster missed her wash on Sunday and she got all muddy again yesterday, she got a wash today (no wax). The rain is still about but easing so she will be nice and dirty by next Sunday I am sure.

I cooked up some very nice Pork Adobo Spare Ribs for dinner (one of our favorite meals) as we enjoyed a very relaxing evening.

Wednesday 15th February:

Leisurely morning with a trip into the market for some supplies for the next few days. After lunch I walked (9km round trip) up to see Gerald and Guy settled in with the Seinfeld DVD series 1 and 2.

Gerald and I have wanted to walk across the island (west to east – 30km as the crow flies) but up till now the Police have recommended against it due to the possibility of running into the National Peoples Army (NPA) insurgents who have been known to shelter in the interior.

The two 10km sections in from each end are on “fire trail” type tracks with the middle 10km being through the interior where there are no roads and the only tracks are the ones used by the mountain people.

Gerald meet with the island Police Chief and Chief of Intelligence yesterday and they informed him that at the moment the island is NPA free and if we wanted to attempt the crossing, now is the time. They offered to assist us wherever they could with check ins along the way to ensure we are okay.

We will look at taking a “fixer” with us who will be able to assist with the middle 10km section by negotiating with mountain people to guide us through this mountain section.

We will need to be self sufficient for several days as we make our way through this section (this will be my favorite bit). We anticipate that the whole trip will take us 3-4 days.

We are looking at the end of March for the crossing so will spend the next 5-weeks training up. We are still pretty fit from our round the island walk so our fitness won’t be a problem.

While at Gerald’s, Sam the Filipino American / Israeli guy turned up so had a quick chat to him and then left him and Gerald to have a chin wag. I walked home along the beach in the cool afternoon breeze.

Guy got through to episode 10 of series 2 of Seinfeld before we had had enough for the day.

Thursday 16th February:

Woke up to a brownout at 8:45am and it was off all day till 4:15pm.

Ailyn (the massage lady) arrived at 9:00am for Guy’s 2-hour massage this morning. I did a rubbish burn up and cleaned the beach of litter at the same time.

As I was all nice and hot and bothered I had a scoop shower (no power) to cool off. Ailyn finished Guy’s massage at 11:15am so we enjoyed a nice big fresh pot of Pork Sinigang for lunch.

After lunch Guy headed for Mahjong and I made my way to Boac for some Wi-Fi at the Tahanan Sa Isok Hotel. The power was on in Boac so no problems there. I managed to get all my stuff done and cruised home with a quick stop at the Gasan bakery for some Pandecoco.

The power came back on just after I arrived so good timing on my behalf.

Friday 17th February:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. We both were a bit sluggish this morning in the humidity so a walk up to Calong and back (7km) was the order of the day.

Back home and Cherry was here for the washing and cleaning day. She also delivered some fresh Buko (Coconuts) so got the factory up and running to process them.

A quiet day at home chilling (with a little siesta) was the order of the day.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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