Day 750 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 25th February:

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am and I headed for The Boac Hotel to post the blog. About half way there I got hit by a thunderstorm and got wet through. I thought I could outrun it on the Thunder Monster, but when it pours, it pours. I was half dry by the time I got to Boac.

Wi-Fi was okay and got the blog posted and emails sorted. I made my way back home mid afternoon with a stop at the market for a few supplies and some fresh Pandecoco buns.

I finished reading my 5th book of the year “1st To Die” by James Patterson. A great murder mystery with some good twists and turns.

Sunday 26th February:

The Thunder Monster got an extra special wash and wax today. It was a glorious morning, so I parked her in the shade and spent 1.5-hours giving her the treatment. After a wash and dry I waxed all the plastic, seat and chrome to a nice shiny sheen. Man she looks good.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:00am and I headed to the expat gathering at midday. Usual crowd as we solved the problems of the world.

Guy had a win at Mahjong, so a great way to finish up the day.

Monday 27th February:

Up early, I picked up Gerald on the Thunder Monster and we headed up into the mountains to Malibago at the foot of Mount Malindig. We got caught in a rainstorm on the way up, so sheltered in a waiting/shelter shed for 30-minutes while it passed.

Once at Malibago, we parked the bike and started walking towards Tambunan. This is the track I tried to ride last week but got turned back 2km in due to the rough, steep and slippery track. Some 7km later we made it to Tambunan and I certainly made the right decision to turn back on the bike when I did. It is a bit of a goat track in places.

In Tambunan we managed to have a chat to one of the local Kagawads (local official) about our walk across the island and going through this way. He informed us that there is indeed a track from Tambunan that makes it all the way to Boac along the river and it takes about 7-hours plus to walk. Tambunan is right on the headwater of the Boac River.

So looks like this is the way we will go. We got the Kagawad’s number and will look at spending one night in Tambunan, and see if he will guide us through the 12km wilderness section from Tambunan along the Boac river till we reach civilization over Boac way.

He and his mate also informed us of a cave up in the hills behind the village. We decided to have a look so they took us up for a look see. The cave drops down about 10 feet at the opening and then winds its way back into the hills. We didn’t have any good torches so will come back another day, for the guided tour of the cave when we are better prepared. Looks interesting.

Leisurely walk back to Malibago and cruised back home in time for a 12:30pm lunch. A little siesta was the order for the afternoon.

Guy had a leisurely day with a trip to the market in the morning. She also had a 3-hour brownout to endure as well.

Tuesday 28th February:

Market day today so we cruised in for some supplies. At midday Guy was off to Mahjong and I enjoyed a little siesta as the weather is quite warm and humid at the moment.

At 2:00pm I had a slow walk into Gasan (5km) for a nice cold iced tea (or two) and some slowwww USB Broadband.  I guess I should be thankful for small mercies as at least I could connect today.

I walked back home in the late afternoon and as it was still pretty humid I got a nice sweat up. Got home at 5:40pm looking forward to a nice cool shower and wouldn’t you know it we had a brownout at 5:45pm. It came back on at 6:45pm so all good.

Guy had a big win at Mahjong today so she is very pleased with herself, and so am I.

Wednesday 29th February:

Gerald dropped by at 7:00am to have a chat about the across the island walk. He has drafted up a letter that Guy and I will present to the Barangay Captain up in Malibago on Friday asking for his permission to sleep in the Barangay Hall in Tambunan and to use one of his Kagawads as a guide for the centre wilderness section.

We are looking at doing the walk on the 19th, 20th & 21st of March (3 weeks away). So on Monday we will go to Boac and have a chat to the Police Chief and let him know of our route across the island and get his blessing.

It’s all coming together now. Looking forward to it.

Late morning we headed to the Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi and lunch. While Guy sorted her emails I went for a walk and got some more Star Apples at the market.

Cruised home late afternoon with a stop at the Gasan market. While Guy grabbed some spuds for dinner tonight, I found this little store that had two deep freezers with ice-cream in one of them. Our usual on again / off again ice-cream shop had disposed of their freezers some time ago. So a tub of “Double Dutch” just happened to fall into the shopping bag as we made a dash for home so it wouldn’t melt. Man it was good………

Thursday 1st March:

Ailyn (the massage lady) arrived just after 9:00am for Guy’s 2-hour massage. John (Pom) also dropped by for a short chat. After John left I did a rubbish burn up in the incinerator.

11:30am we headed into Gasan for Guy’s Mahjong and to wire some money to Susan (Guy’s friend) on the mainland. She is off to Manila tomorrow to buy some fairy wings for our friend Bec back in Adelaide (AUS).

I returned back home after dropping Guy off for a cup of tea. At 1:00pm, I hopped on the Thunder Monster only to discover that I had a flat rear tire. Quick check showed a lovely nail sticking out.

The tire is almost worn out and I had a new one here, so decided to put the new one on now. I took the rear wheel off myself and walked about half a km to our local Vulcanizing shop. The young guy put on the new tire and tube and fixed my old tube as a spare. He only charged me P50 ($1.20 AUS) so I gave him P100 ($2.40 AUS) for a job well done.

Back home and I re-fitted the rear tire and went for a test ride. A final chain adjustment was made and after a quick check up, it was all good.

Late afternoon, I was off into Gasan to pay the electricity bill and get some cash from the ATM, which was working today. A busy day…..

Guy arrived back home with another good Mahjong win so very pleased with herself.

Started, and finished reading my 6th book of the year “Judge & Jury” by James Patterson. A record for me, (in fact the first time ever) one book in one day. Great read.

Friday 2nd March:

Off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. Today we loaded up our packs (Gerald had 11kg and I had 8kg) for our walk up to Calong and back twice, as we are in training for the across the island walk (ATI) in two weeks time. It was quite hot and humid by the time we finished, so a nice cold iced tea was in order.

I also met Jay the Physiotherapist on the island. He arrived at Gerald’s just after we returned from our walk for a home consultation with Juliet (Gerald’s wife). Jay has been invited along on the ATI walk as well as his mate who is a doctor on the island. We had a good chat to him on the logistics of the walk and he will let us know if he and the doc will join us next week.

Back home and Cherry was here for her washing and cleaning day. Once she finished at 11:30am, Guy and I headed for Malibago some 24km away to catch up with the Barangay Captain to get a letter signed by him to give us permission to sleep in the Barangay Hall at Tambunan and use one of his Kagawads as a guide on the centre bit of our across the island walk.

He wasn’t there when we arrived so we made our way back to Buenavista for lunch. After lunch, Guy texted the Captain and he was back, so we rode back to see him and he signed the letter. The cost was a bottle of Brandy (P110 ($2.60 AUS)).

So now, the only thing left is the okay from the Police that there are no insurgents on the island at the moment. We are going to see them on Monday morning in Boac.

On the way home we called into the market and got some fresh sweet Star Apples. We love these things.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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