Day 757 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 3rd March:

Leisurely morning as we wait for the electrician, as the switch to the ceiling fan in the lounge room has died. I managed to turn the fan off and we are using a pedestal stand-alone fan, so all good.

He dismantled the switch and has given it to Yolanda (Our landlord) so she can get a new one to replace it.

Cherry our washing / cleaning lady dropped some Buko (coconuts) last night so we processed them by collecting the juice, adding the shredded soft flesh along with some condensed milk just to sweeten it a little bit. This is Guy’s all time favorite drink. I don’t mind a drop either.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I headed for Boac Hotel to post the blog. Wi-Fi today was crap. I couldn’t connect via the Hotel Wi-Fi so finished up using my USB Broadband stick. This was okay but kept freezing and slowing down. But eventually got everything posted and emails done. Ooohhh and we had a 30-minute brownout in amongst this time as well, just for good measure.

I cruised back to the Barbarossa in Gasan for a light lunch. Meet Ron (Yank) there and had a chat to him.

The power was off again at 4:45pm and back on at 6:00pm.

Sunday 4th March:

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax this morning. Guy off to Mahjong at midday and I made my way to the expat gathering at the Barbarossa. Usual gathering of great minds, with many worldly issues being resolved.

Monday 5th March:

No walk this morning as Gerald and I made our way to the Boac Police Station leaving at 8:00am. Gerald had a letter with our itinerary for the 3-day across the island walk that we need to get approved. We meet with the Deputy Provisional Director and he was okay with it. We just need to get the final okay from the Head of Intelligence who will also confirm that there are no insurgents on the island at present. He is away today but back tomorrow. The Police will text Gerald when he is available and we will go back and see him.

Guy did a market run via the Jeepney while I was away for some supplies.

Tuesday 6th March:

Market day so off for some supplies and see what fresh fruit / veggies were on the go today. Lots more Star Apples made their way into our shopping bags.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday as I waited to see what was happening with Gerald and the Police in Boac re our clearance.

Heard from Gerald early afternoon and nothing yet. So I decided to walk into Gasan (5km) as I’m looking for a shower curtain to use as a water proof ground sheet on our across the island walk camping. I looked in about half a dozen stores and nothing. As it was hot and humid I had a few iced teas at the Barbarossa and had a chat to Ron (Yank) as he was also there.

I told Ron of my inability to find a shower curtain and he told me to wait a minute and disappeared. 10 minute later he was back with my shower curtain. So now I have my ground sheet.

Walked back home in the heat and humidity of the mid afternoon so hit the cool refreshing shower once home,

Wednesday 7th March:

John (The Pom) dropped in for his weekly morning gossip eeerrr I mean chat and a cup of tea. After lunch we headed up to see Berthold (German) and Josephine (Local) who live at the other side of Gasan by the airport (about 14-minute ride away).

We spent the afternoon chatting to them and using his “fast” Wi-Fi. It is actually the fastest I have used on the island so far. So managed to download the Kindle app for my MacBook Pro, install it and get my Amazon account setup so I can use the app.

Also downloaded some books from a dropbox that I created thanks to James R back in AUS.

Got home late afternoon and played with the Kindle app and finally got all the books James sent me loaded up and working. The next step is to get a Kindle for each of us, as we are reading more and more now.

Thursday 8th March:

Ailyn the massage lady arrived at 9:00am for my 2-hour massage today. Very nice indeed.

After and early lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I had to finish my 7th book of the year “The Jester” by James Patterson as it was getting exciting.

I then grabbed the laptop and walked into Barbarossa (5km) and tried some slow USB Broadband. Managed to get emails done and downloaded a few more Kindle books from James over a couple of cold iced teas.

I walked back home later in the afternoon, arriving home to a very refreshing cool shower. Guy arrived not long after for an evening of “American Idol”. Yea sad I know.

Friday 9th March:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. Short 8km walk today as we are now tapering for the across the island walk Monday week. We still have to get the final Police okay and also need to drop by and see the Torrijos police (over by the start of the walk) and let them know our plans. We shall do that next week.

Back home and Cherry our washing / cleaning lady was here for her chores. Guy arrived back from a market run with fresh supplies for a nice big pot of Sinigang.

After lunch a siesta was in order. Then it was time to clean the two fans we use. The ceiling fan in the lounge and our free standing fan were in need of a clean as they were looking a little the worst for wear all covered in dust. Wash, dried and reassembled them and they are all new again.

A rubbish burn up was the next job along with a beach clean up of littler. Not much litter at all today on the beach so had it cleaned up in no time. I worked up a nice sweat so my second shower for the day was in order.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Other Stuff:

Accessing the simple things in life:

Living back in Australia we really did have everything at our fingertips.

When I purchased the Thunder Monster I tried to get a tire pressure gauge here on the island and nothing. I finally found them in Manila in an auto shop in the mall so bought two.

Same deal with a plastic microwave cover that you place over your plate when heating food. Nothing on the island and we even had trouble getting one in Manila but we eventually found one.

The current task is to find a meat tenderizer (the hammer type). There is nothing available here on the island that we have found after looking throughout Gasan and Boac (the capital of the island). So looks like another Manila purchase when we next visit.

You can’t really get frustrated with the lack of goods because it does you no good. You just work around whatever is missing and it is surprising how you can actually do without it and it isn’t the end of the world.

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