Day 764 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 10th March:

Guy had a 9:30am Mahjong start this morning so she was off early. Before she left we processed four Buko’s (coconuts supplied by Cherry our washing lady) and made some juice and Buko salad. Buko salad is made up of coconut flesh, some fruit salad and long life cream. You then freeze it and eat it like ice cream. Very very very nice……

At 11:00am I headed for the Boac Hotel (22km away) and some Wi-Fi.

A pleasant surprise as the Wi-Fi was pretty good today. I got the blog posted, a MacBook update loaded, some more Kindle books from James “Dropbox” downloaded, setup my Amazon Kindle account and downloaded some free books from the book shop.

I arrived back home late afternoon and rested up after my busy day. Guy walked home (5km) from a Mahjong win arriving right at dusk and very pleased with her self.

Sunday 11th March:

The Thunder Monster got a wipe over today, as she is still clean from last week’s shine, as it has been a dry week.

Guy off to Mahjong at 9:30am for an early start. I walked into the Barbarossa at 11:00am for the expat gathering and home again (10km round trip) in the late afternoon.

Nice quiet day all round.

I finished my 8th book of the year “Crime Beat” by Michael Connelly (My first Kindle Book). An interesting read about specific crimes by a newspaper reporter in the USA.

Monday 12th March:

No walk this morning as Gerald has injured his right calf muscle after a mishap in the garden yesterday.

John (Pom) dropped by for a chat and a coffee. At 10:00am I paid Gerald a visit to see how the injury was going. He is icing it and will start using heat later this afternoon. We will reassess the across the island walk (scheduled to start next Monday) at the end of the week once we see how Gerald’s injury is going.

Late morning it was off to Boac with a quick stop over to see Berthold (German). He has downloaded a TV series for us and I had a 4GB USB stick to load it up. Sadly we needed about 12GB so looks like I will have to get a 16GB stick to load the series.

Had lunch and grabbed some Wi-Fi at the Boac Hotel. Wi-Fi was once again quite good today so we got all our web stuff done.

Tuesday 13th March:

Market day in Gasan, so we make our way in at 7:00am for some supplies for the next few days.

After dropping Guy and the groceries off at home, I headed to the Boac Provincial police station where I meet Gerald and Juliet (his wife). We then caught up with the Head of Intelligence and his female assistant. We discussed the across the island walk we want to do starting on Monday 19th and lasting 3 days.

He informed us that there had been possible sightings of insurgents (National Peoples Army (NPA)) up in the northeast corner of the island. This isn’t where we are going by the way. But nonetheless he has insisted that we take a Police escort with us, which he will supply (a young officer).

He just wants us to have a safe trip and was really helpful and accommodating. Whenever we can get a mobile phone signal we will text the Police our GPS coordinates so they know where we are.

Turns out that the officer was one of Juliet’s former pupils and he speaks English so should be an interesting trip. We are just waiting for the final approval of our Police escort, which should come in the next few days.

There were a couple of other locals who were interested in joining us on the walk but they have all pulled out. So it will be Gerald, our Police escort and myself.

At 4:00pm I did a quick trip to Gerald’s house to sign a letter that he will drop off at the Torrijos Police station (other side of the island) tomorrow letting them know of our movements as we will be starting the walk in their area of responsibility.

I am actually really looking forward to this walk, especially the centre wilderness section (will be 15-20km ish). Should be fun.

Guy’s Mahjong winning streak has come to an end. Ooohhh well you win some, you lose some.

I finished my 9th book of the year “The Cobra” by Fredrick Forsyth (Kindle Book).

Wednesday 14th March:

Leisurely morning this morning. Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I had a siesta after lunch as John (Pom) and one of his old friends visiting from Angeles (North of Manila) are coming down to the Nipa Hut for a party.

They all arrived at 3:00pm and were finally driven home (after quite a few ales & some food) in a Trike at 7:00pm ish.

Heard from Gerald and the visit to the Torrijos Police re our walk across the island was all good. He also had confirmation that we will now not have a Police escort. So back to our original plan of taking one of the local fixers (Ferdinand) with us.

A very nice relaxing day.

Thursday 15th March:

Ailyn the massage lady was here at 9:00am for Guy’s 2-hour massage. I did a bit of a cleanup from the party last night in the mean time.

At 10:00am John and Howard (his pommy visitor) arrived to pickup John’s motorbike as he left it here last night due to one too many wines. They had a cup of tea and a chat before departing.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and I made my way to Boac Hotel for some Wi-Fi, which was pretty good today. At 2:00pm I meet up with John, Ivan, Howard (visitor) and Dave (visitor) for lunch in Boac.

A nice late afternoon lunch was enjoyed by all. I headed back home to be greeted by a brownout at 5:15pm. The power came back on at 8:00pm so all good.

Friday 16th March:

No walk with Gerald this morning as he is still resting his injured calf so he will be fit for Monday and our across the island walk.

At 6:00am I walked up to see him for our final planning session and gear check. I walked back home along the beach (9km walk all up) and a very pleasant walk it was.

Cherry was here for our washing and cleaning day. Guy did a trip to the market for some supplies for the next few days via Jeepney.

I spent the morning laying out all my gear for Monday and charging up all the batteries for torches, GPS and camera.

After lunch it was off to see Berthold (German) and drop off a 16GB USB drive so he could load up season 8 of “Two and a Half Men”. We left the stick with him and back to the market for my haircut with Rose. After the haircut we called past Berthold’s to get the stick but he was sleeping so we left a message with the maid that we would call back tomorrow.

Home and grabbed our empty Gas 11kg bottle and a 20L drinking water container and caught a Jeepney into Gasan to replace them. Loaded the replenished containers into a Trike and back home.

I then grabbed one of the maps for the across the island walk and made my back to the market. I discovered, while getting the Gas, that there is a new internet café just opened up next door to the Gas shop. They have all new gear along with a new photocopier.

They did my map copying and I had a chat to the owner who is a young guy who is actually an English Filipino (spent most of his life in England). He has 3MB Wi-Fi in the shop and is happy to let me plug in for P20 ($0.48 AUS) per hour. I will give it a go tomorrow and if the speed is good it will mean I have Wi-Fi in Gasan which is only 6km away from home and not 22km as Boac is.

A busy day all round.

Finished reading my 10th book of the year “Eye of the storm” by Jack Higgins – Kindle Book.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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