Day 779 of retirement

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Day 2 of the walk photos are in this week’s blog. Day 1 photos were posted last week.

Hi All

Sunday 25th March:

The Thunder Monster just got a wipe over today, as she is till nice and shiny for her shine last week.

At 10:30am we made our way into Gasan where I dropped Guy off at Mahjong for her 11:00am start and I hit the “Google IT Café” (The new Wi-Fi place opposite the Gasan market) to post the blog, catch up on emails. And download some more free Kindle books (Thanks heaps too James R).

At 12:00noon I made my way to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Nice crowd today with nine members turning up.

The rain was back by 2:00pm and rained for the rest of the afternoon. At 4:00pm I did a dash for home and made it without getting too wet.

At 4:50pm we had a brownout till 6:00pm then off again at 10:00pm. It was till off when Guy went to bed at midnight, but was back on in the morning.

Monday 26th March:

Awoke to grey skies, looked like rain was going to be the order of the day. So we did a quick trip to the market for some supplies.

While there I went across the road to pay our electricity bill (we are billed monthly here) as the meter is read on the 22nd of each month and the bill is ready to pay a couple of days after.

Well they are a bit behind so bill hasn’t been processed yet. I’ll check back later this week and we shall see.

After lunch and a siesta I set about to fix the hose joint from a tap to the toilet cistern. And of course nothing is a standard size. The fitting that was leaking isn’t available from any of the Gasan hardware stores. So we sacrificed the hand basin fittings and got the cistern back in action only to find that the hose now leaked.

So back to the hardware for a new hose. Finally all fixed. Now we have no water to the hand basin but the cistern works. I will have a look in Boac tomorrow for the required fitting and get the hand basin back in action.

The afternoon rain came so a quiet one at home.

We had an evening brownout from 7:00pm to 7:45pm.

I finished reading the 13th book of the year “Dude Where Is My Country?” by Michael Moore (Kindle Book). An interesting and frustrating read.

Tuesday 27th March:

Market day, so into the Gasan markets as we had some fresh beef ordered at the butcher shop. Picked a few extra goodies and home for breakfast.

At 10:00am we made our way down the road about 4km and up a side road to see John (Aussie from Darwin) and his wife Nerissa (Local). We had a look at their new house which is very nice.

John is going back to Australia on Thursday as he is still working. Nerissa will stay on to finish off the house and then she will be back in Australia in May ish. They plan to retire here probably in twelve months or so. John is about to turn 65 later this year.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I walked into Gasan to the Google IT Wi-Fi café. Just as I arrived at 2:00pm the rain was back so I caught the Jeepney back home at 4:30pm (I was going to walk home).

I finished my 14th book of the year “2nd Chance” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). A good murder mystery.

Wednesday 28th March:

Up at 10:30am only to be greeted by a brownout. The power did come back on at 11:00am as we headed off to Boac.

We set ourselves up in the Boac Hotel for lunch and some Wi-Fi. And wouldn’t you know it the power then went off at 12:00noon.But it only lasted for 20 minutes so all good. Just before lunch we Skyped Guy’s daughter Jo, Dave (her partner) and Jordan (her son) in Canberra, AUS.

Jo had just returned from her graduation ceremony for a “Bachelor of Interior Design” course. Jordan was visiting for the day to celebrate with her and get a day off school (he’s in year 11). Video was working on their end so it was great to be able to see them all and also Jo’s “bump” (Grandchild on the way).

After a very nice lunch of Pancit, Guy hit the drug store for a few supplies and I found the plumbing bits I needed to fix the leak in the bathroom. I am replacing the whole tap / hose setup with a standard sized one.

With rain looming once again we packed up and made our way home by 3:00pm with just a few misty showers encountered on the way.

A relaxing late afternoon of siestas, reading and fixing the plumbing in the bathroom completed the day.

Thursday 29th March:

The steady rain started early last night and it rained all night till 10:30am this morning.

Ailyn the massage lady was an hour late so Guy had a one-hour massage (then she had to head off to Mahjong) and I took up the other hour. I had Ailyn concentrate on my lower back and legs.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday and after I had lunch, I walked into Gasan (5km) as it was a nice “cool” (I wore a tee-shirt instead of a singlet) overcast day and the humidity wasn’t too bad.

I grabbed a quick hours of Wi-Fi at the Google It café opposite the market and then walked back home (6km – I went the long way). Only had a bit of drizzle rain today so all good.

I finished my 15th book of the year “3rd Degree” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). Another good murder mystery.

Friday 30th March:

Off to see Gerald at 8:00am for a cup of tea and a chat (no walk this morning). With Easter and the Moriones Festival and his visitors the week after Easter, we have put our walks on hold till the end of April when things get back to normal.

We had a brownout at 8:30am with the power back on at 9:15am.

Cherry here this morning for the washing and cleaning. Guy had been to the market by the time I got home so we had supplies for the next few days.

Quiet morning and after lunch we hit the Google It café for some Wi-Fi for Guy to catch up on emails.

Saturday 31st March:

John (Pom) dropped by at 9:00am for a chat and a cup of tea. Guy was off to Mahjong at 10:00am and John left soon after.

I had an early lunch and then headed to see Ivan (Aussie chicken farmer) up by Boac. Ivan has joined the 21st century and got himself a laptop. I took up my SMART USB Broadband stick to see if he could get a signal on his farm.

Sadly no go. He is in a bit of a valley so no line of sight with the towers in Boac which is about 4km away as the crow flies. Ooohhh well he will have to utilize the Wi-Fi establishments in Boac and Gasan.

He is going to have a chat to PLDT (Philippines Telecom) and see if it would be possible to get a line into his farm from the main road as he is about 1km in. We shall see.

Mid afternoon, I cruised back home and managed to get wet in one of the afternoon storms. It was dry at the cottage and the rain was actually quite refreshing.

Guy arrived home with another win at Mahjong so very pleased with herself.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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