Day 792 of retirement

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The Sunday Grand Parade pics will be posted next week.

Hi All

Saturday 7th April:

Leisurely morning with Guy cooking up some Chicken Rice for the next few days and I did a rubbish burn up followed by a nice cool refreshing shower. Guy off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I made my way to Google IT (Wi-Fi) to post the blog and check emails as they have been closed the last two days because of Easter.

They celebrate Easter Thursday and Friday here and not Monday like back in AUS.

Got everything done and cruised back home past the bakery where they were taking out of the oven a fresh batch of Pandecoco (little buns full of sweet coconut flesh for P1 each (2.5 cents AUS)). Very yummy with a nice hot cup of tea at home.

Sunday 8th April:

It is the Moriones Festival Grand parade day, so Guy and I headed into Gasan at 7:30am. The Grand Parade is made up of each Barangay putting together a group of people (young & older) who dress up in very colorful outfits and do a dance routine to their own group of rhythmic drummers.

It is my favorite part of the Moriones Festival with all the sounds, color, dancing and everybody just out for a damn good time. There is something about rhythmic drumming that I could listen to all day. As the drummers passed you by, the vibrations reverberate right through your whole body.

After the parade Guy was off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I made my way to the new DJ’s restaurant on the fifth floor of the tallest building in Gasan. It had a very nice cool breeze blowing through and I was able to connect to their Wi-Fi (first time I have used it), which was nice and quick.

A Pork hamburger was devoured for lunch and it was very nice. I had a chat to Gil (the owner who is a local but has spent many years in USA) and they are closing tonight to complete the restaurant’s building works. He will have the grand opening in mid May at Gasan festival time so looking forward to it.

He has good food and good Wi-Fi, all we need really.

At midday I made my way to Barbarossa for the expat gathering. It was busy today with parade and this being the final day of Easter / Moriones Festival celebrations.

I left early (1:00pm) as the MotoGP (Qatar) qualifying session was scheduled for the afternoon. But of course the programming was wrong (only a few hours out) and then we had a brownout from 2:00pm to 3:30pm just to add insult to injury.

Luckily just as the power came back, the MotoGP qualifying session started, so perfect timing.

Monday 9th April:

The Qatar MotoGP race didn’t start till 3:00am so I stayed up and watched Casey Stoner (Current world champ and aussie) come in third after leading the race most of the way. A good start to the season.

I finally made it to bed at 4:00am.

The alarm was set for 6:30am as Guy and I were going to visit the Port of Balanacan to see the masses of people catching the Ro-Ro after the Easter / Moriones Festival week of festivities. Unfortunately after hitting the alarm’s off button, we went back to sleep and arose just after 10:00am.

OOohhhhh well, one of the benefits of being retired I guess…….

After lunch it was into Google IT Wi-Fi to sort out web stuff. Guy used one of their PCs and I the MacBook so a very productive few hours.

Back home to a brownout but the power was back again a half hour after we arrived home so all good.

Tuesday 10th April:

Market day, so we made our way for some fresh supplies (meat & mangoes) for the next few days.

Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I waited round while the electrician finally arrived to fix our ceiling fan switch. And of course just as he started we had a brownout for an hour. But it is now all fixed.

I did a quick trip into the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi as I had to update the MacBook. Got that all done and home for a rest before dinner…..

Wednesday 11th April:

A sad day today as Guy received a message that her long time fellow Mahjong player, The Engineer, died last night at the tender age of 84. He died of a heart attack in the early hours of the morning.

The Mahjong crowd is looking at an all nighter game to commemorate The Engineer.

Mid morning we made our way to Boac and the PNB bank to get my web access reset after being locked out last week. The people at the bank are extremely helpful (They want to help you…) and had it all done for us by early afternoon.

We then went exploring on the Thunder Monster up on the north end of the island. Guy had heard of a secondary road being upgraded and extended through the mountain that hooks up with the main round the island road over Mogpog way.

We found the road and followed it till the concrete surface ran out. We had a chat to one of the workers working on the road and learnt that it does go all the way through the mountains but gets pretty rough on the last bit before the national road junction. I shall come back another day and explore the rough section and see how rough it is.

The scenery was fantastic as you wound your way through the mountains. A great ride on the bike on the twisty road.

We then headed to Goodchow in Boac for lunch consisting of real burgers and fries. A nice cruise home along the coast followed lunch.

Late afternoon I did a beach cleanup in front of the cottage while Guy had a siesta. It is quite hot here in the afternoons now, so once the cleanup was completed I went for a swim. Very refreshing as the water is quite warm by AUS standards.

At 6:30pm I dropped Guy off The Engineer’s house for the all night wake / Mahjong game.

I finished reading my 19th book of the year “Assholes Finish First” by Tucker Max (Kindle Book), A sexist trash read about a guy full of himself. An interesting read none the less.

Thursday 12th April:

At 6:30am Guy arrived back home (she walked home (5km)) after the all night Mahjong game at The Engineer’s wake. And she had a win so happy with that.

Ailyn arrived at 9:30am for my 2-hour massage. At 11:30am after my massage John (Pom) arrived to go through my Moriones Festival photos as he is going to use some of them for his Xmas cards this year.

He picked out five of his favorites but has forgotten his USB stick so will sort that out tomorrow. He will take them to a printer in Boac who will use the pics and add the text for his Xmas cards.

Guy back off to Mahjong at midday after a few hours sleep. Now that is dedication to the sport…….

After lunch and a little siesta, I went cruising on the Thunder Monster down south past Buenavista in the western shadow of Mount Malindig. There have been a lot of new concrete road works carried out, so that there is now concrete all the way to Yook (10km south of Buenavista).

I then cruised back to Gasan and the Barbarossa for a nice cold iced tea. I meet Geoff (Pom) and an English gentleman with his wife (Filipino) who are visiting the island. They currently live in Thailand where he works in the ship brokerage industry.

Home late afternoon with Guy arriving at 5:30pm and losing all her winnings of yesterday. Oohhh well can’t win them all.

Friday 13th April:

Off to Gerald’s for an early morning walk, after having a month off. We did a short one (1.5-hours) along the beach today to get back into the swing of things. Our Monday and Friday walks are back on the agenda once again.

Back home and Cherry is here for our washing and cleaning day. Guy and I did a market run to get some supplies for the next few days.

The weather is getting hot and humid once again. The afternoons are not much good for anything other than relaxing, reading and grabbing a siesta. Guy caught up on some missed sleep from the last few days and I siesta-ed in sympathy on the other couch.

A very nice relaxed day.

At 7:00pm I ran Guy back into another all night Mahjong game at the Engineers wake. Gambling at a wake is actually one of the few times it is legal to do so in one’s home here in the Philippines.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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