Day 799 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 14th April:

Guy got home at 6:30am after another all-nighter at Mahjong at the funeral wake. We finally both arose at 11:00am after a solid sleep. After a latish lunch and a little siesta, we made our way to the Google It Wi-Fi café at 3:00pm.

We got all our web stuff done and the blog posted and were back home by 4:30pm. I went for a walk up the beach for a few kms. It was too hot and humid to go further so made my way back for a quiet evening.

Sunday 15th April

The Thunder Monster got her usual wash and wax this morning. She is all nice and shiny once again.

At 11:00am we made our way to Google IT for some Wi-Fi and Guy a little banking matter to take care of. She then headed off to Mahjong for the day and night. She is doing another all-nighter tonight in memory of the Engineer.

At midday I hit the expat gathering at the Barbarossa for the afternoon. Another good crowd today.

Home and a quiet evening, reading and watching a special about the Titanic which was lost 100-years ago.

Monday 16th April:

Up and away by 6:00am this morning for my walk with Gerald. We tackled a few hills this morning by going up and across to the Grotto and then back down the ridgeline. We were back just before 8:00am so missed the heat and humidity that was starting to build up. A nice cold iced tea followed by a cup of hot tea concluded the walk very nicely.

I arrived home 8:30am ish and Guy was home from her all-nighter Mahjong game and fast asleep in bed. I had a nice cool refreshing shower and prepared myself for a relaxing morning of reading followed by a siesta.

Guy slept till 1:00pm and then made her way up for a late ish lunch. Late afternoon we headed into the Google IT café and Guy was able to Skype her kids (Jo & Jordan) who are currently all together in Canberra. Jo is Canberra based and Jordan is Sydney based but he is in Canberra at the moment on school holidays.

I finished reading my 20th book of the year “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy (Kindle Book). A great read about biological terrorism.

Tuesday 17th April:

Market day today so in we went to get some supplies before it got too hot. For the first time today there were a lot of stalls missing. Mainly the clothes, shoes, pots and pans stalls. Don’t know where they were.

At 9:30am, I picked up Gerald (Pom) on the Thunder Monster and we headed off to Boac to see the Pulis (to thank them for their support on our across the island walk) and the tourism people (to get some info on the Moriones Festival as Gerald is doing an article for the “Enrich” magazine with some of my pics).

The Pulis we wanted to see weren’t there so we made our way to the municipal offices and had a chat to a number of the tourism people. They were able to provide Gerald with a complete definitive history of the Moriones Festival but it is in Tagalog so he will have to get Juliet (wife) to translate the relevant bits. The book he has is actually a Thesis completed by one of the locals so should be very interesting to see the complete history.

The tourism people were a really great bunch and nothing was too much trouble for them. When we return the Moriones Festival Thesis to them in a few weeks, we are going to share some GPS waypoints on certain prominent spots round the island. I feel some more exploring coming on.

Back home by midday just as Guy was heading off to Mahjong.

I had a relaxing afternoon in the heat and humidity. After lunch a siesta under the fan was enjoyed.

Then a quick trip into Gasan for a few more supplies and low and behold some ice cream. The store had a fresh batch of ice cream. One of the few luxuries we indulge in periodically when it is available.

I finsihed reading my 21st book of the year “Blackwater” by Jeremy Scahill (Kindle Book). This is a summary version about “Blackwater” a private American security company (Mercenary company) operating in Iraq and some of the incidents it is responsible for.

Wednesday 18th April:

Leisurely morning. At 10:15am we rode up to Boac and settled ourselves in the café at the Boac Hotel. After an early lunch of Pancit and deep fried pig intestines (taste and texture like squid and very nice) we Skyped Jo and Jordan (Guy’s kids) back in Aussie. Got an issue where we can see them but they can’t see us so some debugging required in Skype. It used to work until I upgraded Skype. GGggrrrrrrr.

While Guy did her email stuff I went for a wander and got a few supplies. I have been trying to get some Balsamic Vinegar on the island and no luck so far. We are going to Manila next week so will stock up then.

Home by 1:30pm and the afternoon heat and humidity had well and truly hit, so a relaxing time under the fan was had by all.

At 6:00pm I dropped Guy back off at the Engineer’s wake for another all night Mahjong game.

Finished reading my 22nd book of the year “Attack on the DEA” by Edgar Escobar (Kindle Book). Don’t bother reading it.

Thursday 19th April:

Guy arrived home at 6:30am after her Mahjong all nighter. She managed to get a couple of hours sleep before Ailyn, the massage lady, arrived at 9:30am for her massage.

We had a “rest day” for the remainder of the day (a little TV, reading and the odd siesta thrown in). I did a bit of a rubbish cleanup in the morning before it got too hot and humid.

Finished reading my 23rd book of the year “No Way Down : Life and Death on K2” by Graham Bowley (Kindle Book). All about the tragic climbing season on K2 (Pakistan) in August 2008 when 11 mountaineers died over a two-day period.

Friday 20th April:

Guy had a rough night last night as she has got herself a cold and a nasty cough along with it. So out with the cold and flu drugs and a quiet day to be had.

Cherry here at 8:00am for the washing and cleaning day. I did a run into the market to get supplies for the next three days as we are off to Manila on Monday for a few days.

After lunch we both had a very nice siesta under the fan, as it is another hot one today.

At 7:00pm I dropped Guy at the Engineers house for the final all night wake Mahjong game. The funeral is at 1:00pm tomorrow.

While it was cooler I dropped into the Google IT café and posted the blog before heading back home for a quiet evening.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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