Day 806 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 21st April:

Gerald and I left at 6:00am for our walk (2.5-hours) up to Meadow Peak. We haven’t been up there for a while and as it is nice and dry back in the boondocks it was a good time to visit one of our favorite places minus the muddy trail.

You are some 300m ish above sea level and about 3-4km back from the coast so you get a fantastic panoramic view of the coast including Mount Malindig off to the left. Would be a great place to live with that view……

After a nice cold iced tea I arrive back home at 9:30am to find Guy fast asleep after her final all nighter Mahjong game at the Engineer’s wake.

At 10:00am John (Pom) turned up for a chat and a cup of tea while Guy arose from her early morning siesta at just after 11:00am.

At 1:00pm I dropped Guy off at the Catholic Cathedral for the Engineer’s funeral and I grabbed some Wi-Fi before heading home to a little siesta.

Sunday 22nd April:

Light rain falling this morning. Enough to be annoying, but not enough to water the garden. Ooohhh well the “wet” will be here soon enough.

Guy still got a nasty cough with her cold. Drugs are helping and she did manage to sleep till 11:15am this morning so getting some rest.

The Thunder Monster got a wipe over rather than the usual as she was still clean due to no rain all week.

Midday and Guy off to Mahjong and I hit the Barbarossa for the expat gathering.

Finished reading my 24th book of the year “The Accountant’s Story” by Roberto Escobar & David Fisher (Kindle Book). A good read about Pablo Escobar (the Cocaine King in Columbia) written by his brother.

Monday 23rd April:

Busy day today. Up at 5:00am with Ron picking us up at 5:50am, and off to Balanacan Port to catch the 8:00am Ro-Ro to Lucena on the mainland. Arrived in Lucena at 11:30am and onto the JAC Liner (Bus) for Manila.

We arrived in Manila just after 3:30pm. We dumped our bags at Beth’s (Guy’s sister) place and off to the air-conditioned mall (It was dam hot in the streets).

We purchased the bulk of our supplies that we can’t get on the island (Meat tenderizer, Balsamic Vinegar, Cheese, Photo Magazines, etc.) before settling back for my first Chai Latte in 3 months and man it was good.

Back to Guy’s mum’s place (next door to Beth’s place) for dinner and crashed at 10:00pm.

Tuesday 24th April:

After breakfast with the family we caught a cab to the YKL (Fuji Distributor in the Philippines) which is up and over towards the mall. We got caught in a traffic jam (due to road works) and it took us an hour to approximately move 1km but we finally got there.

The reason for this trip was to have them have a look at my Fuji X100 camera as I have a tiny dust spot on the sensor and it is about to run out of warranty. Normally I would remove the lens and clean it myself but as the lens is fixed on the X100, no can do. I use my X100 pretty much daily in all conditions (I don’t baby the camera) so not surprised it has happened as the camera isn’t weather proofed.

It only affects about 1 in 300 pics and only when I shoot at f11 to f16 and even then only under certain conditions. And I can fix it via my editing software if required.

So I show the service tec guy the issue and he got it straight away. Fifteen minutes later he informed me that they will replace the whole camera with a new one and was I happy with that?

Dam straight I was happy. I expected them to tell me to leave it with them for 4 weeks while they cleaned it. So 1-hour after arriving at YKL I was walking out with a brand new X100. Now that is great service….

Into another cab and off to the mall round the back streets to bypass the roadworks we hit getting there. At the mall we had lunch at Shakeys (Mo Jo’s and pizza as they make the best) and then purchased the last few luxuries for the island.

Back to Beth’s to pack and arrived at the JAC Liner bus terminal at 3:30pm for the bus that will drop us off at out front door. We left Manila at 5:30pm and arrived in Lucena Port at 11:00pm (5.5 – hours).

At 12:00 midnight we left on the Ro-Ro and arrived at Cawit Port at 3:15am (a smoooooth trip of 3 ¼ – hours).

Wednesday 25th April:

At 4:30am we arrived home with all our luxuries intack, some 13-hours after leaving Manila. We both managed a few hours snoozing in that time so not too bad.

After a quick unpack to put the perishables in the fridge and have a cup of tea we hit the hay just as the sun was rising at 5:30am. I arose at 9:00am and Guy at 10:00am.

After lunch a quick trip into the market was in order to top up on some supplies for the next few days. Then a very quiet relaxing afternoon, while I finished setting up my new camera and Guy had a long siesta.

Another hot one today.

Thursday 26th April:

Up and ready for my massage with Ailyn at 9:00am. At 10:00am she still hadn’t arrived so after some texts and a call from Guy it was discovered that Ailyn had heard from somebody that we were away so she decided not to come.

Anyway it was all cleared up and she arrived at 10:30am for my 2-hour massage. Guy headed off to her Mahjong at midday.

After a later lunch and a bit of a rest I headed into town to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Back home at 5:00pm with Guy arriving at 6:00pm for a relaxing evening.

I cooked up some Longanisa Sausages (smoke Pork with herbs & spices) which were very very nice with some rice and Mungo Beans (Legume). Dessert was fresh mangoes.

Finished reading my 25th book of the year “Along Came A Spider” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). A good thriller with twists and turns.

Friday 27th April:

Up nice and early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. We left at 5:45am (as the sun was coming up) to beat the heat and humidity as best we could.

Today we walked up to the Calong village (in the boondock behind Gerald’s) and then carried on straight ahead up a gully towards the ridgeline. At Calong you can turn right and this will take you to Meadow Peak and left will bring you round back to Gerald’s but we had not explore the straight ahead bit yet.

We made our way up the gully and got about half way to the ridge top and turned back. We did see some great limestone cliffs off in the distance so planning to go back up there on Monday and see if we can get to the base of the cliffs and maybe some caves.

I’m still looking for that pirate treasure in a cave……….

Back home and after a nice cool shower, Guy and I headed into the market for some supplies. Once back home a late breakfast was had consisting of real cheese (purchased in Manila earlier this week) on whole wheat crackers with tomato and balsamic vinegar and washed down with tea (me) and coffee (Guy). Aaahhhhhh life’s little luxuries are grand.

A relaxing afternoon out of the heat and humidity under the fan.

After dinner (7:00pm) we cruised into Gasan and the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi in the cool of the evening (not many kids there at that time either). It was a slow cruise as the headlight on the Thunder Monster isn’t the best and my night blindness isn’t getting any better either. Must see if I can get a better headlight globe.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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