Day 813 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 28th April:

Guy had an early Mahjong game today starting at 10:30am. On the ride into town we stopped at the sewing man’s place as we have a couple of jobs for him.

My favorite hiking hat is coming apart so getting him to sew it back up for me. Also we are having Mark III of our custommade shoulder shopping bag made. We had him make Mark I & II previously so that we can comfortably carry our shopping from the market to home on the Thunder Monster.

Mark III is having an adjustment made to the shoulder strap to make it a little more comfortable when the bag is loaded with heavy stuff.

I reckon by Mark IIII we should have it about right. OOohhhh and he charges us P150 ($3.60 AUS) for each bag. A bargain, to get exactly what you want.

After dropping Guy off, I hit the Google IT café and posted the blog.

Home for lunch and a siesta as the afternoon heat and humidity is back. Late afternoon, I did a rubbish burn up and beach clean. By the time I was finished I was extremely hot and bothered so a nice refreshing swim was in order. Cooled me down nicely. A nice cold iced tea under the fan (after a shower) completed the day’s activities.

Finished reading my 26th book of the year “Lt Commander Mollie Sanders” by Mitchell R Miller & Phyllis Zimbler (Kindle Book). A good adventure read.

Sunday 29th April:

The Thunder Monster got a wipe over this morning, as she is still nice and shiny due to no rain this last week.

I dropped Guy off at Mahjong at 10:00am and home for a shower as I was rather hot and sweaty at this stage. At 11:00am I headed to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi and to get some information printed off for Ron (Yank) on international nurses working in Australia.

He has three nieces that are at nursing school here in the Philippines and would like to work in either the USA or Australia. I downloaded some information off the web as a starter for him.

At midday I made my way to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. At 1:30pm it was home for the final qualifying sessions of the Spanish MotoGP. The race commenced at 8:00am and it was great to see Casey Stoner take his first win for the season.

Monday 30th April:

Up and off to Gerald’s, and on the trail for our walk by 5:45am to beat the heat. Today we explored a track up behind Kalong (behind Gerald’s house) that took us to the top of the ridgeline with sweeping views of the interior. A lot like Meadow Peak, but looking inland instead of the coast.

It was bit of a slog to get there, as hiking through the heavy foliage up the side of the ridge was extremely hot and sweaty. Bit like a sauna really. But we made it to a location called Bilog (pronounced Bee-log, means round). It is nothing more than a meadow on the ridge top that then drops rapidly down to the river and The Butterfly Water Falls (about 2km away as the crow flies).

Further exploration required in this area now that we know how to get there, as it looks very interesting. It is another one of the many remote and beautiful spots on the island.

Back home and a very nice cool shower. Guy and I headed off to Barangay Pangi (about 10km away) where there is a bit of a festival happening. The highlight is a basketball game between a professional Midget team from the mainland and the local kids. It was hilarious to watch and everybody got into the festive nature of it.

Back to Google IT for some Wi-Fi for us both followed by a quick stop at the market (across the road) for some supplies including fresh sweet mangoes and pineapple.

Home for a late lunch and a relaxing afternoon reading, with the odd siesta under the fan to escape the heat and humidity.

Tuesday 1st May:

Market day today but as we are still all stocked up from yesterday we gave it a miss. Off to see John (Pom) at 9:30am as he wanted some photographs taken of his garden before it all dies off. John is old school in that he hasn’t embrace the computer / Internet age.

He still prints out photos and sends letters via snail mail. He is in the process of getting his Xmas cards ready for the end of the year. He had used some of my Moriones Festival pics for his cards and wants to include some pics of his house surrounds to his mates all over the world.

It was a bit cooler today as it has clouded over which also made photo taking not so harsh, so got some good pics.

After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and once I had completed editing John’s photos I went for a ride and dropped them off to him (he lives about 10km away) on his USB stick. We had a look at them on his LED TV and he was very pleased with the results.

After dinner in the cool of the evening we cruised into the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Wednesday 2nd May:

Quick trip to the market first thing ,for some supplies for the next few days.

Guy off to Mahjong at Midday and I picked up Gerald on the Thunder Monster and we headed to Boac to see the tourism and Pulis people.

The Pulis chiefs we wanted to see were both out so we made our way over to the tourism office and caught up with Joven (Land Assessor & works next door) and Dindo (Provincial Tourism Officer).

Joven gets to see the entire island in his role as the land assessor especially some of the more remote places. He is a keen hiker and explorer and uses a GPS to record interesting places.

Dindo is also a keen hiker and GPS user and has access to some maps with his GPS waypoints of interest on his laptop, which he didn’t have with him today. I gave him my printout of all my GPS points of interest that we have found and he is keen to get them onto his map.

Dindo is going to see if there is a Mac version of the software he uses which would mean we could enter the coordinates directly onto the map. We shall see.

These guys are keen to stay in touch and share all our GPS waypoints of interest as we all continue to explore the island.

We also got the sad news today that Laura (the woman we bought our block from and the proprietor of Barbarossa) die in hospital in Manila from heart complications. She has been quite sick for some months now. She was 49 years old.

Thursday 3rd May:

Ailyn arrived at 9:00am for Guy’s massage today.

John (Pom) arrived at 9:00am for a chat and a cup of tea. He also dropped of a 1:50,000 topographical map of Marinduque that has been printed on canvas. I have the four individual paper maps (with grid lines for GPS navigating) but this one is a single map combining all four together. Better for looking at the overall picture and planning treks on the island.

Today was a rest day where we spent the afternoon under the fan watching DVD’s and reading with a siesta thrown in for good measure.

We had a small amount of rain last night but it wasn’t enough to clear the air, it just increased the humidity.

We also heard from Ron (Yank) that he is in Lucena hospital (on the mainland) with an irregular heart rate (he’s 77 years old). He is much better today and hopes to be back on the island tomorrow.

I finished ready my 27th book of the year “The Last Coyote” by Michael Connelly (Kindle Book). A good crime mystery.

Friday 4th May:

It was on the 4th May in 2010 (2-years ago) that Guy and I arrived in the Philippines on our retirement adventure. It seems like yesterday. It has been an awesome 2-years and we are looking at 20+ years more of the same.

Off with Gerald for our early morning walk at 5:45am. We made our way back up into the boondocks to explore another route (we found one way up on Monday) into Bilog Peak (top of the ridge behind Gerald’s house).

Well, the track we followed is a more direct and easier trail to walk up through the jungle and comes out just to the left (300m ish) of Bilog Peak so a good find. We will use this trail to further explore over the other side of the ridgeline down towards Butterfly Water Falls in the river below.

Home by 9:30am and Cherry was here for our washing and cleaning day. It was another hot and humid day (build up for the wet season) so relaxing under the fan was the order for the day.

At 7:00pm (after American Idol of course) in the cool of the evening we made our way into the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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  1. Margaret says:

    Congrats on the anniversary. Great to hear that the adventure continues and life is good.

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