Day 834 of retirement

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The final installment of the Lucban Pahiyas Festival pics are in this weeks blog.

Hi All

Saturday 19th May:

It is Gasan’s fiesta day today. This is a minor festival as there are no street parades. The people of Gasan put up lots of streamers, cook up lots of food and everybody wanders round eating, drinking and being merry for the day.

Oohhh and there was a basketball competition in the town centre.

The market was alive with a lot of the Tuesday vendors setting up for the day.

Guy and I made our way into the one of her Mahjong houses for lunch. Lots of yummy food had been cooked up. And of course after lunch a Mahjong just happened to be on the go.

I was going to Wi-Fi but we had a brownout (lasted 1.5-hours) so after a quick trip to the market I made my way back home for a cup of tea and a siesta. At 4:30pm (with the power back on) I made my way to the Google It café for some Wi-Fi.

Guy met me there after her game to catch up on her emails and banking stuff. Guy also Skyped Jo & Dave (Pregnant daughter and partner) for a good chat.

Finished off the evening watching the MotoGP qualifying at LeMans. Casey Stoner is second on the grid. He has also announced his retirement at the end of the season at age 26 years old.

Good luck to him and hope he finishes as number one for the third time in his MotoGP career.

Sunday 20th May:

Bit of a sleep-in this morning. Guy off to Mahjong at 10:30am and I headed to the Google IT café at 11:30am for a quick session of Wi-Fi. The Thunder Monster wash and wax will be later in the week as she is still nice and shiny.

At 12:30pm I made my way back to the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. It has reopened after being closed for 3 weeks and it was good to see all the old staff back.

Meet a new island resident Russell (A 54 year old Canadian) who lives just down the road from us. Had a bit of a chat to him but will catch up with him later in the week and get the full story.

Back home at 4:00pm for the MotoGP race at Le Mans, France. A very wet race with a good race between Rossi and Stoner for second and third. Casey Stoner came in third, which still has him second in the championship (only 8 points off the lead).

Monday 21st May:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. Pretty humid so only walked for a couple of hours then some nice cold iced tea was enjoyed.

Back home and we both relaxed for the rest of the day. Some reading and siesta-ing under the fan was enjoyed by all.

Heard from Ron (Yank) who has been in a Manila hospital for a week. He is coming back to the island today so good news. We will catch up with him tomorrow and see what the prognosis is.

Tuesday 22nd May:

Market day so off to the market first thing. We swung by Ron’s place but he wasn’t home so will catch up with him later.

Stocked up on supplies especially on mangoes. We procured 19 fresh sweet juicy mangoes for P250 ($6.00 AUS). We do love our mangoes.

At midday Guy headed off to Mahjong and I walked into Gasan and the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. It turned out hotter than I expected so a stop in Barbarossa for a couple of cold iced teas were in order. I had a chat to Geoff (Pom) while there.

I walked back home afterwards (12km round trip) and got a few strange looks and comments (“Why are you walking in the heat”).

At 5:00pm I rode back in and met Guy there so she could do email stuff and Skype Jo (daughter). We cruised back home at 7:00pm in the cool of evening.

Watched the final episode of “Top Shot” on satellite TV and it was good to see Dustin win, as he deserved it. He was a good marksman and a good sportsman right through the series.

I finished reading my 30th book of the year “General H.Norman Schwarzkopf” by General H.Norman Schwarzkopf & Peter Petre (Paper Back Book). It is a really good read (well written) about the interesting life of the general in the Vietnam and the first Gulf war.

Wednesday 23rd May:

John (Pom) dropped in for a chat and a cup of tea at 8:30am. After he left I packed up my Bolo, some leather gloves and a bag (litter bag) and headed for our block.

The workers who were working on the Japanese house were using our block and Nipa Hut to camp in while they worked there. We periodically dropped in and made sure that they pickup all their littler and burnt it whilst there. About a month ago they finished up work and left.

Unfortunately we missed their final departure and there was some littler left on our block. After 3-hours I had picked up all the littler on our block, on the roadway in, on the beach and behind the Japanese house and piled it in a hole previously used for making charcoal.

I added lots of dried coconut palms and other wood and got a nice fire going and got it all burnt up. The littler looked worse than it was so happy with the cleanup.

I did manage to get stung, scratched and bitten by all sorts of vegetation, ants and bugs and was a ball of sweat by the time I finished. But it was worth the wounds and effort to get things clean once again.

I arrived home at 12:30pm and had a nice long cool shower to sooth the wounds and cool down. Guy had already left for Mahjong at midday.

After lunch a siesta was definitely in order. Late afternoon, a quick trip into Google IT café for some Wi-Fi and home for a relaxing evening.

Thursday 24th May:

Up at 8:00am and on with the TV to watch the finale of American Idol live from the USA. We watched the 2-hour final with a cup of tea and cheese (bought from the mainland last week) and tomato on crackers.

We were hoping for Jessica (American Filipino) to win but Phillip took out the final vote. Still a very worthy winner.

Ailyn the massage lady couldn’t make it today but will be here tomorrow morning, so all good.

At midday we walked a couple of km to the next door Barangay for their fiesta. The Barangay Captain had invited us to his place for lunch. Lots of great food was consumed in the VIP section of his house.

We made our way home at 1:00pm walking along the beach. It was pretty hot but nice on the beach.

At 2:00pm Russell (54 year old Canadian) came for a visit. He is living here (Retired) amongst his fiancées family (just up the road from us) as she is still back in Canada awaiting here Canadian citizenship to be issued in 2013. The aim was for Russell to get a house built here and she would join him late next year after she gets her Canadian citizenship.

But he is finding it hard here without his fiancée and with the living conditions after Toronto. It looks like he will be going back to Canada for a few more years and maybe then they will all come back here to retire.

Friday 25th May:

Went to bed last night with a bit of a tummy ache. Slept okay but when I woke up this morning I was feeling nauseous, had some mild tummy cramps and made numerous trips to the loo.

It lasted for about 1.5-hours and then I didn’t feel too bad. Ailyn the massage lady was here at 9:00am and I must say that the massage was really good. Just what I needed when feeling a little under the weather.

Cherry was here for the washing and cleaning day. She arrived just after 7:00am to beat the heat and was all finished by 11:00am.

I was feeling better at midday so after lunch a siesta for us both was the order of the day.

At 3.00pm Ron (Yank) came by for an iced tea and a chat. We sat under the Nipa hut in the afternoon breeze and humidity and he told us all about his trips to the hospital on the island, then Lucena and finally Manila (Makati Medical Centre). The moral of his story is to go straight to Makati Med if we get sick.

This is one of the top hospitals in the Philippines where a room is P3,200 ($76.00 AUS) per day. Cheaper than a motel……

After dinner (I had a light one) we made our way into the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi as I wasn’t feeling too bad tonight.

I finished reading my 31st book of the year “A Is For Alibi” by Sue Grafton (Kindle Book). A good crime mystery.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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