Day 869 of retirement

June 30, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 23rd June:

Up and off to Google IT café to post the blog and for Sandy and Brian to catch up on emails as they have been off line for nearly 3-days.

We were thinking of going to one of the waterfalls today but it was hot and humid so we decided to stay put in the Nipa Hut for a rest day.

I gave both Thunder Monsters a wash and wax in the late afternoon. Being all hot and bothered I went for a swim and Sandy joined me.

Another rest day was enjoyed by all.

Sunday 24th June:

Today is San Juan Day (St. John, the Baptist), which means that the kids stand on the roadside and throw water at passing vehicles. Motorcycles are supposed to be exempt (too many accidents) and mostly they are, but not always.

Mid morning Guy and I made our way into the market and made it in and out whilst staying dry. At 11:00am I took Guy into Gasan for her Mahjong game and we weren’t so lucky. I got drenched and Guy managed to get somewhat wet as well. Ooohhh well you know what to expect if you venture out on this day and it was actually quite refreshing as it is a hot one again today.

At midday Sandy, Brian and I rode into Barbarossa to have lunch with the expats (we all made it in a dry state). We arrived back home at 2:00pm to rest up from the afternoon heat and humidity in the Nipa Hut reading, swimming and with the odd siesta thrown in for good measure.

At 4:45pm we made our way to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi and met up with Guy after her Mahjong game. Home by 7:00pm for a relaxing evening.

I finished reading my 42nd book of the year “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” by Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg M.D. (Kindle Book). A great read about hundreds of questions you’d only ask a doctor after your third Martini.

Questions Like:

  • Does sugar really make kids hyperactive?
  • What causes morning breath?
  • Does urinating on a Jellyfish sting stop the burn?
  • Can a hair sample be used in a drug test?
  • Does the kind of amnesia you see in movies really exist?
  • Does wet or cold weather cause a cold?
  • Can lip Balm be addictive?
  • Do your nails or hair grow after you die?

Monday 25th June:

Following a lazy morning Sandy, Brian and I went for a ride on the Thunder Monsters to Cawit Port to show them a Ro-Ro that we catch to the mainland. On the way home we stopped at the bakery in Gasan for some supplies.

Just as we arrived, Gil and his brother arrived at his office by the bakery.

Gil runs the operation here on the island making the graphite writing figures for his brother in USA (see blog from Monday 28th May for further details) ( Sandy & Brian purchased four of these figures to take back to AUS as souvenirs for their friends.

Sadly their father passed away last week, hence Gil’s brother being here for the funeral on Thursday.

We had a brownout from 12:15pm to 4:15pm (4-hours) along with an afternoon thunder and lightning storm. So time in the Nipa Hut was in order doing the usual.

We finished up the evening playing “Chronology”, a card game getting the year of an event in the correct chronological order.

Tuesday 26th June:

Market day in Gasan, so we all left home at 7:00am and walked into the market (6km). Got a few supplies, mainly consisting of mangoes and more mangoes.

We caught the Jeepney back home for a latish breakfast.

At 11:00am we headed for Bertholt’s (German / Greek) and Josephine’s (Local) place on the other side of Gasan by the airport for a cup of tea and a chat. Bertholt has just returned from Greece where he has sold up all his properties (one was a penthouse apartment over looking the Acropolis) and a yacht, so is now officially retired on the island.

He sadly took a bit of a hit on the sale prices due to woes that Greece is currently in. He has gotten out while he could and before things get any worse.

After lunch it was time for a siesta then a trip to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Once back home the Karaoke was cranked up by Guy and Brian.

Following a DVD movie, the live Wimbledon Tennis was watched as Sandy and Brian are quite the avid tennis fans.

I finished reading my 43rd book of the year “Critical Error” by Murray McDonald (Purchased Kindle Book). A great read about terrorism in the Middle East and the USA. Interesting twist.

Wednesday 27th July:

Well it is the last day of Sandy and Brian’s visit as they leave tomorrow. We started the morning with a walk back round the rice paddies behind the cottage.

They are mostly still dry due to the lack of rain but we did find a few planted ones. Also we witnessed a farmer with his Buffalo preparing a paddy for planting. Brian took a bit of a tumble on one of the paddy walls and lost a little skin on his knee. He now has memento of his visit to take back to AUS.

After lunch it was a visit to Google IT for some Wi-Fi.

Back home for a rest before dinner back in town at the Barbarossa. After a very yummy meal (Including ice-cream for desserts) it was a quick stop at Google IT café to print out Sandy and Brian’s boarding passes for their trip home tomorrow.

A nice cup of tea was had by all on our arrival back at the cottage.

Thursday 28th June:

The last day of Sandy and Brian’s visit today and Sandy started the day with a massage from Ailyn. Ron arrived just after 12:00 noon to taxi everybody to the airport for their 1:40pm flight to Manila.

As we already knew that the flight was going to be late I followed on the Thunder Monster so Guy and I could stay at the airport with them and leave once their flight took off. Ron dropped everybody off at the airport and stayed for an iced tea and then left us to wait.

Finally at 4:30pm (3-hours ish late) Sandy and Brian left for Manila and their 8:35pm Qantas flight back to Australia. Guy had organized her Senior Pulis friend Ed at the airport to pick them up at the Zest Airlines terminal and transport them to the International terminal and assist with getting them through customs and immigration.

We got a text from Ed at 6:00pm that they were passing through immigration and will easily make the 8:35pm flight to AUS. All’s well that ends well……

We also got a call from Sandy to say that Ed meet the Zest flight on the tarmac, scooped them up and delivered them through to the departure area (via immigration & customs) by 6:15am. Now that’s service with a smile…..

And to finish up our evening we had a brownout from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Friday 29th June:

We awoke to a rough and windy day as we are under the influence of the tail of tropical storm “Dindo”. It’s way up north of us and moving away so should all be fine again in a few days.

The cottage was very quiet this morning with our visitors now gone. We got a text mid morning to say that they made it back home to Adelaide safe and sound.

Cherry was here for her usual washing and cleaning day. Guy headed off to Mahjong at Midday. At 12:30pm we had a brownout and with Cherry finished her day’s chores, I decided to make my way to Boac (45km round trip) as I needed a few things.

I arrived back home at 2:30pm (after a stop at the bakery for some Pandecoco’s) and the power was back on, so all good.

I finished reading my 44th book of the year “Deception Point” by Dan Brown (Kindle Book). A great read about corruption, murder, mystery and deception in NASA and the USA government.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 862 of retirement

June 23, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 16th June:

Up and off to the market for some more supplies. Brian is feeling better today from his Delhi Belly but still a little under the weather. So another rest day in order.

At 4:00pm we all rode into the Google IT café for our Wi-Fi fix and to post the blog.

Sunday 17th June:

I had two Thunder Monsters to wash this morning. They were a little dirty from the rain this last week. But now all nice, clean and shiny.

Guy headed off to Mahjong at 10:15am for a 10:30am start. We three made our way into the Barbarossa for the expat gathering. I thought I would “expose” Sandy to some of the expats.

After a nice lunch there and some discussions we left and dropped by the Google IT café for an hour’s Wi-Fi.

On the way home we rode up to the lookout on the hill next to the Cathedral for a view over Gasan.

Completed the day watching the Silverstone (England) MotoGP where Casey Stoner came in second. He is still second on the world championship but now has a gap of 25 points to Lorenzo who’s number one.

I finished reading my 40th book of the year “Time Ship” by Gary Cottrell (Kindle Book). A good read about young scientists and time travel.

Monday 18th June:

We awoke to a rough morning as we are under the influence of the tail of Typhoon “Butchoy”. It is rather windy and the sea is very rough but the best part is, it is a little cooler.

Brian’s Delhi Belly has made an unpleasant return so a rest day is the order of the day.

Guy and I did a run into the market for some supplies for the day. The rest of the day was spent eating, reading and a few siestas in the Nipa Hut thrown in for good measure.

We had a brownout from 2:30pm to 4:30pm (2-hours) just for something different.

We finished up the evening playing “Chronology”, a card game getting the year of an event in the correct chronological order.

Tuesday 19th June:

Another rough day today with the tail of Typhoon “Butchoy” still affecting us. With all the wind we now have a tree branch that has bent over and is interfering with our satellite TV reception at times. I had a look at climbing the tree and chopping it off this morning but after a quick attempt I will leave it to one of the boys. I am not as young and nimble as I used to be and have no desire to fall out of a swaying tree.

We all did a walk into the market (6km) at 7:00am as it is market day in Gasan today. Once we were stocked up on supplies we caught a Trike back home with all out goodies.

Brian is feeling much better today with his Delhi Belly so after lunch and a siesta we went for a ride over the southern mountain pass. It was still pretty windy up in the mountains so a nice, slow ride was had by all.

Once we were back home the two engineers (Brian & I) decided to tackle the tree that was “interfering” with our satellite TV signal in the strong winds. We managed to throw a rope tied to a brick up over a branch at the top of the tree. We tried to break the top bit off the tree but there wasn’t enough mass between us to accomplish that.

So the next step was to get a wooden trestle for me to stand on, and using my Bolo, I was able to chop a notch in the tree about 4-metres off the ground. With Brian and Sandy on the rope the tree finally toppled (Missing all critical structures) and our TV signal interference was gone.

The engineers prevailed over the tree.

I finished reading my 41st book of the year “Till The Well Runs Dry” by Geoffrey Hepworth (Kindle Book). A good read about the world oil supplies and sabotage which could make the oil unusable.

Wednesday 20th June:

Leisurely morning with a leisurely breakfast sitting on the front veranda. Just after 10:00am we made our way to the Google IT café for Wi-Fi for all.

Back home for a late lunch then we all retired to the Nipa Hut to read and siesta. We were going to go to the Hot springs but decided that we will go there tomorrow now.

I did a rubbish burn up in the strong winds and I must say I had a roaring fire going in the “wind forced” incinerator.

Completed the day watching the DVD “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts.

Thursday 21st June:

Ailyn here this morning for my massage first followed by Sandy’s. Whilst I was having my massage Guy and Sandy did a trip to the market via the Jeepney for a few supplies and Brian “rested” up under the Nipa Hut.

Guy was off to Mahjong at midday and following a later lunch by the rest of us, we made our way to the Grotto.

It was a steep climb up to the top of the Grotto so we were nice and hot and sweaty by the time we got back down. We were on the bikes and off to the Hot Springs for a swim. We were the only people at the Hot Springs so had both pools (hot & warm) all to ourselves.

Back home for a relaxing evening after a busy day.

Friday 22nd June:

Up and down to the road to meet Ron for our round the island trip. The first stop was White Beach (one of the few white sandy beaches on the island) over by Torrijos. Ron, Sandy and Brian had a swim while Guy and I relaxed in a Nipa Hut on the beach.

From here we stopped off in Torrijos for a very nice leisurely lunch where we sampled some local dishes. They even had ice cream so we just had to indulge ourselves with desserts.

Further down the road we found the weaver’s cooperative where they weave table place mats and table runners. They collect the fibers from the local Buri plant, process it and then dye it to the colors they want for the weaving of the final mats.

The mats are exported to the Netherlands with some also being sold in the SM Malls throughout the Philippines. A very impressive little setup they have.

We made our way up round the top of the island through Santa Cruz, Boac and back through Gasan to home arriving at 4:00pm ish.

Guy cranked up the Karaoke and she and Brian had a bit of a session……

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Bel far niente
“The beauty of doing nothing”

Day 855 of retirement

June 16, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 9th June:

Up and off to the market for extra supplies today in preparation for our visitiors’ arrival tomorrow.

Back home and I washed and waxed John’s Thunder Monster. My Thunder Monster was fine as it hasn’t been used much this week.

Guy off to Mahjong at 11:30am and I rode into town and refueled John’s Thunder Monster. I did another quick stop in the market for a few things we had missed and stocked up on some fresh Pandecoco buns.

I switched Thunder Monsters and cruised into town to refuel mine. I meet Russell and Geoff in the Barbarossa for an iced tea and burger for lunch.

With the Thunder Monster refueled it was back home for a cup of tea and a siesta as we are back into the hot humid days once again after the Monsoon Typhoon / trough earlier in the week.

At 4:00pm I hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi to post the blog. Well, all the DSL network was down on our side of the island and they had no idea when it would be back online. I went back home and waited for Guy’s text as I was meeting her there after Mahjong. At 5:15am I met her at the Google IT café and still no service.

We made our way home and after dinner Guy rang them and the DSL network was back online. I did a quick run into the café and got the blog posted.

Guy stayed home and cooked up a feast for Sandy and Brian’s arrival tomorrow.

I finished reading my 36th book of the year “Night of the Assassin” by Russell Blake (Kindle Book). A good story about drug cartels and an assassin.

Sunday 10th June:

Up and off to the airport with Ron (and his pickup limo service) at 7:15am to meet the plane bringing my sister Sandy and brother in-law Brian here for a visit. The plane was scheduled to arrive at 7:45am but didn’t arrive till 9:30am. Ooohhh well at least they arrived.

Back home and a rest day as Sandy and Brian had been up since 3:30am. After lunch we watched the Pacquiao (Filipino Hero) / Bradley fight in Vegas. It went the full 12 rounds but Manny lost on a split decision. The locals will be displeased (to say the least!!!).

A swim followed by a siesta under the Nipa Hut finished off a great afternoon.

Guy and I received our Kindles brought over by Brian and Sandy, so spent the afternoon transferring across all the free books. Got them all setup now so let the reading begin.

Monday 11th June:

Awoke to a brownout this morning. The power went off some time in the early hours of the morning as I remember the fan going off and it was getting a little warm in our bedroom.

It came back on at 6:30am but everybody managed to get a good night’s sleep regardless, so all good.

Midmorning I guided Brian for a cruise into Gasan and back on the second Thunder Monster. He hasn’t ridden a bike for a few years now but it all came back very quickly.

Late morning we all cruised into Google IT café and everybody got their one-hour Wi-Fi fix. After lunch it was time to hit the Nipa Hut in the heat of the afternoon for some reading and siesta time.

Late afternoon I ducked into town for one of the charcoal roast chickens for dinner. Once home we processed some Buko (coconut) with condensed milk for drinking.

After dinner Sandy and Brian went for a night swim to conclude the day’s activities.

Tuesday 12th June:

It’s a public holiday today (Philippines’ Independence day).

It was market day so we all arose at 6:30am and walked into the Gasan at 7:00am. When we arrived in Gasan the festivities were underway with a street procession.

After stocking up on supplies we caught a Jeepney back home.

At 10:00am Gerald arrived for a chat in the Nipa Hut and a cold iced tea as he had walked down. He left just after 11:00am so Sandy and Brian went for a pre lunch swim.

At 4:00pm after the heat of the day we went exploring on the Thunder Monsters. We cruised down south past Buenavista to one of the headlands on the cliff top for a view of Mount Malindig and Elephant Island.

We then inspected the sulphur and the hot springs (two separate establishments) and will be returning to the hot springs for a dip later this week. The water from these springs bubbles up from the base of Mount Malindig which is an extinct volcano.

We finished up the evening playing “Chronology”, a card game getting the year of an event in the correct chronological order.

I finished reading my 37th book of the year “Cat & Mouse” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). A really good murder mystery read. The best one of his books I have read so far.

I finished reading my 38th book of the year “The Simple Guide to Steve Jobs” by Chris Scott (Kindle Book). Interesting.

Wednesday 13th June:

A leisurely morning was had by all. At 10:00am we all headed to Boac on the Thunder Monsters. The first stop was the Boac Hotel for some free Wi-Fi for us all to catch up on emails and synchronize the Kindle’s.

At midday, we made our way to “Fine Dining” for a very nice long lunch including desert whilst overlooking the Boac town centre. From there Sandy and Brian did a tour of the museum that gave them an insight into the life and times of Marinduque.

The next stop was the Specialty Shop, which has a few imported wines on the shelves (Mainly American and Argentinean). They managed to find an Aussie Hardys Cabernet Sauvignon (2011) for P290 ($6.90 AUS) so they shall see what it is like. It was the only Aussie wine in the shop.

An afternoon rainstorm was bearing down on us so we decided to have a look at the old Cathedral up on the hill and wait out the rain. After an hour or so, we made our way back to the bikes only to discover that Brian’s helmet had fallen onto the ground upside down and was half full of water.

Needless to say he had to endure a “wet head” on the way home. We arrived back home at 4:30pm ish after a great day out.

Thursday 14th June:

A rest day today. Ailyn arrived for a double massage session. Sandy went first followed by Guy. They both enjoyed their 2-hour relaxing massages.

The remainder of the day was spent in the Nipa Hut eating, reading and catching up on all things Australian from Sandy & Brian.

I finished reading my 39th book of the year “Open Season” by Archer Mayor (Kindle Book). A great murder mystery in a small American town.

Friday 15th June:

Up early as we were off to Gerald’s for an early morning walk up to Meadow Peak. Now we had no rain at all at the cottage, but 4km up the road at Gerald’s they had 18mm of rain overnight.

We decided to make our way up to Kalong and see how the track was to Meadow Peak. As it turned out they have freshly graded the track to Kalong and with the 18mm of rain last night it was rather muddy and slippery.

We made it to Kalong but decided to go no further as it was just too wet, muddy and slippery. It was back to Gerald’s for iced tea, hot tea and an assortment of fresh fruit from his garden.

Sandy and Brian also got a tour of the Middle East from Gerald and all his great photographs. We made it back at 9:00am in time for Cherry (The washing & cleaning lady) to wash our sweaty and muddy hiking clothes.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and the rest of us had a little rest till 3:30pm. Brian has a touch of the good old “Delhi Belly” so not venturing too far today. At 3:30pm we dropped in to see Guy in action at the Mahjong house and then hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. At 5:00pm we made our way to Gil’s restaurant in Gasan where we meet Guy for dinner. After dinner Sandy and Brian made their way home and Guy and I did a quick detour via the Google IT café as Guy had to order Jordan, (her son back in AUS) some soccer boots online.

A nice cup of tea and a DVD finished off the evening nicely.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 848 of retirement

June 9, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 2nd June:

It rained again last night so it was a bit cooler this morning. We have tropical storm “Ambo” off to the east of us. It is heading north away from us so all we are getting is some rain, which is good.

A cloudy morning greeted us at breakfast. As it looked like rain again we caught a Jeepney into town to get some supplies. First stop was Google IT café to do emails and post the blog.

Then, across the road to the market for some supplies for the next few days. Home for a bit of a rest before an early lunch and Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I dropped into Barbarossa to see Geoff (Pom) and Russell (Canadian) for a chat before heading off to Boac to get a few things.

In my travels I found a front tire for the Thunder Monster. You see most of the bikes on the island have 17” wheels but the Thunder Monster has 18” wheels so tires are not always available. So I grabbed this one quick along with a tube.

My existing front tire is still good for a few thousand kilometers yet but I now have a replacement when I need it. I replaced the rear tire a few thousand kms ago and had to use a non standard tire. But as it turned out it is actually better than the original tire.

I also found a box of Lipton tea. They have been all sold out in Gasan and the market and my supply was getting low. And I can’t do without my cup of tea…..

Back home and I dropped off the supplies and a quick trip back to Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Sunday 3rd June:

Tropical storm “Ambo” has now been classified as a Typhoon. It is way out northeast from us and moving away. The only effect was some rain and windy condition which has made the sea high and rough. It will clear over the next few days.

Both bikes got their wash and wax earlier in the week so still nice and shiny today.

Mid morning I rode up to see Geoff (Pom) and borrowed a helmet from him for when Sandy (Sister) and Brian (Bro-in-law) are here next week. I am going to buy a new one for the second helmet as I can get a new helmet with a tinted visor for P550 ($10.60 AUS) so will pick that up this week.

11:30am ish and I headed to Google IT café for some Wi-Fi and Guy made her way to Mahjong. At midday I joined the expat gathering at Barbarossa.

Home late afternoon and watched the Catalunya (Spain) MotoGP. Casey Stoner came in 4th. Not an ideal result but okay this early in the season.

Monday 4th June:

We are still under the tail of Typhoon “Ambo” with cloudy skies, windy conditions and rough seas. Not much rain at the moment though.

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. We did a quick one up and back to Calong in the boondocks.

It is the first day of ‘back to school’ today after the summer holidays. So all the kids were streaming out of the boondocks on their way to school as we walked to Calong.

We took “Hamani,” Gerald’s Labrador large puppy with us for some exercise. Unfortunately she got into trouble by tripping Gerald over in her exuberance to have a chat to a local piglet.

Gerald took a spectacular tumble but luckily only lost some skin off his knee so was okay.

Back home and the first job was to remove the front tire from John’s (Pom) Thunder Monster 2 as it had a flat. A wander half a km down the road to the local vulcanizing shop had the tube fixed okay. I re-fitted the wheel and went for a quick ride to ensure that all was good including the speedo.

Next was the front disk brake. It was a bit spongy and the fluid a touch low so I topped up the fluid and after a few pumps the sponginess was gone and the brake was back to normal.

Next job was to give the veranda a scrub as the green mold has returned with the wet and humid conditions. I gave it a wash with detergent and then hosed it all off. Should keep the mold at bay for a while.

Last job for the morning was to take our empty gas cylinder and a water container into Gasan in a trike to replace them. Guy and I had a little rest after our busy morning and lunch.

The afternoon’s activity was a trip into the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Tuesday 5th June:

Market day so off to the market for some fresh supplies.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and went to see Ron (Yank). He was back in Manila last week for another check up on his Arrhythmia and the meds he is taking. All good and he looks and feels a lot better now.

But he did have a bit of a bad day on Sunday when he got a dose of food poisoning. It was one of those 24-hour things where shall we say he had things coming out of his body from a few places at once. He’s better today but still a little weak from dehydration.

Then it was off to see if I could get some chain lube for the bikes. Now you would think that with 90% of the vehicles on the island being motorcycles that chain lube should be readily available. Wrong…… So what do all these motorcycle people use? Old motor oil cause it’s free. Not for me I’m afraid, as it is dirty and not that good a chain lube really.

I dropped into five stores in Gasan and none. Even the store where I originally got some proper chain lube didn’t have any. So off to Boac and on the third shop stop I finally found some proper spray on sticky chain lube. I bought a couple of cans so should see me out for the next year.

Back to Gasan and I called into to see Gil (The artist and restaurant owner). We had a great chat about photography and the art of capturing images. It’s great to find a fellow artist on the island with whom to have a good old chinwag.

Wednesday 6th June:

Another King Tide today and with the strong southerly blowing, it is the highest we have seen it since being here. The front fence is under water but the rest of the property is fine.

At midday I dropped Guy off at Mahjong and I made my way to our block. I wanted to have a look and see the results of the King Tide on our boundary / beach. All good as even with the high tide it hasn’t encroached past the beachhead.

I dropped by home and grabbed my laptop and headed to Kevin’s (Aussie) farm just up the road. He has the SMART Broadband USB stick for his laptop and reckons it wasn’t working. I set up his and my laptops and we tested the connection.

Turns out he has the same problem I have at the cottage. There is no broadband coverage from SMART so there wasn’t anything I could do. He will have to do what we do for Internet and go into Gasan and one of the Wi-Fi establishments.

On the way home I dropped into Barbarossa for an Iced Tea with Geoff (Pom) and Russell (Canadian).

At 4:30pm I arrived at the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Guy arrived at 5:15pm so after doing all our Internet stuff we cruised home at 6:30pm.

I finished reading my 34th book of the year “Jack & Jill” by James Patterson (Kindle Book). A good murder mystery thriller.

Thursday 7th June:

It rained quite a bit last night and into mid morning as we are now under a Monsoon depression. The day was cool and cloudy so it kept the temperature down a bit which was nice.

Ailyn the massage lady didn’t turn up as we suspect she was stuck back in the hills where she lives. It is about 8km back in the hills on a rough mountain dirt road and when it rains she has trouble getting out, as the Jeepney won’t run on the wet slippery road.

They only have two Jeepney’s a day (2 out in the morning and two back in the evening) so if they are cancelled, she’s stuck. And she has no mobile phone signal either so she can’t let us know if she is stuck.

At midday I dropped Guy at Mahjong and I hit the market for some supplies. I also picked a new motorcycle helmet (P550 ($13.00 AUS)) for Brian (Bro-in-law) when he is here next week and riding the other Thunder Monster.

I dropped all the goodies home and cruised back to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. I just got connected and we had a brownout. With no power I made my way up to Barbarossa and had an iced tea with Geoff and Russell.

The power came back on within the hour so back to the Google IT café and completed my Wi-Fi stuff.

Friday 8th June:

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our morning walk. We did a beach walk today as it would be muddy and slippery back in the boondocks. It was interesting to see the minor changes in the coastline after the King Tides and southerlies of the last few days.

Back home and Cherry here for the washing and cleaning. She did some extra cleaning today in preparation for my sister and brother in law’s arrival on Sunday.

Also got a text from Ailyn (the massage lady) to say that she could come this morning for my massage after missing yesterday. So I got my massage after all and very nice it was after the early morning walk.

After lunch it was rubbish burn up time. As the weather has settled down and we have a nice day it was time to clean up the beach after the rough week.

There was a bit more rubbish than usual but I had it all clean up and burnt in no time so all good.

I finished reading my 35th book of the year “Last Wild Place” by Rosemary Patterson (Kindle Book). A short story about tourism, corruption and kidnapping in Western Papuan New Guinea (Irian Jaya)

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 841 of retirement

June 2, 2012

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Hi All

Saturday 26th May:

Leisurely morning. I ducked into the market for some supplies and at 11:00am I hit the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi. Guy headed into Mahjong at 11:30am.

At 12:30pm I made my way to Barbarossa and meet up with Geoff (Pom), Russell (Canadian) and Ron (Yank) for an iced tea, chips and a chat.

Russell announced that he is now heading back to Canada on July 18th and back to work. He and his partner (Filipino local) have some more planning to do before they are ready to retire in the Philippines.

I ducked home for a few hours then meet Guy back at the Google IT café after Mahjong. I was checking out my Superannuation funds, as I haven’t bothered for quite some months with the world financial crisis stuff. I could only check one fund as the other fund’s website was off line till Monday for maintenance and was pleasantly surprised to see it is growing slowly.

On the way home we found a new barbeque man who was grilling some Pork Belly over charcoal. They look and taste very very nice.

I bought my first Kindle book today. Up till now all I have downloaded are free books from Amazon and James R (Friend from AUS). Reading it now and should finish it in a few days. Review once finished.

Sunday 27th May:

The Thunder Monster got a quick wipe over today as no rain this week. Guy off to Mahjong at 10:00am and at 11:00am I make my way to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

At midday I arrived at Barbarossa for the expat gathering. Usual crowd. At 3:00pm I headed home for a cup of tea and a little siesta. At 5:15pm I rode back into Gasan just in time to catch a parade of boys and girls from the local Catholic Church.

Following the parade (6:15pm) I meet Guy at DJ’s restaurant. This is the new restaurant opened only for dinner at the moment. Gil (Filipino/American owner) is going slowly slowly so he can train up his staff and then may open for lunch as well. The staff is excellent and the food is very very good.

The restaurant is on the top floor (4th floor) of the tallest building in Gasan. The views are fantastic as you can see over the township and port and get a front seat view of the sunsets. You also get a nice breeze up there as well so very pleasant.

Monday 28th May:

A hot one last night. We had the fan on low just to keep the air circulating which was pleasant to sleep under. At daybreak the power went off for an hour or so and it just started to get sticky and unpleasant. Once the power was back on and the fan kicked back into gear, it was fine.

After breakfast we did a quick trip into the market for some supplies and upon arriving back home (10:30am) the power was off once again. So time to do a rubbish burn and beach clean up.

Once I finished my chores I was a ball of sweat and as there was still no power I went to the hand pump on the well and pump a bucket full of cool water and had a very refreshing scoop shower to wash away the sweat and dirt.

The power came back on at 11:30am ish.

After lunch and a siesta we made our way into Gasan (at 3:00pm). Guy was off to register to the Commission of Elections so she could vote here in the Philippines.  Senate elections are due in 2013.

I meet up with Gil, the new restaurant owner. He also has rooms for rent in the same complex as the restaurant and has had them available for some time now. He is looking at getting some advertising for the restaurant and Marinduque in general to let people know what a little piece of paradise we have here. I provided him with a selection of my photos to help him out.

He gave Guy and I gifts from his other little industry he operates here on the island. They are Graphite Objects that you can use as a writing instrument. You can see more at Click on the hand on the far left. These are the graphite writing objects that Gil manufactures here on the island, in Gasan.

A quick stop at the Google IT Café and home for the evening.

I finished reading my 32nd book of the year “American Sniper” by Chris Kyle & Scott McEwen & Jim DeFelice (Purchased Kindle Book). It’s an autobiography of SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle. A great read but it is very in your face at times.

Tuesday 29th May:

Up at 6:30am for a cup of tea and then walked into Gasan at 7:00am to meet John (Pom) at 8:00am. John is off to England for all of June so I have “borrowed” his Suzuki Thunder Monster (his is exactly the same as mine) while he is away.

My sister Sandy and husband Brian will be here for almost 3-weeks so it will give them a bike to ride round on. This way we can explore the island when we want to and be self-sufficient transport wise.

Once back home I picked up Guy and we rode back to the Gasan Market as it is market day. Got our few supplies and back home.

At midday Guy headed off to Mahjong and I rode out to John’s house to pick up a bike helmet he was lending me. I put it on and noticed that there was no strap to hold it on. I asked where the strap was and John’s comment was “why do you need a strap, just sit it on your head”. MMmmmmmm now that would work in a crash…Not….

Now lets just say that John believes that his bike is an inanimate object of metal and plastic that should be ridden and not washed. I spend the afternoon cleaning it (washed it twice and then waxed it), topping up the battery and changing the fuel filter. An oil change is still to come. The maintenance and clean is part of the “hire rate”.

Late afternoon after my second shower for the day I did a quick trip to the Google IT café for some Wi-Fi.

Wednesday 30th May:

This morning it was the Thunder Monster’s turn for a good wash and wax. It has been some weeks since her last wash and although she was still clean she was a little dusty. She got a goooood going over this morning with her wash, wax and touchup with WD-40 on any rusty bits.

At midday I ran Guy into Mahjong with a detour to see Rose (Hairdresser) and book us both in for a trim tomorrow at 1:00pm.

I then made my way up towards Boac to see Ivan (Aussie chicken farmer). He had a mole removed on the mainland and the doctor was sending him a report via email. Ivan doesn’t have an email so he used mine.

Ivan does have a laptop (but no net connection) so I transferred his report to a USB stick so he can read it later. The report was all good so he’s happy with that.

Back to Google IT café for a quick stop and then home to rest up in the heat of the afternoon.

We had a short brownout from 8:00pm to 9:15pm just to keep us on our toes.

Thursday 31st May:

The power was off at first light this morning but it wasn’t too bad as it had rained overnight so things had cooled down. It came back on at 7:00am.

At 8:00am I walked up to see Gerald (9km round trip) for a cup of tea and a chat. I walked back along the beach and arrived home (11:00am) just as Ailyn was finishing Guy’s massage.

The power was off again just after 11:00am and back on at 12:30pm. As the skies were looking very black we caught a Jeepney into Gasan for our haircuts at 1:00pm. I had my cut first for a cost of P60 ($1.42 AUS) and then Guy had a colour and a hair spa for P400 ($9.50 AUS).

While Guy was having her treatment I wander just up the road to the Google IT café and surfed the web for a couple of hours. At 3:30pm the power was off once again after a big downpour, which cooled things down nicely.

Guy’s treatment was almost finished when the power died with half of her hair blow/dry done. We caught a Jeepney back home from there.

The power came back on at 4:30pm just in time for dinner and another heavy rain shower.

The power off again at 9:30pm and back on at 10:45pm.

I finished reading my 33rd book of the year “Primal Unleashed” by Jack Silkstone (Purchased Kindle Book). A good read about a private army and bad people chasing weapons of mass destruction.

Friday 1st June:

It looks like the wet has finally arrived. We had our first downpour yesterday and the weather pattern is looking all stormy. Gerald (4km up the road from us) had 75mm in 2-hours yesterday so a good start.

It is all cloudy and stormy today with some drizzle and cooled down nicely. Still somewhat humid though.

Up early and off to Gerald’s for our early morning walk. A short one today after the rain as the track into the boondocks is muddy and slippery.

Back home at 8:30am and Cherry was here for our washing and cleaning day.

A cloudy, drizzly and cooler afternoon, so a rest day is in order (Siestas and reading).

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy